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#66: "I'm Clay Aiken, and I Approved This Message!"


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I agree Fear. One of these days. And I want to say that it's not like I've never been interested in politics. I'm very informed. It just kinda broke my heart and I think the entire process is broken. So when I say I don't want to follow politics I mean in a daily nonstop, read every single article kind of way.

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From CV. This is VERY interesting!




Monday, April 21, 2014 6:00pm

Hosted by

David Foster, Kathy Griffin, Cindy and Alan Horn,

Rob Light, Nigel Lythgoe, Simon Renshaw

2000 Avenue of the Stars

Los Angeles, California

Please RSVP

via Events@ClayAiken.com

or Call 919.675.2004

Paid for by Clay Aiken for North Carolina

FYI, Alan Horn is the Chairman of Walt Disney Studios.

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Good thoughts couchie!

Last night our system got zapped so I had no phone, internet or TV! I had to use my cell phone to talk to att. I get really bad to nil service in my house with my cell phone so that was fun! We had a bad storm and it appear s the box got zapped! At least they will be out to fix it today. Of course my DH is not too well so he really isn't happy about them coming out. Oh well. As I always say it is what it is!

Sometimes having to work is a good thing!

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Glad you can get this fixed merrieeee! I was wondering where my tag-team partner was -- although there wasn't much to report yesterday, except for the Hollywood fundraiser.

Speaking of fundraisers...


I'll post the full text later, but he's raised $233,000 in the first quarter. Not bad, considering that was only two months for him. But others have raised more, or so I'm reading...

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I'm back! There was a power surge and at least six modems in the neighbourhood got zapped! I didn't realise how much I missed that stuff!

I see Clay collected some money, spent some money, loaned himself some money and saved some. Does that about cover it?

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Spent 12 hours yesterday at the hospital with my mom (knee replacement surgery). All went well. I'm hoping that they'll release her by Friday so I can head home with her. She is going to recuperate at my daughter's house where she can bring her cat (and I"ll take all the dogs to my place).

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New email, from Gene Conti:


The experts said we lost. We did not.

We’re proud to say Clay has received more individual financial contributions than any other candidate in our Democratic primary. But even though we out-raised the competition, one of our opponents is self funding and has already poured over $250,000 into his campaign.

We've received incredible grassroots support these past few weeks. Yesterday we filed our first-quarter fundraising report. We announced a $233,000 fundraising total for the first 7 weeks in the race. And $210,000 of that came from over 2,000 contributors just like you. We received more small contributions than the incumbent and our primary opponent combined. It's an impressive number, especially for a first-time candidate like Clay.

But in this primary we're up against a candidate with deep pockets who's proven he will spend big to try to buy himself a seat in Congress. We're winning, but we need the resources to push Clay’s story and his message these final days.

The Second District has had failed leadership for too long, and we deserve a candidate who has what it takes to defeat Renee Ellmers in November. Clay is that candidate.

Our campaign has what it takes to win on May 6 and November 4. But we need your help. Stand with us today by donating $10, $25, or $100. In the next few days, we have some big decisions to make about how we spend your contributions in the final two weeks of the election. Help us get the resources we need to make a strong final push.


Gene Conti

Senior Adviser

Clay Aiken for North Carolina

PS - Your contribution of $10, or more, right now will make a huge difference for us: https://act.myngp.co...590141888069632

luckiest, I hope Mom recovers quickly!

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I do agree about the sane part. It drives me crazy on some boards when they get into what Clay is doing wrong with whatever he's doing at the time. Now it's the political thing. Doesn't matter if they don't have the facts, they'll just go on assumptions and take it from there.

Couchie, I'm definitely not a political junkie. Don't watch any of the political talk shows, unless you count The Daily Show and Colbert. I do pick up a lot of stuff from twitter and Facebook though. If it's a link about something I don't care about, I can pass. And if it has too many words, forget it. My ADD couldn't handle it. I like short summaries because a lot of times most of the articles are mainly filler anyway with all those pesky details. Just give me the freaking facts please, not a dissertation.

However, I do want to learn more about my area and become a better informed voter. And in national politics I want to know who the nutcases are.

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