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#66: "I'm Clay Aiken, and I Approved This Message!"

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Man, is he good or what?

As promised, the pictures:






J David Cox Sr.

Follow · 3 hrs

It's always a pleasure to see my fellow North Carolinian and congressional hopeful, Clay Aiken.

AFGE North Carolina- Stand Up 2014

2 hrs

President J. David Cox, Sr. got the chance to hang out with House of Representatives candidate Clay Aiken!


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Merrieeee..Happy Belated birthday.

Do they not do polls in this race. No commentary on the potential outcome yet?

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I haven't seen any real polls. Since it's a U.S. Representatives race, I think it gets less of a draw in polling than the U.S. Senate races. Having said that, everything seems to lead to a Ellmers win in November. The district is just too gerrymandered. Having said THAT, I'm hoping that Clay makes a good showing, and that he's making good contacts for whatever he continues to do (which I think will be to continue in politics). If nothing else, I do really believe that he's showing himself to be a man of the people for his state, and I hope his constituents realize that. Cue the "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" music...

Tonight is the night that Bill Maher announces whether the Aiken/Ellmers race is going to be his main focus of his "Flip a District" segments. I'm of two minds on this: I think it would give Clay's campaign a good shot in the arm, and I've heard that Maher, for all his incendiary writings sometimes, is actually quite popular in North Carolina. BUT...well, it goes back to that incendiary stuff. His way of stating things can be VERY offputting.

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Road trip!

From clayskater at CV.


I just received a call from Team-Clay and they are in a bit of a bind. They have about 30 boxes of signs stuck in the Lenexa, Kansas area. Is there anyone who lives in the area who would be willing to pick up the boxes and drive them to Cary? (Van or U-Haul needed)

In exchange for your help, Clay would join you and a friend for dinner on Friday night (September 19th) and you would be his guest at the Gala - sitting at his table. You would be responsible for the transportation, including gas, and hotel room - but the trade off would be dinner with Clay and an amazing Gala experience.

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How long would it take me to drive to Kansas? Getting it to Cary would be the easy part. Team Clay is certainly creative in solving problems. :cryingwlaughter:

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It's a pity we ain't in Kansas anymore!

Clay tweet

@ClayForNC: Excited to tour Butler Farms in Harnett County this evening #ncpol #nc02 @ Butler Farms
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ebbandflowobx ‏@ebbandflowobx · 1h

@ScottyMcCreery @clayaiken @ChrisDaughtry @kelliepickler please RT to save NC wild horses;r_by=11270047 …

ebbandflowobx ‏@ebbandflowobx · 1h

@clayaiken thank you so much for signing our petition, we are doing everything in our power to keep this land free & wild #keepthesandsafe

8608. Clay Aiken from Cary, NC signed this petition on Sep 12, 2014

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Two Instagram/Twitters:

clayforncExcited to tour Butler Farms in Harnett County this evening #ncpol #nc02


And this adorable one:

clayforncMeeting the pigs at the hog farm #ncpol #nc02


From Facebook:

Kimberly Matthews

19 minutes ago

Photographer with Washington Post and Clay Aiken — at Lee County Fair Grounds.


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Hailey Barringer

42 mins ·

Politicking with my favorite pop star turned politician! ‪#‎clayaiken‬ ‪#‎aiken4house‬


Gena Moree Bos

1 hr near Sanford, NC

At the local Fair with Clay Aiken!! — with Abby Bos and Clay Aiken.


Bill O'Neil ‏@BILLONEILwxii 5m

Clay AIKEN at the Lee County fair in Sanford. Catch our interview coming soon to WXII12News.

#commitment2014 #ncpol


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"@Coach_KatieLCHS: Such a fan right now #jacketpride @LeeCountyHS" So awesome to meet Clay Aiken!




Meeting Clay Aiken tonight!☺️


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Event the day after the Gala:


Now, more pictures from the football game last night. Hope I get them all!


Noah J. Thomas ✌ @iNoahT · 4h

I met Clay Aiken at tonight's game! Very nice guy. I'd vote for him if I could.


Grace McNeill with Millicent Womble and 9 others

2 hrs ·

Clay Aiken with the cheer team!

This one's not from the football game, but I love what she wrote:


Megan Wallace

3 hrs

Clay Aiken selfie?? Me?? I admit I had to read his Wikipedia page to learn about him since I never watched Idol, but Clay Aiken is awesome. I think he'd do a wonderful job representing the citizens of North Carolina. You can tell he really cares about the people who live here. This was at a small event (scheduled by superhuman Susan) where he sat down for several HOURS to hear about the issues that are affecting military families. Totally awesome person who understands that the job of a politician is to fight for the needs of his constituents.

No description on this one, but it's from Instagram:



Jill H Owle with Cameron Owle at Lee County High School Football Field

4 hrs ·

We are at the football game and Clay Aiken is here... Cameron Owle got him to take a selfie


Stacy Ann Nelson

2 hrs ·

Dri went to a football game with her friend tonight and met Clay Aiken. I think she was excited to meet a celebrity.


Savannah Swartout

3 hrs ·

Clay Aiken took a selfie with me!



11 hours ago

Selfie with Clay Aiken at the game tonight��✊ #jacketnation


"@PippaKNelson: @clayaiken with LCHS Teacher of the Year smile.gif #jacketpride #lchs #jacketnation" #selfieswithclay ;-)

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Team Clay tweeted this:


@ClayForNC: Fun to join @tcmann3 and @MissiMann for the @LeeCountyHS vs Western Harnett HS football game last night #ncpol #nc02

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D a i s y a ‏@Daisya____ 5m

Me and Clay Aiken ��

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Vivian Dale Flett

19 mins ·

When out to dinner tonite and ran into Clay Aiken from American Idol.


Judy Ward Watts

2 hrs · Edited ·

I met and waited on Clay Aiken today woop-woop


Jenny Miller

38 mins

We was in Grandsons at Clay Aiken came in — with Trish Deets.


B. ‏@_onlybianca 1m

Clay Aiken & I ✊ #ILookCrazy #AndIWasSmilingTooHard ��

From GayMarie at CV. Not with permission, but she said she's trying to hit all the boards:

I know I don't post here, but I've been a member for a long time. I came to ask if anyone would like to upgrade their Gala ticket to the 1 thousand dollar ticket for 300 dollars. Our friend Karen isn't able to make it and really does not want her seat to be empty. Anybody know a friend who has a 250 dollar ticket and might be interested in a closer one? I'm trying to post at all the boards plus Facebook. If I didn't have one already, I would have jumped at the chance. My first big ticket, and I am eeeee'ing I will be meeting Clay for the first time! YIKES!


Nancy Barbee ‏@nbarbee 1m

Clay Aiken and me in Fayetteville at the Polio Fundraiser! Vote Clay!!

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