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#66: "I'm Clay Aiken, and I Approved This Message!"


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hippoga went to the reception for Clay last night. Recap reprinted with permission from CV:

Quick check in from downtown Carrboro, NC. Really enjoyed the reception for Clay tonight. It was in a gorgeous modern tri-level home on the northeast side of Raleigh. Traffic was bad but we arrived shortly after 6 pm. Faye was checking people in and the hosts were warm and gracious to everyone. I think there were around 30 people there. Clay arrived late- close to 7 pm. Nick said that they had literally just gotten back from driving home from Atlanta.

Clay introduced himself to everyone and engaged in friendly chitchat based on the background of the guest. I mostly spoke with Nick and Charlie from the campaign but was able to introduce my friend to Clay and talk a bit about how sad I was to miss him in Atlanta. Ebola protocols are killing me!

We gathered in the living room and Clay spoke eloquently about his reasons for entering the race. He covered most of the points he mentioned when I first saw him back in March. New funny tidbit to me was his description of getting checks after Idol for the "Clay Aiken Foundation" and it would cost too much postage to send them back so he started that foundation! At that time he realized the power of the microphone he now had. Also talked about the "privilege game" and how people get ahead or are held back for things totally out of their control and how he would work so that people at least started in life at the same place. He spoke about how different parties had occupied the White House with the other party in the majority in Congress but they still got things done. He really is concerned that the government reacts to emergencies and scandals but is not proactive to prevent them. Really a nice long talk. Mentioned the bus tour and debate. Wearing the Dad khakis and wing tips, blue shirt and dark tie. Pompadour hair but I actually liked it!

Unfortunately I chose the wrong time to investigate the food in the kitchen and I missed seeing him leave! But I was speaking to the only person there who was an actual voter in district 2 and she was very impressed! I am glad I got to see him connect with new supporters and hope all those undecided folks like him as much as this group did!

Remember Hannah Waddingham from Spamalot? She's joining Game of Thrones!


Wonder when she'll die? *g*

Letters to the Editor in the News & Observer. The comments are especially good.


Full text of this and one other article will be going into the News section very soon.

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Video of Clay at the Football game this evening: https://www.facebook...765253520177101



@PacRuns Snake

BRUH I TOOK A PIC WITH CLAY AIKEN SON!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/Hq5AZ5Q4XW

8:25pm -



Mom meet Clay Aiken at Douglas Byrd game Vote for him #clayfornorthcarolina pic.twitter.com/2p7hPy72Fg


Tau Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

26 mins ·

While informing the community about breast cancer TEZ had the pleasure of meeting Clay Aiken as he runs for office — with Clay Aiken.


Kevin Robinson

32 mins ·

Clay Aiken at the Douglas Byrd football game


Tommy Stovall

48 mins ·

Me and my boy Clay Aiken chillin at the Byrd game


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Amy Kulbeth Stovall So who is that really?

26 mins · 1

Amy Kulbeth Stovall Oh wait...geez is that actually HIM?

24 mins · 1

Amy Kulbeth Stovall Dang it...the night I stay home

23 mins · 2

John Brian Heath Tell our next congressman I said hello!

14 mins

Kevin Bee At Douglas Byrd?

5 mins

Bonnie Stovall Spencer Aaaaaack I am so jealous

4 mins


Ashley Hubbard Barbour

4 mins near Fayetteville, NC ·

Hanging out with Clay Aiken at the game tonight!

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Mac N Cindy Eason

13 mins near Fayetteville, NC ·

Me and Clay Aiken tonight at the Douglas Byrd Game GO EAGLES — with Darquese Treyshawn Robinson.



3 minutes ago · Byrd Douglas High School

just met THE Clay Aiken with @ohkyright_ &@prettyflyny #clayaiken

Kathryn Elliott

Selfie at the Terry Sanford vs Douglas Byrd football game with Clay Aiken. #voteclayaiken http://t.co/XpGwYV9V4K


Olivia Bright


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Another video!


Kim Lloyd Garvin

The girls made up a cheer for Clay Aiken on the fly. He is videoing them in the front.. so cool. — with Sandra Lloyd and Samantha McLean.

Freakin' adorable!


Michelle Tate Rowell

Just hanging with the local celebs. Naji and Clay Aiken!



Carrie Clark ‏@cutecarrie09

Clay Aiken at the game tonight smile.gif

#gobulldogs http://instagram.com/p/t_rFztNYVe/

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Tamara Keith

18 mins ·

NPR White House Correspondent, who they accidentally allowed to cover the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Just a little preview of a story I'm working on. Marching bands, cheerleaders, football and a debate about gay marriage...all in an evening of campaigning for Clay Aiken. #selfieswithclay

An NPR story?!?!?! How cool is this?


Kim Lloyd Garvin

1 hr ·

Look who showed up at the game. .. Clay Aiken! — with Sandra Lloyd.

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*waves at merrieeee* I was wondering where you were last night...and I was out for most of the morning...

We have Jersey Mike's here; I'm not crazy about them. I like Jimmy John's much better...

But mustard AND mayo? Together? OK....

Catching up with more pics from last night and some from today...





Summer ‏@SummrGutierrz 17m17 minutes ago

It's cool tho cause I met Clay Aiken

Instagram pics:





A Vine video clip:

Tamara Keith

15h ago

A night on the campaign trail with @clayforNC. Countless selfies and a couple of intense conversations about politics.

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Forward Americans @ForwardAmerican

Great to see @ClayForNC stop by in support of the Apex Kiwanis Annual Car Show Benefit today & chat w/ #nc02 voters! pic.twitter.com/7ZrlXIM7tu


Taylor Johnson

25 mins ·

THE Clay Aiken

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Diana Hales for Commissioner

1 hr ·

Saturday, Oct 11, campaigned at Goldston Old Fashion Days with other democrats. Clay Aiken, Dem candidate for US Congress, District 2, was stumping, too. We connected for photo.

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About the NPR Interview:

Tamara Keith ‏@tamarakeithNPR Oct 10

A night on the campaign trail with @clayforNC. Countless selfies and a couple of intense conversations abou... https://vine.co/v/OAg7gQLPTv1

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Sherri D ‏@ncwannabe 4h4 hours ago

@tamarakeithNPR When will your story on @ClayForNC air? Looking forward to hearing it. Thanks!

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Tamara Keith ‏@tamarakeithNPR 4h4 hours ago

@ncwannabe @ClayForNC Should be Thursday on Morning Edition. I'll try to keep you posted.

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