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#66: "I'm Clay Aiken, and I Approved This Message!"


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I think I have to be brutally honest here! I'm tired of all this politic stuff. The fun has worn off and i want him to get back to singing.

I know, I know it's not going to happen but I can still dream.

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Randy D Adler

2 hours ago

Guess where I am/with ? — feeling Politically Correct with Clay Aiken at Ansley Golf Club.


merrieeee -- {{{{{hugs}}}}}}, and that goes for all that feel that way. I do understand.

But think of it this way: can you see the R-E-S-P-E-C-T he's getting? He's winning people over the way that his singing, for whatever reason, never could. Yes, there's going to be the people who aren't going to respect him, especially if he wins the primary and the true politics gets going. But IMO he's had that for YEARS now -- both within and outside the fandom.

I do love the voice, but I love the man and his mind just as much, and I'm thrilled beyond belief so many are truly seeing him for what he is -- a good man.

That's how I see him, anyway.

And if May comes, and he loses -- or if November comes, and he loses -- he can say "I tried." Not many of us get that kind of shot like that.

He's a brave one, that Clay Aiken. Gotta love that.

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HippoGA from CV went to the reception last night, she posted her picture on Facebook (haven't seen it on CV yet...I always come here first!)


Also from CV. Can anyone attend?

those in California - get ready

Clay Aiken News ‏@ClayNewsNetwork ·6h

@bricebarnes Thank U 4 all the hard work you do supporting @clayaiken Any chance of fundraiser in San Francisco area. Would B happy to help

Brice Barnes ‏@bricebarnes ·38m

@ClayNewsNetwork we are heading that way. Send an email to events@clayaiken.com

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I PM'd hippoga for permission to post her recap, and she granted it!

Good Afternoon CV! I would like to first point out that my phone battery has never died at a cellcert! However, I went to Atlanta last night to Clay's reception without my charger! I am glad canuck was able to post a brief message and my selfie. Thank you to the person who lightened it up a bit! Not sure if it was orange because the flash was dying, too, but I am so glad to have it! I am home now and will try to post a few more memories.

I went with my local traveling Clay friends and recognized a few old friends from the Ga Claymates days. I am not sure what drew the other folks there! Curiosity about Clay? Genuine interest? Local democrats who knew the host/hostess? I guess a mixture. There was an open bar and appetizers but Clay didn't eat or drink anything that I saw. I spoke mostly with Clay's fund raising co-ordinator, Brice Barnes. She pointed out that fund raising was very crucial this week. Candidates have to report their fund-raising amount on March 31st and this first report will influence people and thus voters as to the viability of the campaign. That's why the receptions were scheduled this week. I know many people receive the fundraising emails and many are contributing. The campaign is very appreciative of every donation, large or small! If you are considering a donation or another donation, this would be a good week to do it. I really liked Brice. She is a young woman around Clay's age and was very personable and friendly.

I spoke briefly to the hostess. She moved to Atlanta after the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte which she organized! WHEW! Her husband was also interesting. His family is from my town of Athens and he is operating an old electric power plant there via "water power" and selling "green" electricity to our local power company. They do not know Clay but were glad to host the event as fellow Democrats. She seemed pretty impressed by him after meeting him!

I really only spoke to two other people for any amount of time. One was a Home Depot employee who directs their charity for building houses. Another was a multi-county director of an agency that provides aid to people infected with HIV. He is the guy with the beard who posted his selfie and funniest thing of all, he also tried out for American Idol! My friends and I were talking to them when Clay joined our group. He was very interested in their work, needless to say. He asked specific questions about where they were from, how long they had been in Atlanta, and the services their agencies provided. One is from Albany, GA which is pronounced by some (not all) natives as "All bane ee". I teased him about it and Clay said that the people who lived there could decide how to pronounce it! He mentioned other cities with different pronunciations and even said some people had trouble with Raleigh. I really cannot remember how veterans came into the conversation but Clay mentioned some programs in NC that were aiding them. The guy who tried out for AI didn't mention it so I did. That was a good seemless point for Clay to move on to other folks. He laughed with the guy about sleeping on the streets of Atlanta and as he walked away, told him he would have to tell him what he sang before he left.

Clay's introduction by the hostess emphasized his accomplishments but also how much need there was for people like him who were entering politics for the right reasons and how impressed she was after meeting him. She pronounced Clay the "real deal". Clay was just charming. We clapped after the introduction. He told the narrative that we have heard about how he got into the special ed classroom as a substitute and then went on to major in special ed. Told about working with a young man in Charlotte and his mother who made him try out for AI and how the two segments of his life (pre-celebrity and post-celebrity) came together in the "National Inclusion Project". Spoke a bit about UNICEF trips and the impact of seeing their work in action. Described how he heard the incumbent in his district say "she needed her paycheck" after she voted for the government shutdown that harmed her constituents and that sealed in his mind that someone needed to run and he could be that someone. Described how there seemed to be a culture in politics now that parties could not work together because they couldn't bear for the opposition party to get credit for anything good! Whereas in his world, he didn't need to push Ruben down the stairs, he just needed to do the best he could. Someone in the audience must have owned a restaurant because he made the analogy that their restaurant could be successful and so could the one down the street. Made the comment that healthcare should be accessible and affordable for all and if your motive for attacking Obamacare was NOT to insure that, then your motive was very suspect!

There were some questions but I just don't recall everything...one about his district and he described how it was made up of everything from affluent Cary to the biggest military base in the world, Ft. Bragg in Fayetteville. And how it had been gerrymandered to be safe. The thought that the incumbent who in his mind is not doing a good job would be "safe" for years was another reason to run! Someone asked him if he was a competitor and he re-iterated that he wasn't someone who felt like he had to "beat" someone but that his competitive nature was to do his best. Someone asked about veterans and he mentioned the welding program that we saw and said there needed to be programs to streamline the process for veterans who had learned a skill in the military to get the credentials they needed to do the same job in the civilian world. He also mentioned a special court that was helping to monitor veterans charged with small crimes to not fall back into the penal system upon their release. Someone said that they thought he could energize the young voters.

I wish I had radar ears! Clay seemed to really be at ease with every single person. I heard him tell a young person that they knew so much more than he did at their age. I heard him tell the bearded guy the "theme song from Perfect Strangers story"! LOL! I am personally responsible for that selfie because he wanted a picture but really didn't know how to get it and we said just tell him and give him your camera! Clay pointed out to me that you could open the camera without unlocking the phone! Darn, I've learned so much from that man!

Now for the important stuff! He was gorgeous with a capital "G". Fog time, I think he had on a dark gray suit but friend claims it was navy! LOL! For sure, a purple shirt and darker purple-maroonish tie and black boot like shoes with pointed toes and big heel. No socks seen! His complexion is so pure and his eyes are so bright. Hair was great, too. Maybe freshly cut with a very precise neckline edge.

I was glad I got to go!

I know absolutely nothing about political fundraising but it seems a lot about "who you know". Clay happens to know a lot of fans and other celebrities so they will be part of his fundraising. Successful fundraising will enable him to meet more people and show them the man that he is and the issues that are important to him. If he wins the primary, more party funding will come along. OH, BIG comment...he said that his district and one in Florida were the only two that some report said might "flip" from Republican to Democrat!

Donate if you feel like you can!

Attend a local fundraiser reception if you can!

We teased one of our out of state friends about taking the "midnight train to Georgia" and decided a couple of lines were very appropriate to how we felt about his political run... "I'd rather live in his world than live without him in mine".

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Email from Clay.


I wanted to make sure you saw yesterday's email about a “tracker” following me around the district. America Rising and the new breed of Super PACs are in the business of tearing candidates down. Groups like this cause good people to stay out of politics. But we're not afraid.

Will you chip in $10 today so that we can fight back? https://act.myngp.com/Forms/5234590141888069632

We have a goal to raise $10,000 online in the final days of the quarter. Your $10 today will help us get there.

Thank you,


PS - Your gift today matters: https://act.myngp.com/Forms/5234590141888069632

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These are from CV:

Thank you to @ClayForNC for joining us tonight! Great meet and greet tonight at @TheDemocrats HQ! #ncpol #NC02 pic.twitter.com/lrHxjCkuti


Retweeted by NC Democrats in DC

Tori Taylor ‏@toritaylor 18m

Excited to have @ClayForNC with us in DC for the @NCDemsInDC meeting! #ncpol #nc02 http://pic.twitter.com/XCPbesxdYk



7 minutes ago · Democratic National Committee Headquarters

Squish hugging @clayfornc at work! #dncdigital #ncdemsindc


From Facebook (no pictures);

Max Gigle Just had a nice chat with Clay Aiken. Sorry, no photo evidence, but I can personally confirm that he's a really nice guy.

Terry Allen Just ran into Clay Aiken in the Rayburn building. He is running for Congress as a Dem in NC. Nice guy. Great voice. It will be interesting to see how he does in that race....that seat is fairly red.

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With permission from CV, about the fundraiser last night:

This comes from a friend who attended the event last night. Unfortunately, no selfie:

Anonymous red report from NC Democrats in DC Meet & Greet (3-26-2014):

Clay was GORGEOUS! Verrrry trim, too. I arrived about 5:40p and they hadn't opened the doors yet. ... Clay arrived about 6:00pm and when he came by me he waggled his finger at me. Cute. About 45 people showed up, but they let us into the room late and the event didn't really start til 6:30p. The club president introduced him and Clay spoke for only about 5 minutes. He said he wanted to go around the room and meet everyone. Unfortunately, by the time he was ready to leave about 7;15p, he hadn't made it around to me! So, I never got a handshake or greeting or anything. ...

His hair is medium brown and it looks like he uses a flat iron and some spray and then it sticks up in the back when he leans his head against something. He said last night was the first time he had entered the D triple C from the front door - he had snuck in many times for meetings last summer through the back or the garage.

His "sneaking" suggests that he was planning this for a LONG time!

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Many of us here got our start at the Clack House, which in turn was an offshoot of the message boards at Television Without Pity (TWoP). TWoP is closing its doors next week:


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Joe Badgett ‏@NCAbasketball

NCA Grad and Current Campbell Communications Major Mary Ashley Badgett interviewing Clay Aiken!!! pic.twitter.com/meyRICaYWY


From the officical campaign twitter account:

Clay Aiken ‏@ClayForNC ·3m

Breakfast w/ a dozen great nurses + CEO from @NCNA. Appreciate them getting up early to speak w/ me! #ncpol #NC02 pic.twitter.com/oAyeNBhZsx


Better picture via the nurses Instagram:


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Recap from CV (used with permission) of the DC Fundraiser on Wednesday:

Red report from the DC Meet & Greet at the Democrat Headquarters-- sorry for the lateness! Hi- back from DC and seeing political - man Clay in all his glory! I coerced my DH to drive to DC as I am not thrilled with city driving. We walked up to the building by 5:45 at the same moment I spied a few more local area fans getting out of their cars. We waited in the lobby area for awhile, by the metal detectors. We were never asked to go thru them by the way, good thing we weren't toting guns or explosives :-).

We saw Clay walk in with his campaign manager Gene Conti. Clay had a junky little blue Jansport backpack on, sunglasses, a long wool coat, and his hair was all crazy in the back! Very cowlick-y. I His ears looked red, as if he had been walking in the cold for awhile. (Poor guy! We parked right near the building!) He said nothing at the security desk. We squeed silently & he went into the conference room on the main floor. He faced forward- either did not notice fans in the lobby with big grins on our faces, or didn't look our way. Thought he'd fix the hair issue.... but apparently he was unable to! As we waited to enter the doorway of the conference room, a young man brought in some cans of light beer & arranged them on a table. That was it, for refreshments, 'til another guy brought in 4 bottles of water. The room was set up with maybe 60 chairs and a big pull down screen, a podium and a flag.

My friend had been at the Atlanta fundraiser the night before and mentioned that she was coming to the DC event, too. Clay said he'd forgotten to bring an extra suit! He must need a clothing assistant. Can I volunteer for that job!? If he wasn't able to get a new shirt in time, he told her, he might have to wear the same clothes!

We positioned ourselves in the front row, and my DH sat to my right at the end of the row. This turned out to be fortuitous as Clay came out to the front of the room but before he spoke, he headed over to a fan he knew, gave her a hug and chatted with her briefly. (I'll leave names out till I get permission to use them!) He then moved on to my friend who was in Atlanta, and showed her he was wearing the same clothes as yesterday as he could not find a white shirt in time. (I heard he got a red white & blue necktie as a gift the day before- but he was already wearing a purple shirt and tie). He was pretty darn gorgeous, slim, no freckles, dark hair, cheekbones to die for. He then approached me, calmly held out his hand & said " I know I met you before.... where?" I was pretty stunned he'd remember me since I am shy, but managed to blurt out "Maybe the M&G in Easton Maryland last year?" , he nodded and moved on to shake my husband's hand. He asked his name and Clay said, "Well, thank you for coming". I grabbed DH's knee in excitement (when Clay walked away) and kidded him- "now, wasn't that exciting"!!!???? He admitted it was pretty cool to meet CLAY in person. I looked up just then land saw Gene Conti was watching us, and he winked at me! He then walked over and introduced himself. He told us a bit about his past - used to live in Bethesda, MD and worked with Paris Glendenning, but moved to Raleigh in 2001. I kidded him about losing his MD accent and acquiring a NC one. He was very personable. I realized later he's the one sending out the "please donate $5 now" emails every day!

NO press in view, no one was video taping or taking many photos. About 50 people were there, maybe half seemed to be under 40. Shortly thereafter the president of the NC democrats stumbled his way a little bit thru an intro of Clay - amusingly admitting "he had the task of introducing a man who needs no introduction- you all know who he is! ". He included a mention of Clay's stint on Idol, "National Inclusion Project", Special Ed teaching, and an interest in serving the people in Raleigh's district 2. Clay did his best to pretend to look out the window and appear blase' during this introduction - ha! People applauded when he stepped out front-,-about 50 people were there by the way. Clay frowned and said, "No applause -- I've had enough of that already!" :-(

He didn't speak for long, maybe 5 minutes - said he wondered why there were chairs in the room because he wanted to mingle and meet everyone- "I won't be singing or performing and I don't even want to talk that much" he said. He asked who was a NC resident. About half the hands were raised. He asked who lived in Ashland, Cary and (somewhere else in his district ). About three hands. He said, " I will be SURE to chat with you tonight! " He then asked who was a regular attendee of the NC democrats meetings, " Don't lie now" - only about 8 hands went up. We didn't feel so odd to be there, after that.

At one point Clay talked about the redistributing on the map of District 2 as a " very artistic rendering of shape- just like an MC Escher painting! ". (As an art teacher, I was kinda excited to hear that comparison!) He chatted a bit about volunteers, said NC was 52 percent Democrat... yet just 4 out of 13 (hope I remember that right) Congressmen in NC were Democrats. Said he "wanted to send Renee Ellmers back home to NC" He mentioned this was the first time he walked thru the front door of the Democrat HQ as he'd "sneaked in the basement over the summer" to discuss possible strategies . I admit I zoned out a bit and admired his pointy shoes, the fact he had his feet turned so cutely on their sides as he talked. I asked my husband to sneak a few photos. After Clay spoke, people clapped & he said please, stop, enough "! He then headed for the exact opposite side of the room from where we were, and people came over to him. We let him circulate and stayed out of his way. Nothing was said about donations at this event. He was chatty but definitely listening to people, too.

Close to 7 PM, he walked out of the room quite quickly and took a phone call. He came back, stayed til maybe 7:15 and wound his way across the room (I think we saw maybe three or four people asking for selfies which he took). He finally got his coat and backpack on - walked by us again, spoke to the fan he knew about someone they knew in common ( I got my phone ready to ask for a pic). Clay brought out his silver iPhone and at one point was frantically looking in it to show her a Facebook photo of someone and said, "oh wait -did he defriend me"?! (he may have spelled a name wrong )-- then finally showed her the photo. Clay was so beautiful up close all I could do was stare & smile, its a wonder I remember what he said. Rather quickly he said "bye, thanks guys, see you", made eye contact with our little fan- err, "supporter" group, and was gone. I am just not aggressive enough to ask for a photo, and it didn't seem right, just at that moment.

Oh- my friend said she mentioned to him in Atlanta that he seems to REALLY enjoy schmoozing the ladies. He told her, "that's where the money is"!!! He knows us :-)

And here are the pictures she and her husband took (again, with permission):











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Clay retweet.

@louismduke: On the ground for the @CollegeDemsNC & @YDNC 2014 State Convention! So excited to hear from @KayHagan, @ClayAiken, and @JoshStein_ today!

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The other red recap with permission...

Hope it's okay with her that I'm posting this here...

By Justclay12:

I texted ACL last night to tell her what was going on, and I sent a pic today to ACL, YYG, and CF, but I was able to go to DC yesterday. My friend was able to go, partly because she knew how much I wanted to go and that I wouldn't go by myself. So she made arrangements with her vet to pick up her doggie early. Before I tell about the event, I'll tell a brief story about our trip. As I was driving to her house, I noticed a light on my dashboard so when I got there, I looked it up and it was about the tire pressure. We thought it would be okay so we headed to DC. Traffic was terrible and DC apparently closes certain roads during rush hour (which seems to be at all times of the day) so GPS kept sending us in circles. Then I heard a loud noise. It was the tire. Completely flat and by the time I was able to pull in somewhere, it was shot. Thankfully my friend is much more on the ball than me and she asked the convenience store guy if we could park there. Then she asked a cop who'd gone in there for a pee break if he could help us get a taxi. He was very nice and tried to flag down cabs for us but because my Clay trips are always filled with misadventures, even he couldn't get one for a while, which he said never happens because it was right across from the Watergate hotel and they always have cabs. So we finally get a cab and made it there by around 6:10 or so.

Don't know who that person who posted was but other than us, I thought there was only fans in the front row and he stood and talked to them for several minutes before it started. I thought he'd just come in at about the same time as we did because we were signing in when I first saw him. I would say there was about 40 to 50 people there but I'm not good at judging. What I did like, besides the fact that there were only a few fans there, is that a lot of the people there were young people who were pretty involved in politics. Most of them raised their hands when he asked who was from NC but I think because they are pretty active in politics, that's why they were there. And there were 3 that are from Clay's district so he said he wanted to get all their names.

They were right that it didn't really start until 6:30 and some guy gave a little speech and then got to the introduction. Said he didn't really need an introduction because everyone knew him. This guy had to use the mic, but Clay got up there and his voice carried throughout the room without any help. He did speak briefly and then went around to talk to everyone. While we were waiting, I spoke to a guy whose girlfriend and her mother were big fans but gf was tied up at work so he went for her. Mother was in NJ so she wasn't coming. I gave him my email for his girlfriend to email me and I'd send her what I'd recorded (I do have some video but it was from my phone so not the greatest, plus during his speech, in the beginning I was chicken and was going just for audio but then I got braver and held it up. I also have video of him talking to people but you can't hear him.)

We were waiting over to the side but all the people were up front so we headed there to get a chance. A young woman went up to him and she was apparently part of someone else's campaign and told him that whatever help he needed she would give him. He told her to give him his info but she didn't have any paper so I handed her paper and a pen for her to give him her info. Eventually Clay came to us. My friend said something about we weren't from NC and he said he knew all about us. So my friend tells him about our adventure getting there and he said he had us beat because they were still toting their luggage with them (we didn't feel like that beat ours though). He started to head away, not rudely but we aren't voters in his district so he needed to meet people there who he could make contacts with. I did get to ask him a question though. I wanted to know why he was running in district 2. And he got snarky and said cuz he lived there, and then was teasing us to Gene Conti saying that his fans are always questioning what he says. It's so much easier to talk to him in this kind of setting because he talks to you just like your friends (at least my friends who all have snarky streaks). I did try to clarify because we knew he had sold his place. I also teased back about him forgetting things but he was moving on.

I did have a good conversation with Gene, who is a very nice man. He was mingling too but was also staying close to Clay in case he needed to get info from some of the people there. He clarified that Clay used to live in district 4 but because of the gerrymandering, he now lived in district 2. I asked about the internal polling and whether they had also done polls against Ellmers. He seemed pretty confident about Clay winning the primary. He talked a little about Toni Morrison but said he was friends with Crisco but he didn't feel he could win against Ellmers. We discussed how he's not very energizing and that he felt Clay could get the people out to vote. He said they had done polls against Ellmers and that when they told people where she stood on the issues and where Clay stood, that it was very close even in that district. I also asked about whether Clay would be doing anymore TV appearances after he wins the primary because we're both pretty sure that will happen and he said they would probably be doing that. I then asked about The Daily Show and Colbert because they hit a younger demographic and he said Colbert really wants Clay on but they are waiting for now. I thought it was really cool that Colbert wanted him on and has already reached out to him. Really excited about that. I also asked him if they'd need any help around the gala that there would be some of us available to stuff envelopes or whatever. He didn't know when the gala was so I told him in September so he said they might be able to use the help and told us about opening an office, which we knew about.

Since Clay took off so quickly, I forget to ask for a selfie so I said something to Gene and he was going to try to get him to come back. He did get him to come back before they were getting ready to leave, but Clay said he didn't know why I needed pictures because I'd been taking them all evening. He doesn't miss anything. So he got between us but couldn't figure out how to use my phone to do a selfie and I'm clueless since I don't take pictures of myself. So my friend gave him her phone which is an I-phone so he was good but he said he couldn't take it from in the middle so he went over to my side and put his arm around me. Then he was trying to work her camera and he said he was having some problems so I told him to take his time. I was happy, I could have stood there all night. He took the picture and I'm working on uploading my stuff to dropbox now.

He then went back and they got their bags. Gene was pulling along the bags but Clay comes out, with this nice suit and a backpack on his back. I had to take video of that cuz it was so cute and so Clay. He stopped again and talked to the one fan. She's an elderly black lady with gray hair who goes to all the galas. My friend thinks she may have something to do with the National Inclusion Project. Something else that I noticed is that his phone is in an orange case. And he had a water bottle in the side of his backpack. And we followed him outside to find a cab and he called for his car and driver. My friend said it was a BMW. I wasn't impressed. It was black and looked pretty small.

That's all I can think of right now but as soon as I get my stuff uploaded, I'll holler. As slow as dropbox takes it probably won't be until tomorrow. Whoever wants it, let me know and I'll add you or whatever I'm supposed to do on there. Still haven't figured it out.

And DCCC is Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. I just got another email from them asking for donations. But that is the building we were in last night.

Way cool!

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From Gene Conti.


One problem in Washington is that too many members of Congress don’t listen — to each other or to us.

Renee Ellmers was caught on tape recently berating constituents. (Click HERE to read more.)

Clay Aiken believes that you can disagree without being disagreeable. He wants to restore civility to Congress. That is one of the reasons why he is running – and why I’m working with his campaign.

Will you donate $10 today to Clay’s campaign? Help us achieve our goal for the first quarter of 2014. We're only $5,478 away!

Clearly, Renee Ellmers looks rattled. Maybe she has heard from Republicans like Robert Holding, who told a newspaper that Clay "could get loose and win that thing."

Maybe she is worried because national experts now rate the 2nd Congressional District as in play, and she knows Clay has what it takes to win.

Maybe this is why a “tracker” from a super PAC is stalking – and taping – every move Clay makes and every word he says.

Will you donate $10 today to help Clay?

Let’s keep the momentum going. And let’s restore civility to Congress.


Gene Conti

Senior Adviser

Clay Aiken for North Carolina

Paid for by Clay Aiken for North Carolina

Clay for North Carolina

PO Box 3809

Cary NC 27519-3809 United States

If you believe you received this message in error or wish to no longer receive email from us, please unsubscribe.

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