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# 67: Everywhere He Goes, The People Love Him!


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Clay must be the lesser of two evils.

@putnam39: Which means yes, I was reduced to voting for Clay Aiken

@putnam39: Which yes, is an indication of how awful and loony the Republican is

@MlbMohala: FB- Look who I saw when I voted:

Clay Aiken #EarlyVoting #NC02

#TeamClay●Roseanne @ClayForNC

https://t.co/iXYzuA6Sud http://t.co/Rbd2rhq8cm

@fgsweetdog: If you're in @clayaiken 's district, vote for him! We need to send Rene Ellmers packing! Intelligence beats ignorance.

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@Gonzogurl: @MeghanMcCain of @TakePartLive talks to @clayaiken on campaign bus about 20 min in to full show. up now at http://t.co/WgDyYLcGPB

It runs from 20:28 till 27:09

And the wheels on the bus go round........

@MlbMohala: Good for you. Here ya go.. @BobbySchartz @clayaiken @seanhannity @glennbeck @LeslieMarshall http://t.co/vSounVFFHa

@MichelleAlwerdt: Took a selfie with Clay Aiken today. http://t.co/79iJK9QP7A

@ForwardAmerican: These babes will fully appreciate the good work of public servants Senator @kayhagan & @clayaiken @ClayForNC one day! http://t.co/tbllHJ4WPy

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“When [Aiken] is talking about some issues, he tends to look at things from a local [perspective],” Ellmers said. “But you do have to look at it from a federal level. Those are some things we've worked on. I've been out talking with constituents … listening to their concerns.

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She is really something. Has she not heard "all politics is local?" That to me is the basis of Clay's campaign, and she doesn't seem to get that.

I'm seriously trying not to get my hopes up too high, as I don't want face another disappointment, knowing full well that his district is gerrymandered redistricted to favor her. But when she keeps talking like this, I have think that people are smart enough to see that Clay means what he says.

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@clayaiken: Fellow musician from #NC02 @nu_blu @ladyblu2003 eligible for @thegrammys this year! Vote 4 her. Shes voting 4 me! http://t.co/pUU4CNHOp2

@Lil_missTVC: I can't believe I'm working for Clay Aiken on Saturday !

@NikkiSchwab: Today on PopPolitics with @TedStew, I'll be talking @clayaiken and @alfranken, celebrities turned politicians!

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Email from Nick

5 days left until Election Day! Everyone on the campaign is working around the clock to make sure the residents of NC's 2nd District have what they need to make their vote count this Tuesday. No resource will be left untapped.

Arguably our most important tool is our tv ad, have you seen it? This is our most effective way to reach a large number of voters and explain why Clay is the best choice to represent the needs of the 2nd District. The issue is that purchasing air time is our most expensive need, by far...

Will you kick in $25, $50, or $100 to help keep our ad on the air?

Our pockets aren't lined by the funding of special interest groups, but by low-dollar donations from folks who are more interested in progress over finger-pointing. Ensuring that our ad stays on the air is critical with so few days remaining.

Can you help us stay on the air by making a contribution, big or small?

Your continued support is what has kept our campaign alive and has put us in a position to be successful on 11/4. Please contribute what you can, let's finish what we started!

Thank you,

Nick Leisey

Finance Director

Clay Aiken for North Carolina

Paid for by Clay Aiken for North Carolina

Clay for North Carolina

PO Box 3809

Cary NC 27519-3809 United States

If you believe you received this message in error or wish to no longer receive email from us, please unsubscribe.

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There is a picture on Facebook but I can't bring it over. Please help?

A smaller version, along with two other pics, is on Instagram.

If no one else gets it, I'll try to get to it later this afternoon or tomorrow night. (It's a CRAZY busy week for me...)

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This guy has been tweeting anti Clay tweets all along and look what he tweeted today


@NoClayforNC: @LauraMichele17 @clayaiken yeah, I'm beginning to realize that. At least Clay actually talks to people, unlike that bitch Ellmers

@NoClayforNC: Saw the #celebutard @clayaiken tonight. The #hollywoodpuppet had no strings. He's not half bad. He may just pull out a win #imconfused

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New email from Faye:


I have terrible news. We’re under attack by special interests supporting Congresswoman Ellmers and they are not afraid to make up lies and distort the facts.

As Nick said, we need your help to stay up on the air through Election Day. We need $5,743 to keep running our ad.

The weekend before Election Day is, as you know, the most crucial time to be up on the air.

Can I count on you to chip in $25 to help us stay on the air?

We need your help to fight back against the special interests who want business as usual in Washington.

Chip in $25 to send a message.



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