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# 67: Everywhere He Goes, The People Love Him!


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Is the begging going to end on Tuesday or will we get letters that say we have to pay this bill?

I'm pretty sure the begging ends on Tuesday. Sad that it has to be that way; on the other hand, I've liked (in a very weird kind of way) getting mail from Clay, Faye, Nick, and Clay's staff.

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Mee too!


@violanickson: Early voting in Raleigh is crazy

The line is now wrapped around the building at Chavis @kayhagan @clayaiken http://t.co/WazzIy21StI

@joeshmo907: Clay Aiken! http://t.co/PX5AHhlmsb

@PeteCroatto: I can't find it online, but @AllisonGlock's profile of Clay Aiken, aspiring politician, for @Esquiremag is bloody fantastic.

Funny video


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Clay VIDEO, from a Facebook page called "Shake Up Wake!"

Is it terrible to say that I find this totally adorable (considering I'm saying this about a political candidate?)


ETA: And now it's gone! Damn, didn't save it either....

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How about some nice tweets? The Esquire mag article is up online.

@bobbiwickham: Not an Idol fan, but this made me love Clay Aiken: RT @ESQPolitics

Clay Aiken Doesn't Sing Anymore http://t.co/MpB6C34Kge

@Athenae: Slap my ass and call me a Claymate; http://t.co/9uhSWmUDuB.

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Baiting anyone?

@SurvivorCentral: @thereedkelly Take a pass on the Clay Aiken Christmas album, I hear it's a real disappointment. :-p

And Reed's response

@thereedkelly: @SurvivorCentral I think you may have heard wrong, it's actually quite fantastic. #bigsmiles
@RaisingAid4Dogs: RADAR SELFIE! :-) Here we have RADAR volunteers Linda & Jennifer Siegert, and Clay Aiken at today's Cotton... http://t.co/fsvO1qtVoZ
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I personally think next week is going to be crazy, no matter what happens on Tuesday. There will be all kinds of media coverage. Tweets: I think the number of tweets by Clay and the ClayForNC page will go down substantially on Wednesday. Mentions of him on Twitter though will be high for the rest of the week.

Then things will settle down, and it's going to be quiet. IMO, as it should be -- he's gonna need a break!

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Jordy Lewis

39 mins · Cary, NC ·

Clay Aiken talking to voters in Carry..



Clay Aiken answering questions at town hall in Cary 2 days before election. Defends ACA, says needs a chance to work pic.twitter.com/nCvu55ZArN



about 1 hour ago

went to get a beer at fortnight and who did i see? #clayaiken


ellie arnold @elliearnoldx

Spotted: Clay Aiken jaywalking. pic.twitter.com/ndBsXm0WmC


ellie arnold @elliearnoldx

Future congressman Clay Aiken! #clayaiken2014 @ Fortnight Brewing Company instagram.com/p/u6dt0JqPAD/

Love that one!

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7 minutes ago

#clayaiken #selfie


Clay Aiken @clayaiken

LESS than three days remain until great changes in America! #GOTV pic.twitter.com/h6Bax2zzKo


Krystle Williams-McKenna

2 mins ·

Gavin just pinned Clay Aiken for the upcoming World Diabetes Day. Clay is running for Congress here in our state and was so caring and generous to give his time to our efforts to raise awareness.... Pin A Personality - WorldDiabetesDay.org


Joshua Race

6 hrs ·

Clay Aiken, Justice Beasley, and Kay Hagan

All of them came to church today.

So uhm, which one of yall coming wimme

Next week.!? — at First Baptist Church- Moore Street.


Nazie Ahmadi Kite

7 mins · Edited ·

Clay is an eigth-generation North Carolinian and a true voice of NC. Please visit his website at www.clayaiken.com and vote for him on November 4th. — with Clay Aiken at Fortnight Brewing Company.

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I'm back. Did you miss me? I figured not! We went to the international quilt festival. Wow what talent! Then we went to an art festival and chased a food truck around Houston trying get cupcakes! Success!


@MlbMohala: 2 Days!! #VoteClay MT"@elliearnoldx: Future congressman Clay Aiken! #clayaiken2014 @ Fortnight Brewing Company .." http://t.co/CGPifbuKkH

@MlbMohala: Clay & @NickLeisey headed to Town Hall in Cary @FortnightBeer today MT "@elliearnoldx: Spotted: Clay Aiken..." ; ) http://t.co/yet4zs8BNm

@MlbMohala: "@elliearnoldx: Future congressman Clay Aiken! #clayaiken2014 @ Fortnight Brewing Company http://t.co/rxd1WOY6tU" http://t.co/Rr91HeCbKg

@ForwardAmerican: You made my neighbor Gavin's day @clayaiken @ClayForNC by letting him pin you for World Diabetes Awareness. Wonderful http://t.co/IJf70I9epD

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Welcome back! Glad you had fun today.


Nazie Ahmadi Kite

3 hrs near Cary, NC ·

Clay and David Price. This is the place to be. Thanks for the invite Clay.


Bay Breeze Seafood of Sanford

34 mins ·

Guess who joined us for dinner tonight!! #clayaiken



Michele Bynum added 9 new photos.

13 mins · Edited ·

Symone and jordyn on Halloween. Symone won best costume award at trunk or treat in Spring Lake with Clay Aiken as the announcer.

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