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# 67: Everywhere He Goes, The People Love Him!


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From CV

There is at least one more Clay mention in Esquire besides the main article and the sweet tea story on p. 20:


Rachel Maddow: The Esquire Ombudswoman (p. 22)

We asked the MSNBC host and cocktail enthusiast to weigh in on this issue.


"Clay Aiken Doesn't Sing Anymore" (page 156)

I felt the same way as everyone about Aiken running for Congress. ("A struggle his campaign team dubs WTF mountain"--that is so good.) But then I watched his "Why I'm Running" video and I was gobsmacked. Great candidate. This gushing profile has the same effect. The only thing I don't get is why a guy so lovable would want to run for Congress specifically. I want him to win something; I just think that winning a seat in Congress isn't much of a prize for someone whom you want to have a good life.

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From CV.

LaVern OxenDine shared NC Center for Economic Empowerment & Development's photo.

7 mins · Edited ·

Clay Aiken has a team of professional and volunteer lay supporters within and outside of North Carolina to provide him with the utmost guidance with concrete skill sets, values, and detailed/current knowledge. He is very smart: he started the race early, defined his opponent, drew a contrast, and defined his agenda. He has continuously defined his message while driving his message home to the voters in North Carolina. Initially, he became familiar with the demographics of the district. He addressed what the voters in the district care about, the issues they are interested in, and where the voters stand on those issues. The issues that he is addressing are of concern to Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and women. Obviously he is a celebrity due to American Idol however he relates to the average person on his or her level in their comfort zone. He has reached within and outside of North Carolina to build his coalition of support. We as North Carolinians do not live in a vacuum. We need supporters from within and outside of our State to bring a better life to all our citizenry. Clay has this support. I do thank Clay for stopping by CEED to become more aware of the independent living services that CEED offers to the citizens of the district that he is running for Congress in. Of course, Clay has the financial means to wear a $3,000 Oxxford Suit but instead he chooses to wear clothing that is appealing and affordable for the average citizen in the district. He looks like the average hard working middle class citizen. He is approachable and communicates comfortably with all of us LaVern OxenDine , Sylvia Ray, Jeremy Burque, Tom Macon, Bo Dean, Zack May, Bill Jordan, Charlie Reece, Andrew Porter, Molly Arnold, Adam Collier, Rhonda Merritt-Quadorm Debbie Dobbins Liebers, Betsy Moore Conti, Tucker Middleton, Janet Williams Howard, Nancy Miller Martin, Bob Dees, Tom Bresley, Frank B Maness, Dale Herring, George D. Ivy, Ryan Lee Burris, Hugh Britt, Jack Register, Sugar Sheltie, Jan Johnson

Here's the link.


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Conference call remarks from CV. Nick said to share

He loves us!!!

Over 2/3 of the way there. Boss.gif $30,000 to go.

He wants this so badly. He will sing again..........even after elected. He has "no intention of never singing again".

He is "blown away and appreciative" of us allowing him to do this.

Shit, I have to find some more money. We have to make this happen!

He sounds so good, it's the longest I have ever heard him to talk at once.

Nick said to share the information.

That is the first call I have ever been able to make and I am so glad I did.

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@OnlyJarae: Guess who stopped by?? @clayaiken !!!!!!! I was so star struck lol! http://t.co/LMyZqg7Yip

@MlbMohala: Posted-FB: Clay Aiken visits

Capitol Encore Academy #selfieswithclay

~ http://t.co/0T4jED151Q

https://t.co/wgc3v785q3 http://t.co/FOhbqowKK1

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Oh man, I couldn't listen to the call today, and I really wish I could have! But that news is pretty darn awesome -- and I still want him to win this damn election!

Catching up on pictures. These first two I saw on Facebook first, and I know one of them is tied the Clay's account!



That corn maze place corrected their spelling of Clay's name! They got excited and wanted to post quickly!

Here's the picture from that....


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Picture that goes with that wonderfully long post above:



Dravonya Shaneka Lee

3 hrs ·

Clay Aiken & I...what a combination @ "The Sweetest Smelling Corner in Dunn" — at Sherry's Bakery.


Jarae ‏@OnlyJarae 1h1 hour ago

Guess who stopped by?? @clayaiken !!!!!!! I was so star struck lol!

Clay Aiken ‏@clayaiken 27m27 minutes ago

@OnlyJarae great to meet you!



@clayaiken Wonderful to meet you too!

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Reading over at CV -- I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry I missed the call today. It sounds like it was a very emotional one...

From Facebook:


From someone on his staff's (???) Instagram -- filming the ad!



clayforncAt the Jordan Matthews High School homecoming game! #ncpol #nc02 #fridaynightlights


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busy day today!

@MlbMohala: FB: Ricardo Morgan, Capitol Encore Academy, with Clay Aiken #selfieswithclay #StandWithClay http://t.co/0T4jED151Q http://t.co/Q9TNsUiQE6

@MlbMohala: FB: Canady Farm Corn Maze

Behind Clay Aiken: 103 yr Canady granny "Ms Ellsie". #StandWithClay http://t.co/0T4jED151Q http://t.co/zwCfErLjgjt

@MlbMohala: FB: Ricardo Morgan, Capitol Encore Academy, with Clay Aiken #selfieswithclay #StandWithClay http://t.co/0T4jED151Q http://t.co/B5gNwomXzZ

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Hi. Just wanted to thank all of your link's and pictures. Missed the call yesterday because of PT. The nurses, who were really great, snuck me out of the hospital early, because my husband and son had to pick up my granddaughter at school. Sent in my last donation, I think, before I went into hospital.

I may not post much as I'm still drowsy and can only sit for short periods of time. Have a wonderful weekend.

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FEAR!!!! :BlowKiss::affection: Glad you are doing well.

New email from Tucker Middleton:


Today is a big day. Our first ad hit the air this morning. It holds Renee Ellmers accountable for her failed record in Congress, and it makes the case to send a message to Washington by electing a true independent outsider like Clay.

It's a great ad. And that's why we need your help to make sure everybody in the Second District gets to hear Clay make his case.

Take a look at the ad.

Then chip in $50 to keep it on the air.

Clay is spending every day out in the district having face-to-face conversations with voters. But the Second District is home to over 750,000 people, and we've got just 17 days left.

If voters hear from Clay, we'll win this. Help us get his message out.



Tucker Middleton

Communications Director

Clay Aiken for North Carolina

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