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# 67: Everywhere He Goes, The People Love Him!


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Merrie Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all

Can't stand Xmas this year so I'm off to NYC tomorrow and then on a cruise to Mexico so I might not be able to pop in.

Looking forward to seeing Clay in April!

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Merrieeee, have a great trip. Ldyj, feel better. Jmh, feel better too. Couchie, glad your mother is doing better. To anyone else have a wonderful Christmas or any other holiday you celebrate.

We had our granddaughter and granddog yesterday so today and tommorrow will be quiet days.

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Glad things are going well with you Fear! Quiet days can be very nice.

I'm holding my cold at bay for now. I've got a busy 24 hours, as my bell choir plays at church this evening, and then off to my brother's for brunch tomorrow.


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Thanks to ldyj for the gorgeous banner! I always loved those snow photos! I'm very bad because she sent the link two days ago and I'm just putting it up, but it's well worth the wait!!!!

Ho ho ho everybody!!

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LOVE the banner. Thanks LadyJ and JMH.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I got a day pass for mom and she was able to come home. And she'll be released on Monday. So I'll spend this weekend getting the house ready.

Merrieeee I'm jealous. I'd love to go back to NYC. Hoping it will happen next year but definitely in 2016 as our family reunion will be there.

Fear I would love some quiet days. Glad you got to spend time with the grands. Feel better JMH!

Happy New year to all.

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Clay tweet!

So proud to fill in yet ANOTHER ballot in 2014! This time for an INCREDIBLY deserving Grammy nominee @angiesingss ❤️ pic.twitter.com/NbfrdNAu4p


For those that don't know, Angela (Clay's former backup singer) is nominated for a Grammy!

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Hi there! Well I'm back from NYC. Have done two loads of laundry, re packed and am ready to leave tomorrow at noon for my cruise to Mexico! Woo hoo!

We had a wonderful trip and no sadness which was great. I met Hugh Jackman......swoon, Glenn Close.....so sweet and Rupert Grint.....nice guy and a guy (Ben) who was in the movie Best In Show....a real gentleman. Can't remember his last name though . We got pics and autographs of those guys and we also saw, in plays, Allen Cumming, Matthew Broderick, John Lithgow, Megan Mullaly, Martha Plimpton, Emma Stone and J Murray Abraham. But best of all I got to see Nathan Lane perform on Broadway! He is such a great actor. It was a thrill of a lifetime.

Honestly this was the best thing I could have done this Christmas. It was so out of the ordinary. Xmas eve we ate at David Burkes restaurant called fishtail. He was on Top Chef Masters. The dinner was fabulous. 7 fish courses followed by Swedish fish flavoured ice cream!

My dd figured out we walked 30 miles total while we were there.

Happy New Year to all.

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Have a great cruise merrieeee. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas and may the new year bring you more joy.

Couchie, great news about your mom. I hope she continues to do well.

January will not be my month so I'll just try to get through it. Hopefully we will get a second car(used), a dryer (ours died) and our granddaughter will continue to do well in school (we are officially) her tutors. This is my grown up Christmas list and would make life so much easier. I will also have 5 volunteer jobs to juggle as well as outpatient surgery. Otherwise life is good and dh and I are prettyhappy. I hope everyone has a great new year.

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merrieeee, I'm glad you checked in with us! It sounds like you had a blast -- and will again in Mexico! Woohoo!! Drink a margarita for me!

{{{{{{{{Fear}}}}}}}} Good luck with your month of January, and if you need to vent, just come here. We're here for you.

I think I'm starting to get over this cold. In a way, it sucked to be fighting a cold when I've got time off. At the same time, though -- I've never felt truly miserable (as I have when I had to work while fighting a cold), and I also don't feel guilty for taking time off work for being sick. Anyway, hubby and I are going to see the last Hobbit movie this afternoon, and then out for dinner.

I continue to hope that Clay is enjoying his time off, and that he wants to continue in the public eye in some way for us, the fans. I love the way he continues to surprise me, year after year. He's one fascinating man, that's for sure.

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Just checking in to see what everyone is up to. Merrieeee, sounds like you had a great trip to NYC! Hope you enjoy your cruise. {{{Fear}}} hope things go well for you this month. Ldyj, hope you are feeling better. Couchie, so glad you mom got out for Christmas and is coming home soon. *waves to jmh123* Love the banner! Hugs to all.

I've had a nice Christmas this year...very laid back, didn't do much, had the kids & their SO's and my mom for dinner. We dispensed with tradition a bit and I made a turkey wellington instead of a whole bird. I also made a veggie wellington to match, and all the usual trimmings. I had a week off work but I'm back at it today and Friday. I'm hoping to head up north to a skating show this weekend, if the weather co-operates.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year! And I hope we hear something from Clay about his future plans soon.

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Hi luckiest! I saw your Turkey Wellington on Facebook -- it looked amazing! Thanks for checking on me, I am feeling much better. Tonight will be home, just hubby and I. We prefer it that way, as it's usually "amateur night" on the roads. Got lots of food to much on -- and then tomorrow we start back in with trying to lose the weight we've gained!

couchie, I hope Mom is doing OK!

OK, please indulge me. As it is the last day of the year, I always like to bring light to the Timeline here at Finding Clay Aiken. It's a good "memory jog" for much that has happened. Please excuse any typos and grammar problems -- for me, writing this "on the fly" sometimes caused grammar tense problems! Also, sorry, but I got used to compiling this in reverse order, so the oldest stuff is at the bottom. Apologies in advance for that, but I'll probably do next year's that way as well.

Since we are a public board, there are several things that haven't been included, but for the most part, I think I got almost everything. Let's put it this way -- it was a tough job this year, as Clay was so freakin' active with the campaign. IMO though, it was an amazing year. Thank you Clay for all you did!

  • The rest of November and December -- Clay sends out a few tweets, goes out to dinner a few times (knowing that because of a few Twitter pictures), and mostly keeps out of the public eye.
  • November 22 -- Clay attends the Equality NC Foundation Gala in Greensboro.
  • November 20 -- Mike Nichols, the original director of Spamalot and many other iconic movies and Broadway plays, dies. Clay tweets a heartfelt mention of his passing.
  • November 19 -- "Dee Snider's Rock & Roll Christmas Tale" premieres in Chicago, and Clay is one of the many celebrities who walks the red carpet for the premiere.
  • November 7 -- Clay releases a "thank you" video to everyone who worked or contributed to his campaign in any way. But, the last line of the video -- "now let's get to work."
  • November 5 -- Throughout the campaign, Clay had a documentary crew following him. On this date, we found out that this documentary will be a four-hour "docu-series" to be shown on the Esquire TV channel early next year!
  • November 4 -- Election day! Clay gets up early to vote with his Mom, Faye, and the media is right there as well. Sadly, the bus breaks down right after dropping Clay off. Clay starts off leading early, but in the end, was not able to overcome the gerrymandering of the district. The final total was 58.85% for Renee Ellmers, with 41.15% for Clay. Clay's concession speech was actually more of a "call to action" speech, promising to not silence his voice.
  • November 3 -- Clay meets with the College Democrats of Campbell University. He also sends out an email to supporters, thanking everyone for everything they did during the campaign.
  • November 2 -- Church visit at the First Baptist Church in Fayetteville. The bus tour concludes, with a town hall meeting in Cary, held at the Fortnight Brewing Company.
  • November 1 -- Clay (and his bus!) appear in the Fayetteville State University Homecoming parade. He then spends time at the Dunn Cotton Festival.
  • October 31 -- An early morning radio appearance at WKXR, 1260 AM starts the day. In the evening, he was the announcer at a Trunk or Treat event in Spring Lake. Finally, he takes part in a Shake Up Wake video campaign, to the tune of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off."
  • October 30 -- The beginning of the day brings a visit to Randolph Community College. Later, Clay holds a town hall meeting in Snow Camp.
  • October 29 -- Another town hall meeting! This one in held in Hope Mills. He starts his day, though, appearing on Star 102.3 FM, on the Rich N Jenny show.
  • October 28 -- He starts his morning doing an interview with WFNC AM radio. Clay attends the Moore County Democratic Men's Club meeting. He is also scheduled to be on TakePart Live, Meghan McCain's show on the Pivot Network. In the late afternoon, he's part of a "meet and greet" with the Cumberland County Association of Educators in Fayetteville. WNCN-TV also talks with him during this day.
  • October 27 -- Clay visits the Second Harvest Food Bank of Southeast North Carolina, and also Godwin Manufacturing. He ends his day at a Sanford town hall meeting.
  • October 26 -- The bus tour continues, this one with a town hall meeting in Fayetteville. He also attends church in the morning.
  • October 25 -- Attendance at the Randleman NASCAR Days festival. He also attends the Hollyfest in Holly Springs, Finally, he goes to Cary's Great Pumpkin Carve.
  • October 23 -- Clay starts his morning at Cane Creek Farm in Snow Camp. There's also a town hall meeting in Spring Lake, followed immediately by an appearance at the Dogwood Festival in Fayetteville. Also, on this day, pigs flew, as the Raleigh News & Observer endorsed Clay for election in District 2!
  • October 22 -- North Carolina State Fair Day! He also squeezes in a "debate" on TimeWarner Cable News (Renee Ellmers was a no-show), which is broadcast in North Carolina that evening. Finally, he has a town hall meeting in Dunn during the evening hours.
  • October 21 -- Three events scheduled, at the Asheboro Farmer's Market, the Cane Creek Sustainable Farm (Snow Camp) and a town hall meeting at Whispering Pines. Late in the evening, a video is sent via email, thanking those who financially supported Clay, as the fundraising goals were (at the time) almost met! They later were revealed to be met!
  • October 20 -- The Moore County Tea Party holds a forum, and Clay attends.
  • October 19 -- Town hall meeting in Apex.
  • October 18 -- Clay attends the Ramseur Fall Festival and the Downtown Cary Fall Festival. Also, a new ad for Clay's campaign starts appearing on TV.
  • October 17 -- A visit to the North Carolina Center for Economic Empowerment and Development. Next, he visits Capitol Empire Academy, a charter school in Fayetteville. Next, Friday night football again, this time at the Jordan Matthews High School Homecoming game in Siler City. He ends the night at the West Chatham Senior Center. In the middle of the day, though, he made time for a conference call with the the Gold and Blue team members. Let's just say the call made many of Clay's fan happy!
  • October 16 -- Clay is inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame. Due to his campaign schedule, he does not attend the ceremony. The second town hall meeting, however takes precedent -- this one held in Raeford. Also, an interview with Tamara Hall from NPR is aired on Morning Edition.
  • October 15 -- Clay begins his "Bus Tour," holding town hall meetings across the district. The first is held in Asheboro.
  • October 14 -- The official "kickoff" of the "Bus Tour" begins at the Matthews House in Cary. Clay and Renee Ellmers also attend a forum sponsored by The Sanford Herald. Finally, a tweet is discovered that mentions a long profile piece in Esquire magazine. An online copy is found via a library database, and is widely distributed to the fandom. The piece was written by Allison Glock, who helped Clay with Learning to Sing; the print version is found quickly the next day, in the November issue.
  • October 13 -- Clay attends the Farm Bureau Women's Committee Forum, held in Asheboro.
  • October 12 -- An event with several Wake County Commissioner candidates at the Fortnight Brewing Company in Cary.
  • October 11 -- The Apex Kiwanis Car Show Fundraiser is held, and Clay makes an appearance.
  • October 10 -- Clay tours Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in Fayetteville. Later, he attends the Douglas Byrd high school football game. Also, he unreleased song makes its way to light, called "Mysterious." In tangentially related news: the ban of same sex marriage in North Carolina is overturned. Go North Carolina!
  • October 9 -- A local fundraiser in Raleigh.
  • October 8 -- Fundraiser in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • October 7 -- Another appearance for Clay with Renee, this time at a Candidate Forum in Dunn. Also, readers of Rolling Stone magazine are treated to a two page spread about Clay's candidacy.
  • October 6 -- Clay and Renee take part in a debate in Pinehurst. WRAL TV hosts the debate, and broadcasts it at 7:00 p.m. Eastern time; it is also streamed on their website. Lots of media publicity on this event.
  • October 4 -- Clay makes an appearance at Denim Days in Erwin, NC.
  • October 2 -- A bowling fundraiser is held in New York City, at the Bowlmor Lanes in Times Square. For any fan who donates through the special page, there is a chance to win Clay's bowling shoes, Clay's bowling shirt, and a bowling pin signed by Clay. Earlier in the day, he attended a fundraiser at Goldbar. Sponsors include basketball star Isiah Thomas, and...Clive Davis!
  • October 1 -- Broadway-based fundraiser held in New York City. Attendees/performers include Betty Buckley, Christine Ebersole, Beth Leavel, and Rosie O'Donnell.
  • September 30 -- A fundraiser in California, hosted by Cody Lassen (Marketing Director at Center Theatre Group, Member, Board of Directors at GLAAD and Co-Producer at Macbeth on Broadway) and Alan and Cindy Horn. Alan is the chairman of Walt Disney Studios.
  • September 29 -- Napa, California fundraiser, set at Whetstone Wine Cellars (new date, originally set for August 27).
  • September 28 -- A profile piece appears in the New York Times Magazine (the online version appeared two days previous). Clay begins his morning at the Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Fayetteville.
  • September 27 -- Clay appears at an event in Sanford, sponsored by the Maggie Outreach Community Center and Youth Entrepreneur Leadership Program (YELP).
  • September 25 -- An interview with Larry King on his online show PoliticKing with Larry King (ora.tv). (The show was taped on September 22). Clay also appears at a meeting of the Randolph County Tea Party.
  • September 24 -- Fundraiser event at the West End Wine Bar in Chapel Hill. Clay has an early start to his morning, however, as he, Renee Ellmers, and other Congressional candidates attend the "Eye Opener Breakfast," hosted by the Cary Chamber of Council. It is the first in-person meeting of Clay and Renee.
  • September 23 -- Fantasia and Ruben Studdard host a fundraiser at the Elder Art Gallery in Charlotte, NC.
  • September 21 -- Ice cream social meet and greet at Auman Orchard in West End, NC.
  • September 20 -- National Inclusion Project Gala night. Honorees included Gracie and Quincy Latkovski, Lowe's Home Improvement Center, and Richie Parker. Clay sang three songs -- and took a selfie with the entire group of attendees!
  • September 19 -- National Inclusion Project VIP Reception in Raleigh, NC. Auction items included 2 dinners with Clay (10 attendees each), with each dinner going for $28,000, and a green plaid shirt that Clay's been wearing all election season. It went for $2800.
  • September 18 -- An article on Clay's campaign appears in the online version of The Washington Post (appearing in the print version the next day). In personal appearances, he attends the North Carolina Turkey Festival parade in Raeford.
  • September 16 -- Fundraiser in New York City.
  • September 15 -- Fundraiser in Washington, DC.
  • September 14 -- "Selfies with Clay" with the Wake County Young Democrats, held at the Tribeca Tavern in Raleigh. Earlier in the day, he attends the Lewis Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, and then stops by a Cracker Barrel for lunch. Not sure if he had time to EAT, as he took an awful lot of selfies....
  • September 13 -- Attendance at two charity events, a Lupus walk and a polio fundraiser, both held in Fayetteville.
  • September 12 -- Clay attends the Lee County Fair in Sanford. He also tours Butler Hog Farm in Harnett County.
  • September 11 -- A speaking engagement at the North Carolina AFL-CIO union convention.
  • September 9 -- His early morning is spent being interviewed, via phone for WIDU- 1600 radio. In the evening, he attends a fundraiser in Cary.
  • September 8 -- Clay appears on "North Carolina Now" (UNC Public TV) for an interview.
  • September 6 -- The Moore County Democratic Party holds its 2014 Fundraising Luncheon at the Pinehurst Country Club. Clay is one of many honored guests. In the evening, he attended the Hoke Reading/Literacy Celebration in Raeford, speaking on the importance of educational funding.
  • September 5 -- Clay is interviewed on WNCN (NBC affiliate in Charlotte).
  • August 30 -- Clay starts his day at the Taylortown Labor Day parade. In the evening, he attends The Music of Hot Summer Nights: A 10th Anniversary Event at Theatre Raleigh.
  • August 29 -- The 89th Session of the Durham District Conference for Central North Carolina is held at the Mitchell Chapel A.M.E Zion Church in Pittsboro, and Clay attends.
  • August 28 -- Fundraiser held in Cary, at the home of former Representative David Price.
  • August 27 -- Fundraising event in Napa, California scheduled. However, it is later postponed due to the earthquake close to that area on August 24. The new event is set for September 29.
  • August 26 -- Fundraising event in San Francisco. One of the hosts is famed author Armistead Maupin.
  • August 25 -- "The Monday Meeting," sponsored by Policy Matters USA, is held in Cary, with Clay, Claude Pope (Chair of the North Carolina Republican party) and C. Edumund Wright (contributor to "The American Thinker") speaking.
  • August 22 -- The Huffington Post prints a blog written by Clay, entitled 5 Easy Things Members of Congress Could Be Doing for Our Military and Veterans, but Aren't.
  • August 21 -- Fundraising event at Skyview on Hay in Fayetteville. During the day, he tours the All American Veterans Center at Fayetteville Technical Community College.
  • August 20 -- Fundraising event in Raleigh.
  • August 19 -- Clay starts the morning early at a business roundtable at the Matthews House in Cary.
  • August 18 -- He appears at the Dunn Senior Center.
  • August 15 -- Fundraising even in Red Bank, NJ.
  • August 13 -- Fundraising event in Raleigh.
  • August 12 -- Clay is interviewed on WFNC (640 AM) radio. Next, he visits Terry Sanford High School in Fayetteville to meet with speech/debate students.
  • August 11 -- An email arrives from Tucker Middleton, announcing a piece on Clay in the latest issue of The New Republic.
  • August 8 -- Clay spent part of the day serving Meals on Wheels to citizens in Spring Lake. He also spent time with the Boys and Girls Club there.
  • August 7 -- Fundraising event in Pinehurst, NC.
  • August 6 -- The Daily Record publishes an interview with Clay. Much of the day is spent in Cumberland County, where he had a tour of the courthouse. In the evening, he hosted a bipartisan military roundtable.
  • August 5 -- "Clay Aiken Day" in Harnett County, NC. He starts the day attending a defense tradeshow in Fayetteville, and ends the day at a "Pray for Peace" rally. He also attended a "Meet the Candidate" event.
  • August 2 -- He attends the grand opening of the Randolph County Democratic Headquarters in Asheboro.
  • August 1 -- Clay spent part of the day at the Siler City Community Health Center.
  • July 30 -- A fundraising event in Raleigh, featuring Clay and the musical group the Red Clay Ramblers.
  • July 28 -- "The Little Mermaid" is produced at the North Carolina Theater (Raleigh Memorial Auditorium), and Clay attends the show this night.
  • July 26 -- Clay attends "An Evening with Mayor Chris V. Rey and Congressman John Lewis" at the Lillington Community Center.
  • July 22 -- Clay speaks at the Cumberland County Democratic Men's Club.
  • July 17 -- Clay spent the day in Randolph County, touring various areas.
  • July 8 -- He stops by The Pilot newspaper in Southern Pines. Later in the afternoon, he speaks with members of the Moore County NAACP at Sandhills Community college.
  • July 4 -- Political parade season! He shook hands and kissed babies (maybe!) at Spring Lake. He also appeared in Lillington, and ended the day with fireworks in Sanford.
  • July 2 -- Clay visited the Cumberland County Sherrif's office.
  • June 30 -- Clay is seen in New York City, having lunch with several prominent Democrats there.
  • June 24 -- "Clay Day" in Lee County, sponsored by the Lee County Democratic Party. Also, an article on Clay's campaign appears in The Sanford Herald.
  • June 13 -- Mailing list members received a new fundraising email with different levels of support for Clay's campaign. Depending on the money given, there are various prizes or chances to win relating to Clay. The main prize is a song of the donor's choice recorded by Clay!
  • June 11 -- Clay gives the commencement speech for the 5th grade at Weatherstone Elementary School (Cary).
  • June 9 -- The Wake County Democratic Men hold their monthly meeting, and Clay attends.
  • June 7 -- Clay appears at the North Carolina Democratic Party Jefferson Jackson Dinner, held in Raleigh.
  • June 1 -- A fundraising BBQ is held in Cary.
  • May 23 -- Clay tours construction sites for the Chatham Habitat for Humanity.
  • May 22 -- A fundraising reception in Durham is held.
  • May 21 -- Attendance at the Wake County Democrats meeting. Clay also makes an appearance on CNN, interviewed by Brooke Baldwin.
  • May 20 -- Since Clay was in NYC, he made a last minute appearance on "The Today Show" (NBC).
  • May 19 -- Clay speaks at the GLSEN Respect Awards in New York City.
  • May 13 -- The canvas of the voting from May 9 takes place, and Clay gains enough votes to be declared the winner of the primary. W00T!
  • May 12 -- Keith Crisco, Clay's major Democratic opponent in the primary, dies after a fall in his own home. Clay suspends campaign activities because of this sad turn of events.
  • May 9 -- An appearance at Saint Mary's School in Raleigh.
  • May 6 -- North Carolina primary day. Clay is up early to vote, and the media follows him. The results are too close to call between Clay and Keith Crisco, with Clay leading by a slight margin. However, he has just over 40% of the votes, so this is a good sign. The night ends at a watch party, located at the Devil's Ridge Golf Club in Holly Springs.
  • May 4 -- The ABC 11 debate is broadcast. On a personal front, Clay attends African Methodist Episocopal Church in Fayetteville, followed by time at the Glenaire Retirement Community, and then pounding the pavement, door-to-door campaigning.
  • May 3 -- The 3 Governors Dinner, held for the Alamance County Democrats; Clay speaks there. Clay was also supposed to attend a "Get Out The Vote" rally, hosted by Fantasia, but she backed out at the last minute. He instead went to the Apex PeakFest for campaign for move votes.
  • May 2 -- Kelly O'Donnell briefly interviews Clay for "The Today Show" (NBC). Later in the day, a debate with all three Democratic candidates is held at the ABC 11 studios in Durham. It is taped for broadcast, but also live streamed. He ends the day at the First Friday concert in Southern Pines, and then at a "Meet and Greet" in Aberdeen.
  • April 30 -- An appearance on "Ronan Farrow Daily" (MSNBC). Clay also does a great interview with Huffington Post Live. And then...and then...an interview on "The Colbert Report" (Comedy Central). EEEEEEEE!
  • April 29 -- A high-powered fundraiser, held at the Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams Showroom in New York City. Rosie O'Donnell is one of the hosts.
  • April 28 -- Clay is the guest speaker at the Academic Excellence Celebration at Jordan-Matthews High School (Siler City, NC). He also attended a candidate forum in Siler City in the evening, and a visit to the Association of Home and Hospice Care of NC Annual Conference in the morning.
  • April 27 -- All three Democratic primary candidates speak at the Cary High School auditorium. He also campaigns at the First Baptist Church in Fayetteville.
  • April 26 -- An appearance at the Harnett County Board of Elections in Lillington. Clay also appears at an event in Fayetteville, according to Instagram.
  • April 24 -- The North Carolina Foundation for Public School Children holds the Champions for Children Gala in Garner, North Carolina. Clay is a special guest. He also campaigns in Lee County.
  • April 23 -- Clay receives the endorsement of the Indy Week newspaper, from the Triangle area.
  • April 22 -- Another fundraiser, this one held in San Jose, California.
  • April 21 -- A Hollywood, California fundraiser is held! It is hosted by David Foster, Kathy Griffin, Nygel Lythgoe, and several other Hollywood "heavy hitters."
  • April 19 -- WRAL-TV's "On the Record" features Clay and Toni Morris.
  • April 18 -- Clay is endorsed by the North Carolina AFL-CIO union.
  • April 17 -- A radio appearance on "The State of Things" (WUNC Public Radio). This is a 20 minute interview with Clay. There is also a fundraiser reception held at Mez in Durham, NC on this day.
  • April 16 -- Young Professional Reception, held at the Player's Retreat in Raleigh.
  • April 15 -- The Second Congressional District Candidate Forum, held at the Pittsboro Roadhouse. All three Democratic Congressional candidates will attend. Clay also does an early morning radio interview with WFNC radio (Fayetteville).
  • April 12 -- The Moore County Democratic Party holds its annual convention. Clay, Keith Crisco, and Toni Morris will all speak there. Clay also appears at the Wake County and Cumberland County Democratic conventions. Finally, he speaks at the Chatham NAACP "Meet the Candidates" event. Busy day!
  • April 10 -- Clay stops by the National Inclusion Project's Power of Play workshop, held in Raleigh.
  • April 9 -- Another fundraiser in Washington, DC, hosted by the Gene & Besty Conti, John Jamieson, and John I. Wilson
  • April 8 -- Fundraiser held at the home of Ambassador Mark Erwin and Mrs. Joan Erwin in Charlotte, NC.
  • April 5 -- A busy Saturday! He starts at the Lee County Democratic Convention (Sanford), followed by an appearance at a meeting of the Harnett County Democrats.
  • April 4 -- Clay talks to students at the South Asheboro Middle School. Later in the evening, he opened the Randolph County Senior Games at the Sunset Theatre.
  • April 3 -- The Spring Lake Chamber of Commerce holds a "Business After Hours" event in Spring Lake, and Clay makes an appearance.
  • April 2 -- Clay appears at the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1208 meeting in Fayetteville.
  • April 1 -- An appearance at the Tribeca Tavern in Raleigh for the Wake County Young Democrats.
  • March 31 -- The Lillian's List Luncheon is held in Chapel Hill. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, is the keynote, and Clay attends. He also attends a fundraiser in Asheville during the evening hours. Finally, this is the last day of the quarter, and there's a big push for donations. These will then be reported out, and this will provide a clue to the strength of the campaign.
  • March 29 -- Clay attends a meeting of the North Carolina Association of Letter Carriers.
  • March 28 -- The ad boasts, "You+CDNC's Greenville Gala=Possible Selfies w/Clay Aiken!" College Democrats of North Carolina has Clay as their speaker. The Gala that night will be held in Greenville, NC.
  • March 27 -- Clay, along with his opponents Toni Morris and Keith Crisco, plus several other Democratic candidates, is scheduled to appear at the Democratic Women of Wake County dinner in Raleigh. However, he does not appear -- and neither do Morris and Crisco!
  • March 26 -- Another "on the road" fundraiser, this time at the Democratic National Headquarters in Washington, DC. This one is hosted by the North Carolina Democratic Club of Washington, DC.
  • March 25 -- Fundraising reception held at the Asley Golf Club (Atlanta, GA). It is hosted by Jim Cotter and Marion Sullivan.
  • March 24 -- A visit to Central Carolina Community College in Sanford. While in Sanford, he stops for breakfast at Mrs. Wenger's.
  • March 20 -- Clay appears at the J.A. Campbell House in Lillington, NC. He also has a fundraiser in Raleigh at the Historic Capital Club Building. He starts his morning, however, with a visit to Campbell University
  • March 19 -- Clay tours Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, NC.
  • March 18 -- His official campaign headquarters opens at 300 Parkthrough Drive, Cary, NC, with an open house. However, it was cancelled due to inclement weather.
  • March 17 -- The Moore County Democratic Party meets, and the speakers are Clay and Keith Crisco (one of his Democratic challengers in the primary). He also appears at another Di'Lishi Frozen Yogurt Bar, this time at Southern Pines. He starts his morning at Sandhills Community College, visiting with administrators and students.
  • March 15 -- Attendance at the Democratic Women of Moore County's luncheon.
  • March 14 -- Clay serves lunch and talks to potential voters at a senior center in Siler City, NC.
  • March 12 -- Amaryllis McGhee, the lady who took in Clay and Faye when Clay was a young child, dies. Her house was used as the backdrop for Clay's congressional campaign video.
  • March 11 -- Clay attends the Democratic Women's Annual Candidate and Political Officials' Reception in Sanford, NC
  • March 5 -- Clay's first fundraising event is held, according to a few pictures posted on Instagram.
  • March 4 -- According to a tweet, Clay is at J S Waters School in Goldston, reading to students for their read-a-thon.
  • February 27 -- At 9:30 a.m., Clay files paperwork with the North Carolina State Board of Elections to officially become a candidate for Congress. After filing, he meets with more constituents, first at a frozen yogurt shop in Asheboro, and then at a Democratic Party meeting in Apex.
  • February 24 -- Team Clay joins Instagram, and posts a picture of Clay meeting with Democrats in Chatham County. His page is http://instagram.com/clayfornc
  • February 22 -- The Human Rights Council North Carolina Gala is held in Charlotte, with Clay in attendance.
  • February 21 -- He attends the Wake County Democrats 34th Annual Valentine's Day Fund Raiser in Raleigh.
  • February 17 -- The congressional candidate met with voters in a small roundtable discussion. He also met, along with his Democratic Primary candidate rival Keith Crisco, at a meeting of Randolph County Democrats.
  • February 16 -- Clay meets with local North Carolina veterans in the home of State Senator Eric Mansfield.
  • February 9 -- An Official Fan Club blog appears (membership only). He thanks the fans for all the support and love over the past 11 years, and hopes the fans will follow him on his new career pathway.
  • February 8 -- Clay attends the Hartnett County Democratic Ground Hog Breakfast to meet with voters. He also appeared at Fayetteville to meet with several educators groups (more potential voters!).
  • February 6 -- After a night's sleep, Clay appears on The Daily Rundown (MSNBC), interviewed by Chuck Todd. Later it the day, he appears on On the Record with Greta Van Susteren (Fox News Channel) and an interview on Al Jazeera America. He also does a bunch of print/radio interviews that appear over the weekend.
  • February 5 -- Media appearances include many North Carolina interviews, along with CNN (with Brooke Baldwin) and The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell (MSNBC).
  • February 5 -- Clay makes it official! clayaiken.com is his political homebase on the web (with a fantastic 5 minute introduction video), and he has a new Twitter (@ClayforNC) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/clayfornc).
  • January 3 -- The political arm of WRAL-TV tweets that Clay is NOT running for Congress. However, later in the day, Linda Loveland (reporter for WRAL) tweets that she talked to Clay and he will neither "confirm nor deny."
  • January 2 -- An article posted on the Washington Blade (LGBT focused articles) says that Clay is "actively considering" running for Congress in North Carolina's 2nd District. If he does run as a Democrat, he would face a primary race in May; if he wins that, he would run against Republican Representative Renee Ellmers. Over the next 24 hours, the fan boards and the media explode with this news.

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New tweet!

I JUST discovered that they make Reese' Cups with EXTRA peanut butter!! 2015 is going to be the BEST EVER! #HappyNewYear

Supposedly, there is also this, but I don't see it on my Twitter feed. I found this via CV:

P.S. Please do NOT send me any of them. @Conehead76 says I need to lose weight. ���� #resolutions
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Happy New Year!!!!!

Hubby and I made to midnight, but just barely. We were both wiped out.

In 2013, we dropped cable. On New Year's Day 2014, we lamented the fact that we no longer we able to watch the Rose Parade via HGTV (because they always showed the entire parade, with no commercials). This year we've discovered that KTLA-TV does the same thing -- and so my IPad is streaming the parade via Apple TV to our big screen! Woohoo!!!!!

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Clay tweet!

So proud to fill in yet ANOTHER ballot in 2014! This time for an INCREDIBLY deserving Grammy nominee @angiesingss ❤️ pic.twitter.com/NbfrdNAu4p


For those that don't know, Angela (Clay's former backup singer) is nominated for a Grammy!

Curious, so I searched and found the audio for Angie Fisher's song "IRS" which actually is about money trouble. LOL Definitely fits the category for which she is nominated. https://soundcloud.c...h/irs-main-eq-5

merrieeee so happy to hear you enjoyed some happy times this holiday season.

Got my youngest daughter (age 21) married on December 20th, which went great...followed by our first Christmas with son-in-law, which also went great. Young man made me breakfast, huzzah!

Hope all is well with all of you. I have been off-line for such a long time, just lurking, but I plan to post more in 2015 here and on Facebook. My 'end of year' FB slideshow was pitiful. haha

Thanks for the great "Timeline" review. Busy year! Did I see Clay was involved in New Year's Eve celebration somewhere?

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Hey 00lsee! Congratulations on your daughter getting married! Glad to know you'll be back around more -- hopefully Clay will do things so we have something to talk about!

I didn't see anything about Clay and a NYE celebration....sorry.

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