# 67: Everywhere He Goes, The People Love Him!

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Found via CV. This is from last December:


Randolph County Christmas party.

Clay Aiken was the Party’s Keynote Speaker. He gave an uplifting speech in which he expressed his thanks to the Democrats of Randolph County for their support.

SEC member Rebekah Todd and her daughter Violet Crispo gave Clay a special Christmas welcome.


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I'm loving the Harper Lee news as well -- will have to pick that up soon!

Old interview, found on CV. Two part audio interview, right before the Celebrity Apprentice finale:


Cool way this shows up here!

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Snowing again. It started about 9 this morning and has not let up. Church activities for tonight -- cancelled! Woohoo!!!!!! Gives me time to finish up with my class homework, and start with the next lecture....

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From Facebook. Sounds like fun!

]Yevonne Brannon

2 hrs ·

Come join Former Public School Teacher and NC District 2 Congressional Candidate Clay Aiken on Saturday for PING PONG! Thanks Clay Aiken News Network for helping support Public Schools First!



Ping Pong for Public Ed FUNraiser Tournament

Saturday, February 7 at 9:30am in EST

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Another tweet from PublicSchoolsFirst:

Having fun at Ping Pong for Public Ed! #nced #publicschools


Looks like it might be Nick with him...

Another picture -- announcing raffle winners:


George Fisher


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jocelyn hunt @jochunt

Only at a @NCDemParty meeting would Clay Aiken casually show up. #ncdp #ncpol

I'm reading that the Democratic party of NC is picking a leader today.


From Facebook:

Public Schools First NC

Yevonne Brannon and Clay Aiken playing ping pong to support public education


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Love the jeans, was really tired of the kakhis.

I have a question. When I write a post, everything in the post's header is light and not available for use. Is this normal or another disadvantage of my tablet? Thanks.

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Hi ninna! I think that must because of the tablet. I'm having no problems with my desktop computer. I think I have a few issues with posting when I'm using my iPad, though!

I'm one who never minded the khaki pants. Sure, they were a uniform, so I just thought them "part of the job." Heh.

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I was just a little concerned, because I was out when I got Clay's first tweet about Angie, and figured you had it covered here. Came home and found out it wasn't posted it!

Real life gets in the way sometimes, doesn't it? LOL!

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