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# 67: Everywhere He Goes, The People Love Him!


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Man, is that article good!

I really think that this is the culmination of exactly what Clay needed -- an image break. He started the ball rolling with his frustration with Congress, and deciding to do something about it. The Chinn's helped with filming the entire process. This image of Clay is something that most of us in the fandom pretty much know (by now -- I think that actually took several years, case in point, 2008), and this docu-series is going help the rest of the country know that Clay Aiken is one smart and caring dude.

I do believe part of this image break had to be the laying low of the devout fans too. I was thinking about this a few weeks ago. The "mommy protector/defenders" were finally getting the picture several years ago -- stop doing that. But there is another kind of mommy out there -- the "mommy promoters." I will interject here that this is my opinion only, and I don't say it to offend anyone. But I do think that many of us in the fandom (and yes, I'll include myself in this) wanted Clay to be promoted constantly to anyone and everyone. We truly want the best for him. But when I read camtheman's posts at CV, he basically said "I want to fly on my own, and the more the fans talk about me, even in a good way, the more they could possibly hurt my chances. Besides, if you start talking about me too much to others, eventually they tune you out entirely." It's a lesson that I personally think the fandom needed to hear.

I also really like his comments about not wanting to be the "gay candidate." I've always thought that the best way to gain acceptance of LGBT rights in conservative districts is to do it quietly, without much fanfare. If he had won (damn it), he would have been on his way to get that.

Full text of the article is in the news section.

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Here at the Shell Houston Open I just had a guy use the f word at least 6 times on the phone. Called back to tell me to f myself and then called back to tell me f-ing again at least 6 more times. So I'm going to be well prepared for Tuesday night!

Which by the way is a Los on the bravo channel and Verizon fios via CV

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Esquire Network ‏@ESQTV 2m2 minutes ago

.@AmericanIdol @ClayAiken thinks if he can win the youth vote, he can win North Carolina. #TheRunnerUp TUE 10|9c.


Esquire Network

The video attached is new.

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Clay's been busy on Twitter this morning.

A retweet from the Esquire Network:

.@thedailybeast on why it's time to take @clayaiken seriously: esq.tv/1NNxuK2 Documentary series #TheRunnerUp premieres TUE 10|9c.

Then this tweet:

As much as it pains me to say it... She's got a point @tim_cook. She's got a point! Carly Fiorina Slams Tim Cook. huff.to/1BZ9UlV

This started two different conversations, the first with KeithRawks:

@clayaiken Does she object to Hobby Lobby doing business w China whr abortion is legal?

Clay's reply:

@KeithRawks that's a very good point. Not saying EVERYTHING she said is accurate. But there is homophobia in too many places.

The other one with this comment from astudyinscarlet:

@clayaiken @tim_cook It's deflection. True in the extremely broad sense that every corporation should examine, but used as deflection here.

Clay's reply:

@astudyinscarlet @tim_cook You are right! But there are human rights atrocities in other countries that we shouldn't turn a blind eye to!
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Happy Easter to all celebrating! Early church today, and then I'm fixing a turkey for my husband and I; that will be an evening dinner....

New interview. Full text will be in the news section later today.


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jmh is objectifying. Heh.

From Twitter, via CV:

Jenny McCarthy ‏@JennyMcCarthy 1m1 minute ago

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday! Back to #DSF at 10amE on @SiriusXMStars tomorrow morning & @clayaiken is stopping by!

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News & Observer article on The Runner-Up

Full text will be in the news section later today.

A quick review, from philly.com

* THE RUNNER-UP. 10 p.m. Tuesday,


Here's something I didn't know about Clay Aiken: The former "American Idol" contender has a mouth on him. Esquire's going to be busy with the bleep button in this four-part documentary chronicling Aiken's unlikely - but very serious - run for Congress. Exposure like this might not be politically savvy, but it qualifies as public service, showing just what goes into running for office at the grass-roots level, some of it sheer drudgery.

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/entertainment/20150406_TV_picks___Better_Call_Saul____Louie____Daredevil__and_more.html#SegwAqS6d6jQfyvt.99

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Sounds like Clay's doing the rounds at Sirius XM. Sadly, I'm having trouble connecting -- my account says my subscription is good, but when I try to login to listen, it says that I don't have the web subscription anymore. AAAAARGH.

At least three shows today on Sirius.

Clay also retweeted Jenny McCarthy's tweet about him appearing on the show today.

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Reading around...on Jenny's show, it sounds like started out bad, but turned out pretty well. Story about Parker -- Parker's humming the theme song to Jeopardy, and actually nails the key change midway through. Clay's a proud dad!

Another Sirius show:


Sway Calloway ‏@RealSway · 9s9 seconds ago

Mr. @ClayAiken stopped by and talked politics. Made him freestyle the Bill of Rights! #SwayInTheMorning


Babay Gotem' Madd ‏@ericamanny · 12s12 seconds ago

Kristin sent me a Clay Aiken butt pic #blessed

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A few of this morning's tweets.

@RealSway: Mr. @ClayAiken stopped by and talked politics. Made him freestyle the Bill of Rights! #SwayInTheMorning http://t.co/ePLwVz1eQf

@realityNBAczar: @RealSway @clayaiken @SwaysUniverse love that you're dealing with your alter ego sway

@RaleighReporter: Documentary shows Clay Aiken joking about how opponent Keith Crisco looked close to death. Then Crisco died. http://t.co/ldeX2R7jXZ #ncpol

@ejromeo69: @Comedydaddy @clayaiken @LarryFlick @OutQ @SIRIUSXM insightful conversation this morning!

@Comedydaddy: Having fun w/ the somewhat potty mouth @clayaiken on #TheJolt w/ @larryflick @outq @siriusxm

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