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# 67: Everywhere He Goes, The People Love Him!


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Harris Teeter replied to Clay's one tweet from this morning:

Harris Teeter ‏@HarrisTeeter · 6m6 minutes ago

@clayaiken Thanks for shopping with us Clay! Have you had any further issues with finding the Fairlife milk in your store? :-)

And the author of the article with the really good headline also tweeted:

Maeve McDermott retweeted Clay Aiken

*takes bow*

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Two more tweet:

claraAcp tweeted:

@clayaiken I'm feeling like im having quarter-life crisis so i'm tweeting you to feel like a young fangirl again :/

Clay replied:

@ClaraAcp we're only as old as we feel! 1f609.bba9c20e16.png

Retweet from Al Jazeera America:

Opinion: We shouldn’t have needed YouTube to recognize racist police violence alj.am/1DCYbO7 via @ChrChristensen
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