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# 67: Everywhere He Goes, The People Love Him!


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In this case...totally yes! Besides, my water wings need air... *g*

marhaven at CV has family who went to the Cary festival on Friday. Recap reposted by permission:

We have liftoff!!! The Cary festival was tiny, just about a block long and Clay was about 20 minutes late, but the grandkids were being entertained by a magician and Clay walks right behind them. Everyone shook his hand, got a sticker, thought he was soooo tall. Pictures to follow as soon as they get home. DIL very excited, LOL. Woo Hoo. She described how he looked and it matches the wonderful bus picture. Said he looked great.



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Fayette Observer article. It has both Clay's and Renee's videos embedded in it. I'll post the text in the news section later today:


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New email:

Good afternoon, CA4NC Gold Members!

It is time to reveal last week's raffle winner. Everyone, please join me in congratulating Millie Merola of Webster, New York. Millie, you are the recipient of a personalized CA4NC campaign magnet!


A personalized copy of Clay's Christmas album: Merry Christmas With Love

The final winner will be announced on Monday, October 27th.

Thank you and good luck!

Nick Leisey

Clay Aiken For North Carolina

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Tonight's the night he faces Tea Party supporters again, though.


Gloria Smith added 4 new photos — with Faye Dise and 35 others.

3 hrs ·

Clay Aiken NC STATE and Duke


JJ Photography

6 hrs ·

Another successful festival in the books for JJ Photography! Had a great time being amongst such talented artists. Clay Aiken visited my tent and took a selfy of us. I even booked another show from someone visiting the festival! If you are in the Chapel Hill / Ferrington area, stop by the clubhouse at the Preserve at Jordan Lake on November 8th for their annual craft fair. More details to follow! — with Jaime Kelley.

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From Faye's Facebook page:

Clayton was inducted into the N.C. Music Hall of Fame on Oct. 16th. Unfortunately he was on the bus campaigning so I accepted his award but thought you might like to see the display. Hold on ladies, I parted with the red jacket for this. Only on loan. Of all the new inductees his looked the best. When the museum gets the other inductees over and finishes I hope you will pay a visit. It is going to be great. Lots of talent from NC.
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I've had a busy day today...dentist appointment in the am, followed by a couple of hours of work, followed by a half day of vacation -- to do homework! Yuck. I'm done for the day though. So, catching up with the picture merrieeee posted earlier today, and then I'll find the tweet pictures posted at CV.


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Junior Valentine

At gamers market gonna ask good Ole Clay a few questions. Why not? — at Asheboro Farmers Market.

Junior Valentine

Met @ClayAiken just now. He is a nice guy. No one was around and he stopped a news interview to talk to us. Catrina got star struck but he and I talked like pals. I think more of him as local talent than politician or role model but he is progressive and could help this state ease up on some crazy statutes, laws and drug policies. As well as other issues that affect people of ALL backgrounds and statuses not just the elite


Aaron Barrera added 3 new photos.

I'm from California and this weekend I came to North Carolina to visit my mother-in-law and now I wish I lived here so that I could‪#‎voteclayaikenforcongress‬ this Nov 4th. But since I can't, a little activism will do it! ‪#‎voteclay‬ ‪#‎clayaiken‬

— feeling supportive with Mark Vdh.


ⓑⓡⓘⓣⓣⓝⓨ @brittnyluther

My mom just sent me a selfie with Clay Aiken... #okay pic.twitter.com/TWYE1tTFRU

Nice exchange on Facebook:

Kelly McLeod Collie

2 hrs ·

So Clay Aiken is running for Congress! SMH!!

Luther A Sumerlin And he surprised me at the debates. I doubted his knowledge on the facts and issues but he not only held his own; he knocked it out of the park.

1 hr

Tracy Wiggins Elliott He would have my vote. Renee Who?

1 hr · 2

Tracy Wiggins Elliott Hey Kelly McLeod Collie how are you doing?

1 hr · 1

Kelly McLeod Collie I am doing fine Tracy Wiggins Elliott--thanks for asking. I commented on his running because I was unaware he was running until seeing an ad on television. I don't have television service at home and happened to be somewhere earlier where a tv was on and saw his ad. If he is a better candidate then he deserves votes. Guess I need to do some research!

Nancy Godfrey added 4 new photos.

7 mins · Carthage, NC ·

The clay Aiken experience !!

— with Betty Lou Godfrey and 2 others.



Time Out Sports Grill added 2 new photos.

21 mins ·

Look who stopped in to Time Out today!

‪#‎clay‬ ‪#‎aiken‬ ‪#‎tosg‬

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As Tom Petty sang, the waiting is the hardest part...

From Facebook:

Next town hall is tonight in Dunn at 6:30 pm, Triangle South Enterprise Center, Cafeteria, 600 S. Magnolia Ave, Dunn, NC 28334. Looking forward to another day on the road!


Emily Thomas @Divabaybe

My daughter & daughter-in-law with Clay Aiken pic.twitter.com/kVIN2c13pp

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