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# 67: Everywhere He Goes, The People Love Him!


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What an amazing day. SCOTUS ruled rightly, The Daily Show has started rerunning all of Jon Stewart's shows on their website, and Zachary Quito and Chris Pine have signed on for a fourth Star Trek movie. Oh, and Clay appeared on radio and TV.

Life is good.

The Best Reactions from Major Companies to the Historic Gay Marriage Decision

From CV, transcription of the TV appearance:

Clay on HLN:

Clay America has finally caught up. Said people already getting married. The week set aside for those to celebrate - celebrations are amplified -- another step in the right direct thrilled that something fought for is becoming really. However decision did not apply a heighten scrutiny to future case a lot of LGBT fighting for rights; monumental step in right direction how many people accepting of ss marriage to se how many more understand relatives getting married not that should have been all along.

Woman said Clay sounded like a politician.

in nc up every morning early for past several weeks on scotus blog 26 huge day Windsor rohmer v evans kennedy has a flair for the dramatic and some expected today He said he thought that the Court may not go all the way happy to be a little bit wrong on.

Back to AI controversy over whether he was gay (how did that effect him then?): Clay: different world now than 2003 said if not correct Rohmer was decided in 2003: illegal to be gay in certain states gone from then to today now banning marriage is unconstitutional/

to end ban on gay marriage big step today come a long way

run again? know a lot of the issues. Clay: always political junky probably run again not in next cycle one way to affect change avenue keep open will probably run for something

woman:says Clay will be singing at home man: says very articulate and informed on the issues

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I love this response to his tweet

I never understood the whole Claymaniacs or whatever they called themselves, but now? TOTALLY LOVE @clayaiken twitter.com/clayaiken/stat…
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Instagram from Quiana:


I'm reading that "JV" is Jerome's daughter, and this could be the reason why Clay is in NC this weekend.

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Clay just posted this on Facebook:

J'viera Bell was probably 9 years old the first time I met her. She was backstage on the Idol tour with her dad, Jerome, who had been assigned to me as security. She was a bit shy then, but over the years I have had the privilege of watching her grow from that shy little girl into a precocious and sarcastic teenager and then a contentious college student and now a mature and sophisticated young woman.

Her dad, Jerome, has been one of the most constant and loyal and trustworthy people I have ever known. He's been by me for years as not just a colleague and friend, but often as a father figure (something I don't think he signed up for, but a role he has played with more wisdom and grace than I could have ever imagined) and mentor.

Today, that incredible friend, Jerome, walked that beautiful young woman, J'viera, down the aisle and gave her hand to her groom, Evan Mobley.

I wasn't able to be there, but I am so proud of both of them, and I probably would have drowned them in tears anyway. I'm so glad to know them and have them both in my life.

I wish J'viera and her husband a lifetime of joy.

Congratulations J'viera and Evan.

And, congratulations Jerome!



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Wow. That's a good one. I just replied to him that I think that this is an important issue, but it gets buried because the media doesn't pay much attention.

I keep saying this over and over again: I love his singing voice, I truly do. But I freakin' love a smart man who can summarize an issue like this into something almost anyone can understand. LOVE.

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@CarolSpamalot14: @clayaiken @volvocarsus What color do you want?

@clayaiken: @CarolSpamalot14 @volvocarsus You getting me one? Ha ha

@CarolSpamalot14: @clayaiken @volvocarsus Sure, if you will sing for me! Just kidding. I would buy you the

world if I could :)

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Posted 2 minutes ago (edited)

Elson Amurao ‏@elsonamurao 10m10 minutes ago

@clayaiken Thank you for being gracious! I'll be seeing you at #championsgala! #americanidol #winner


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