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# 67: Everywhere He Goes, The People Love Him!


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Diann Dowdy Murphy

Me & Mr. Clay Aiken himself!!!! — at Works for Christ Bible Center.

Randolph Foxx Clay get your hands off

43 minutes ago · 1

Diann Dowdy Murphy Lol Randolph Foxx!

38 minutes ago

And then we have Mr. Clay Aiken himself; he deserves your vote as well! He's running for Congress!!!





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From the Clay For North Carolina Facebook page:

Thank you for some wonderful art from some of our younger participants today at the town hall here in Fayetteville. Thank you Amanda and Annalisa!


The picture from the tweet posted above:


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Just got home from seeing Lyle Lovett in concert (yes, I have other musical tastes besides Clay!). It was him and 5 other musicians, all acoustic. It was WONDERFUL.

merrieeee, I love that pic of "Team Clay." I can identify Nick and Tucker; who is the other person though?

The other selfie merrieee posted:


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From Twitter:

TakePart Live ‏@TakePartLive 6m6 minutes ago

Are you ready for the week? @jonlovett @whitneybdow @clayaiken @funnyblackdude @mayalhassen and MORE! 10pm ET/7pm PT

TakePart Live is an interactive, nightly news show where viewers get informed and get involved. Every night, our hosts Meghan McCain, Jacob Soboroff, and Baratunde Thurston address the hottest headlines, ripped right from the twitter feed, in an environment meant to invite the audience to take part, live. They'll debate the nuances, exchange POVs, and sound off on the issues that mean the most to them in a rowdy, intelligent, hour-long conversation.


Pivot's online schedule says Clay will be on Tuesday night, at 9 p.m. and rebroadcast at midnight in the Central time zone. Yipee!!

I don't think I get that channel...will have to wait for clack!

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Gethsemane!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

You can say that again. I made the mistake of reading the board one last time before I went to sleep. Now I'm like, whaaaaaa

Ldyj I think that is his intern but I'm not sure.

The guy in the bus picture with Clay et al is James Tsai, a volunteer who works remotely from DC. He's a friend of Ellen Zeng's - she's Clay's campaign manager - and this is the third Congressional campaign he's worked with her. He's an integral part of the team. He's an absolute sweetheart and does this work because he feels it is a way that he can really make a difference. He loves doing it. While he was here he did a bunch of stuff the local volunteers do all the time, like going door to door with flyers and greeting people at the polling place, even did two phone banks of 50. He was here to do something to do with data that was way over my head, and to meet the people he's been working with because he can't be here for election night because of his RL job.

I had answered a previous call for people with places for volunteers to stay, and very last minute I got an email and he stayed at my house Fri. and Sat. night. Arrived very late, up early, back late, up early...... I didn't see a whole lot of him, but he had a blast.

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Throwing this into the mix of all the other excitement...

WFNC 640 AM THIS MORNING ON GMF- WFNC political consultant, George Breece at 7:20, CrimeStoppers with Fay PD's Off. Antoine Kincade at 8:10, Fireantz Report at 8:15 with Coach Emory Olausen, NC Congressional candidate Clay Aiken at 8:20 and CFRT's Bluest Eye cast at 9:20. Plus, Fayetteville Fireantz tickets and a free lunch to giveaway when we play Jersey Mike's Impossible Trivia. We'll also give you a chance to get qualified to win "The Bathroom Bundle," new potty, vanity and light fixture courtesy of The Restore Warehouse and up to 60 sq. ft of tile from Tile With Style Plus. Shlep to work with Goldy and Jim, 6-10am. All your local news, big national stories, WNCN meteorologist Alyssa Corfont's weather, Right Now Traffic, Mike McKinney's Sports, entertainment news, live music and YOUR phone calls, we got it all goin' on!! News/Talk 640 WFNC and around the world on wfnc640am.com, IHeartRadio and, now, the WFNC phone app. Are you listening?

They stream live: http://tunein.com/program/?ProgramId=477022&StationId=28813

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From Cotton at CV, used with permission. She attended the town hall meeting yesterday:

I just got home.


Having a granola supper. LOL!

Then I'll try to upload a few more pics. I did NOT feel like whipping out a real camera, even the baby camera. It just seemed too intrusive in that intimate setting. So they are all iPhone pics. And the sunny windows were behind Clay so he is really in shadow, so not up to my photo standards.

He looks so much better in person than in any of the pics. His hair looks great. Ran his fingers through it a few times.

Gray suit, lt blue shirt, dk navy tie.

He opened by saying why he wanted to serve, why they were doing the bus tour (big district, wanted to see people, for him to drive it it would be too many miles/hours, he's living on the bus, they could have spent that money on a TV ad, but he really thought getting out to see the folks in the district was more important), then he opened it up for questions.

There was not a huge turnout, but if each of them talk to one or two people about being impressed by him, maybe that will expand the impact. I hope.

There were some good questions. Some Clay answered right off, the usual questions, things we've heard him talk about before. Several education ones, for example. Some others, he took a long time to think before he answered, in some cases saying he just didn't know. Or that he'd try to address it, but it was really a state issue, etc.

I tried recording audio, I can't get the audio off but if I can hear anything, I'll try to transcribe at least some of it.

Going to watch a tv show with DH and then I'll see about the pics

I do have a really good pic of the bus. smile.gif But I think my favorite was the one I sent with him propping his leg behind him on the folding chair. smile.gif

Bus pic on camera so that will be later. No Clay, just the bus.

I'm glad y'all are enjoying them. I just wish they were better quality.

I ask Nick and, no, the tracker was not there today. There was someone filming but I don't know if it was the British crew or not.

I didn't ask Nick about that!

Oh, wait. Maybe it was the children.

There was one mom with 4 children and one mom and dad with 1 little girl - 8 ish?

They did amazingly well for nearly 2 hours. Mom of 4 had to take one child out briefly but I'm not sure if that was a pit stop or a "talknto"? smile.gif

Clay stopped and chatted with them briefly, let them show him their "pictures" for him, mentioned the single child's (girl) "pretty red hair" at the beginning and gave them a little more private attention at the end.

There was one gent who before asking his question, held up his index finger which looked like he'd lost the tip, and said, "You know why this finger's so short?pause From voting for you!" Chuckles around, then he asked about veterans.

Several vet questions, several education questions. Border, of course. Troops on the ground. I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

Here's a link to the Photobucket album I created of Cotton's pictures:


The leg picture:


The bus picture:


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Oh, and before I forget --

Thanks jmh for the information on James, the IT guy for Clay's team! How very cool for you -- you were able to help with the campaign in an indirect but valuable way! That's awesome!

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Off we go!

@CumberlandCAP: Guess who stopped by the food bank today? Clay Aiken!!! #forkhunger #clayfornc

@hungercantwait: Clay Aiken visiting Second Harvest Food Bank of Southeast North Carolina. #hungercantwait, #forkhunger http://t.co/mfZPEOVJzB

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Christina Harris ‏@Chrissylee02 · 1m1 minute ago

Out at #earlyvoting and guess who I met!!! #ClayAiken #congress #candidate #NorthCarolina… http://instagram.com/p/uqPYRXM116/

The picture merrieeee posted earlier:


hungercantwait ‏@hungercantwait · 2m2 minutes ago

Clay Aiken stopped by to show his support to ending hunger

#forkhunger,#hungercantwait, #clayaiken




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@FrozenSicleGirl: "@drcprichard: Clay Aiken is at the Pizza House in Erwin." Where is a pic?

@RepDuaneHall: So much fun this weekend meeting voters & hanging out w/fellow candidates like this talented guy, @clayaiken! #ncpol http://t.co/sQ4py2ve56

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tuliptime at CV is the person who won the "day with Clay on the campaign trail," and today's her day. I've contacted her, and she's given permission to reprint her recaps here...

Good Morning from Sanford!!!

Marie and I are waiting to begin our "SPEND A DAY WITH CLAY". She is out of her mind 'nervous', so cute!

Just wanted to let y'all know and we will try to remember something, no promises!

Having breakfast, playing the song for Marie and a hotel guest recognized his voice and asks if we are going to see him.

We gave her the info for tonight's town hall, she's gonna go! Yay!

Ellen picked us up and we are headed to an early voting site in

Fayetteville 40 minutes away.

And Clay is living on the bus.

So we stopped for lunch at Pizza House in Erwin and there were no lunch customers. But a man came in with his son to meet Clay. Clay was wonderful with Brian, who seemed to have a disability. And the dad early voted for Clay.

The next stop for early voting wasn't open so we're on to another one in Lillington

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