# 68: The Absurdly Charming Clay Aiken

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Richard Burr tweeted:

@senatorburrThe American people deserve a say. The Supreme Court vacancy should not be filled until there is a new President.

Clay's response.

@SenatorBurr The people DID have a say! Elected a pres in 2012 and chose Pres Obama 2 nominate vacancies for 4 years. That's how it works
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He's on a roll.

You better read that script again @marcorubio !! Man... does he never learn? That was totally memorized!

Oh wait @tedcruz did you just get your facts wrong and get your butt handed to you?

Did @realDonaldTrump just insult @LindseyGrahamSC in front of the senator's home state Republicans?!?! #dumbmove

Someone needs to control this audience!!! This is ridiculous! The audience is getting more airtime than anyone. It's like a WWE audience!

OMG!!! What am I watching??? This is a mud fight!! I am expecting audience members to start throwing chairs very soon! #GOPdebate

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Arsenio Hall tweeted and Clay retweeted this.

What is up with the audience at the #GOPDebate? Very vocal tonight. Sounds like a bad singer just performed on Showtime At The Apollo!

Clay tweet.

I tell you what... these Republicans are certainly helping make Democrats look GREAT now! Thanks, y'all! #GOPDebate

"We're in danger of driving this into the dirt!" - @jdickerson I LOVE John Dickerson... but he's wrong on that. It's ALREADY in the dirt!

If @CBS doesn't the entire month of February Sweeps based on this #GOPdebate then America is missing out! Never seen anything like this!

A US Presidential Debate with a candidate defending his use of profanity! This is happening. #GOPDebate

Allison Glock responded!

@clayaiken fucking ridiculous
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I was out last night and only saw all of Clay's tweets after the show finished. That must have been a...lively debate.

Going to church and then out for brunch for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, that's probably in the middle of a snowstorm around here. Right now we just have a dusting of snow, but it's supposed to pick up about the time we're to arrive at the restaurant. Sigh.

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bellaflora tweeted this earlier today:

What's a birthday without some Clay Aiken. Enjoy. Wait until the end. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAUI 203c.570138f895.png203c.570138f895.png@madyemoore58 pic.twitter.com/S58zTFOWYF

The picture is actually a video clip of bella and her friends singing along to Invisible in the car....except at the end, the phone rings to interrupt the song!

Clay replied:

@bellaflora9 @madyemoore58 I hate it when that happens too! 1f609.14f5568821.png You sound good ladies. Keep your eyes on the road and have a Happy Birthday! 1f389.3098adc5a4.png
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Clay tweets for today:

Not a fan of @RepHolding. He's even more right wing, but @RepReneeEllmers must go. 1f3bc.ea954c0bda.pngJUST WALK AWAY RENEE! 1f3a4.f5e32a7206.png1f3a7.7aa523639c.png newsobserver.com/news/politics-…
I'm gonna begin referring to @RepReneeEllmers as "Felicia" starting now... just so I'm ready! 1f609.14f5568821.png
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Regarding Felicia:

When someone says that they're leaving and you could really give two shits less that they are. Their name then becomes "felicia", a random bitch that nobody is sad to see go. They're real name becomes irrelevant because nobody cares what it really is. Instead, they now are "felicia".

"hey guys i'm gonna go"

"bye felicia"

"who is felicia?"

"exactly bitch. buh bye."

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Clay tweet!

Ken Arpino (one of the Joseph cast) tweeted this:

The race finally trimmed its Bush, now we're left w/ 4 ingrown hairs & @JohnKasich #manscapped #GOPubes

Clay retweeted it and added:

The brilliantly funny @KenArpino nails it!
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