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# 68: The Absurdly Charming Clay Aiken


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Cute convo!

@Kikiie: 2004 - the year I made a crazy trip to US to see a @clayaiken concert. Best decision of my life. Still love him.

@clayaiken: @Kikiie come see us again sometime!

@Kikiie: @clayaiken that would be a dream coming true!

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@Johnnydontlike: Omfg.....just seen in the spin room....Chris Matthews, Trent Lott and Clay Aiken

@RadioP1: @Johnnydontlike No it ain't. There's no Clay Aiken in that room. You're just pranking us....right?

@Help_Me_IM: Yup its him alright RT @RadioP1 @Johnnydontlike No it ain't.

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@AndrewRomano: Reporters, hurry to the spin room: Clay Aiken is holding court. #CNNDebate http://t.co/JGaUcKrgWL

@paulraphel: Previous #PoliticKING guest @clayaiken in the #CNNDebate Spin Room #GOPDebate #OraPolitics http://t.co/8SSvEglPyJŷ


@scottbix: Clay Aiken is walking around in the filing center as 'Entertainment Tonight' sets up its cameras. This is the weirdest election ever.
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I love him.


@jpanzar: Clay Aiken, one time democratic congressional candidate, says hello from #GOPDebate folo LosAngelesTimes snapchat http://t.co/JkcG6mnr2g

@jpanzar: Clay Aiken is interviewing an astrologist who says Trump's Mars will be extra aggressive. He will win. #GOPDebate http://t.co/CQhYkcXR6I



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