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June 18


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Certainly didn't plan on two social media postings in a row to be about our girl, Raleigh. But our little lady was never content to be predictable.

As @amc4281 and I said goodbye to her yesterday, we were reminiscing about her life and adventures. Her voracious appetite FOR ANYTHING ... even if it wasn't edible... led to more moments of anxiety and excitement than anything.
Back around 2007 or 2008, she decided that the fake red berries on the Christmas garland wrapped around the bannisters looked tasty... so she ate not only the plastic berries but the thin metal wire inside the garland also. 🤦🏻‍♂️ We rushed her to the emergency room where the vet looked at the x-rays with grave concern about how huge the piece of wire was and how deep into her gut it had gotten. He would need to operate -- cut her open and get it out -- because he said there was no way it would pass its way out on its own, and in the very slim chance that it did, it would certainly tear her intestines on the way out.
We left her with the vet and I felt real stress and anxiety about the little girl needing to be anesthetized and cut open -- I remember thinking we would go get dinner and then come back and wait, though I was way too worried to eat. But, less than 20 minutes after we left the hospital, as we turned into the restaurant, the phone rang. It was the hospital. I truly panicked. I was sure that calling so soon could not be good news.
The vet came on the line and said "You can come on back now..." -- my heart dropped before he finished the sentence -- "... I absolutely can't believe it, but she just passed it on her own, and there's no damage to her system" 🎉.
He was impressed. I was relieved. She was already hungry again. 😂

Raleigh was a TOUGH little lady... But she was also sweet and smart. She traveled America with me and had more fans than I did from it.
Almost 18 years of eating and love from her for @amc4281 and me and scores of others who helped care for her and recieved her love in return. Thanks to some really caring folks at @lapofloveveterinaryhospice of the Triangle she was able to pass at home in her own bed with her brother, Durham, also by her side. 💙



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