#69: @clayaiken is my new favorite politician. He is so dreamy!


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:happybirthday04: Clay!


My hope is that you have a great year...and also that Jerome gets better very soon. I think we all know how much the "big man" means to you.  Jerome is in my thoughts and prayers.

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Jerome posted on the fundraiser page, on his wife's account:




Jorita Bell · 

Hey guys finally got a chance to actually talk to you guys I am still holding on. God is so good I mean God is so good and people need to reach out to somebody in the healthcare profession before something happens to you and you will be surprise how these people trattoria you with the highest level care. Can't wait to see you guys again and keep me and Jorita lifted in prayer.

Got a brother sat amen and praising God witH JoRita. 

Thank You all for your prayers!



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Got to see most of the show this morning.  Interesting topic....but for millennials?  Hmmmm.  Oh well, Clay looked good, and he's a good moderator of a debate!

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