#69: @clayaiken is my new favorite politician. He is so dreamy!


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Rodney Ho, the columnist from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, put in his "Life After American Idol" column, Clay's fundraiser for Jerome.  That's pretty cool.


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On 12/5/2016 at 9:26 AM, merrieeee said:

Opening night of Dear Evan Hansen.   Ben is musical director.  Maybe Clay went   




Ben and Sean are really talented guys! Not that many musicals on Broadway ever become big hits, and Sean was drummer for two: Spamalot and Book of Mormon (is he still?) and Ben musical director for Wicked and now Dear Evan Hansen, which got an absolutely rave review in the NY Times. When was the first time we "met" them? Was the DCAT tour before Spamalot? I remember seeing the two of them on QVC publicizing ATDW On My Way Here (that's where I was getting confused).

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jmh, yeah, I think it was the 2007 tour that we got to know Sean and Ben.  I remember that Sean was a big Harry Potter fan, and had to go out and get the latest book that very night after one of the shows!

Looks like a union is taking up the fundraising mantle for Jerome:


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Of course it was tonight...and I couldn't listen!

Another article about the Chandler concert...


Full text in the news section.

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