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Well I'm back.   I really didn't miss the internet at all and didn't have one phone call so all was good.  We had a great time and have put a deposit down on another cruise for the summer.   They had a really good deal on a trip to the Baltic counties.  All my life I've wanted to go to St Petersburg and I'm finally going.  

Did I miss much?

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Hey!  Glad you had a great time, and I bet getting away from the internet was probably good.  That new cruise sounds wonderful!  It sounds like something my husband would want to do -- he majored in Russian in college.

I missed having you around, though...you are a vital member of this small but might group!  Clay really didn't do much while you were gone, although there is a TON of clack from the Arizona concert.  Bad fan that I am, I haven't downloaded any of it yet!  Maybe today...I'm still fighting a cold, and my hip surgery is coming up fast, so I've got to be better quickly. Today sounds like a good day for clack, books, cats, and a lot of hot liquid.

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Happy New Year!  OK, it's a bit early, but I'm not sure how much time I'll have this afternoon evening, so I'm going to post this now.

As is per my tradition, here is the Clay Aiken TimeLine for 2016.  It's amazing to me how much transpired over the year.  It's hard to fathom that one year ago was the web concert, for example.  And so many media appearances!  

I'll be starting the new timeline later today!


Clay Aiken Timeline for 2016. ldyj will try her darndest to keep this list up-to-date. If you see anything missing/incorrect, please PM ldyjocelyn!

  • January 4 -- Web concert for all the fans! The concert was Clay (in a Minnesota hoodie, jeans and striped socks) and Ben Cohn on piano. He forgot about the promise he made to sing “Touch” so he said he’ll practice and post it later. He also mentioned that he and Ruben are going to be part of the final season of Idol. The platinum/diamond songs are also being worked on. Clay sang for over an hour -- 14 songs! Dropbox link to the set list (thanks jbc4clay).
  • January 6 -- The premiere of the final season of American Idol. Clay appeared (but didn't talk) in a few early scenes of auditioners. But...Clay live tweeted the show, and thought it was boring, wishing that Simon Cowell was back in the judges seat. Needless to say, this gained a ton of media attention!
  • January 13 -- Clay appears briefly on American Idol, talking to contestants before their auditions in Philadelphia. Cutest bit: him quizzing an auditioner about the accomplishments of Idol contestants -- with the answers all being Clay!
  • January 17 -- A night out with Tyra Banks and her mom at the Broadway show Hamilton.
  • January 20 -- Another appearance on American Idol -- and this one garners more publicity for Clay and the show. It showed a particularly bad audition in front of Clay, and he told the person auditioning off!
  • January 26 -- Clay posts a news report about medicine in England on Facebook. His location is shown as London. He seemingly returns to the US a few days later.
  • January 31 -- A news report appears stating the Clay and Ruben Studdard are working on a travelogue TV series entitled Unexpected America. No word on when or where the show will appear. But then.. a little birdie clued fans in to the fact that this far from a done deal, and may not be happening. Sigh.
  • February 4 -- Clay tweets that he will be spending the day at Bold Global Media. This is a conservative leaning website/media area, founded by Carrie Sheffield, who was on a few Third Rail panels with Clay last year. Two clips show up later on their website, bold.global
  • February 20 -- A Periscope! Clay sings "Sarah" from the show The Civil War.
  • February 24 -- Clay tweets and Facebooks...that he now has his own personal Instagram account! https://www.instagram.com/clayaiken/ He posts a picture of him on the set of Al Jazeera's Third Rail, stating that he would be on this weekend, and that it's the last edition of the show for the network. Al Jazeera is closing up shop at the end of February.
  • February 25 -- He Instagrams a picture of his new puppy! However, he doesn't tell us his/her name! http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y249/ldyjocelyn/2016%20Instagram%20Pictures/2016-02-25_0815_zpshaed9aw2.png
  • February 28 -- His appearance on Third Rail. Sad day for the network.
  • March 1 -- Clay appears on Brooke Baldwin's show on CNN, talking about Super Tuesday (or as he called it, "Political Super Bowl").
  • March 8 -- Huffington Post Politics posts a blog written by Clay, entitled "Why in the Hell is Clay Aiken on CNN?"  In this blog he talks about the current political rise of the "outsider."  Later in the day, Clay appears again on Brooke Baldwin's CNN show.  Could this be the beginning of a recurring gig?
  • March 10 -- An appearance on Varney & Co on the Fox Business Channel.  The headline becomes "I don't think Donald Trump is a fascist, I don't think he's a racist, I think he's a Democrat." ZING!
  • March 14 -- Another Huffington Post blog.  This one is entitled "Ready for Hillary. Voting for Bernie."  In the afternoon, he appears twice on Brooke Burke's CNN show within 30 minutes.
  • March 15 -- A busy day, due to the North Carolina primary!  He starts the day on "Fox and Friends" (Fox News Channel), followed by an appearance again on Brooke Burke's CNN show.  He also makes an appearance on "Larry King's Politicking" (Ora.tv).  At the end of the day, he appears a few times on Al Jazeera America, once by himself, and once as part of a panel discussion.
  • March 16 -- American Now Radio (hosted by Meghan McCain) has Clay on, speaking on the election, Trump, and Sanders.
  • March 17 -- Another radio interview.  This one is on the show "Pop Politics with Ted Johnson" (POTUS Channel, Sirius XM radio).  His rhetoric toward Donald Trump is getting a little more...colorful.
  • March 21 -- CNN again, and again, talking about Trump (specifically his meeting with Republican Congressional people and the #neverTrump movement).
  • March 23 -- Clay is spotted out and about in NYC the entire day.  Photographic evidence of him attending the Broadway show "Matilda" is provided via Facebook.
  • March 30 -- "Trump, You're Fired is the name of the latest blog by Clay on the Huffington Post.
  • April 3 -- "Penn's Sunday School" podcast has Clay calling in.  Penn and Clay agree on Donald Trump!  Clay also talks about being on the finale on American Idol in the coming week.
  • April 5 -- Another CNN appearance.  This time, though, he's asked exclusively about the Democratic race, with nary a mention of Donald Trump.  Baby steps...
  • April 6 -- His career as a CNN pundit continues, with one more appearance (billed as a "Sanders supporter").  On the entertainment front, he appears briefly on Entertainment Tonight as part of coverage of the American Idol finale coverage. Clay also starts tweeting and posting Instagram pictures from the Idol finale rehearsals.
  • April 7 -- "American Idol's" series finale is held. Clay is part of the "greatest voices" medley, and he sings "Annie's Song."  He also appears on the stage after the winner, Trent Harmon, is announced, and posts short videos from the stage with him, Ruben Studdard, and Kim Locke.  And then, in a 180 degree about face, he appears on CNN and CNN International, talking about the Democratic presidential race.  The day/night ends with a Periscope of him the Quiana Parler, driving around LA looking for a Red Bull for Quiana!
  • April 8 -- Another really funny Periscope.  This time, Clay is driving with Quiana, heading to the airport in LA, ordering breakfast at McDonalds.  
  • April 9-10 -- A taped appearance on CNBC's On the Money, which is broadcast syndicated across the country.
  • April 11 -- Clay is in Raleigh for the "Power of Play" National Inclusion Project conference.
  • April 16 -- A Persicope! He sings the Christian song "In The Waiting" by Greg Long, accompanied by Michael Orland.  He's in Las Vegas for this one.
  • April 19 -- On the date of the New York primary, Clay appears on Yahoo! News (online), as part of a panel moderated by Katie Couric.
  • April 21 -- A couple of surprise appearances, one on MSNBC (interviewed by Brian Williams) and one on Fox Business Channel (interviewed by Kennedy), talking about the death of Prince Rogers Nelson on this date.
  • April 25 -- Clay appears on Huffington Post's "Candidate Confessional" podcast.  In this revealing interview, he talks about running for Congress, and opens up about the death of Keith Crisco.  The Huffington Post creates several articles throughout the week with information gleaned from the podcast throughout the week.
  • April 28 -- He and Carrie Sheffield, from bold.tv, appear on a Facebook Live video from a company called Cheddar (a company focusing on millennials and business).  They talk about the developments in the Presidential campaign.
  • May 2 -- Another Huffington Post blog, this one entitled "Losers Need Love Too: Why Voting for Bernie is Still So Important."
  • May 3 -- Clay tweets a great deal this evening, as Ted Cruz suspends his Presidential campaign, opening the way for the Republican candidate...Donald Trump.
  • May 4 -- An appearance on CNN during PrimeTime, this time on Don Lemon's show.  He's part of a panel discussion on the Democrats, and their strategy against candidate Trump, and is shown a great deal of respect.
  • May 6 -- Varney & Co. (Fox Business Channel) has Clay on, talking about the "bathroom law" in North Carolina, and also about Donald Trump.  Later in the day, word reaches Clay that Rickey Smith (American Idol season 2 castmate) died in an auto accident, and he posts remembrances on his social media accounts. 
  • May 10 -- "My Home State's Anti-LGBT Law is Emblematic of a Much Larger Problem" is the title of Clay's latest Huffington Post blog.  He also appears on Yahoo News Live! to talk about the issue, as well as the 2016 Presidential Race.
  • May 11 -- Clay appears on The Meredith Vieira Show, which was taped about 6 weeks ago.  He talks about the end of American Idol, Donald Trump, and his own campaign in 2014.
  • May 13 -- Most of the cast from American Idol 2 (including Clay) attends Rickey Smith's funeral in Oklahoma.  It is reported that Ruben, Clay, and Melinda Doolittle collaborate on "I Believe I Can Fly" with the rest of the group doing harmony.
  • May 18 -- He talks with his friend Meghan McCain on America Now! (iHeart radio).  The Presidential race and the North Carolina "bathroom" law are the topics.
  • May 21 -- A really nice Periscope, accompanied by Ben Cohn.  He sang the 70's classic "If" by the group Bread.
  • May 22 -- Busted!  On May 21, he posts another picture of his dog on Instagram, and via the comments, the dog's name is revealed.  On May 22, he confirms the name -- Harlem.
  • May 25 -- Clay attends the Broadway opening of the Cirque du Soleil show Paramour, walking the red carpet and doing a few interviews.  The show features former boyfriend Reed Kelly.
  • May 26 -- After a night at Broadway, he does a 180, and appears again on America Now! again, the show with Meghan McCain.
  • May 29 -- Clay attends the closing night of the Off Broadway musical "Dear Evan Hansen."  The musical director of this show is longtime friend Ben Cohn.
  • June 4 -- Up Periscope!  Clay Perscopes the song "Truly" from Chicago, Illinois.
  • June 7 -- Clay's former rival for Congress, Representative Renee Ellmers, loses a special election, and will not be returning to Washington, DC.  Clay tweets his approval, and it's picked up my a few media agencies.
  • June 10 -- Another appearance on America Now! (Meghan McCain's show on iHeart Radio).  He talks on a variety of topics, mostly having to do with Donald Trump's views, Hillary Clinton and her relatability as a candidate, and Bernie Sanders' ideas.
  • June 11 -- Clay attends the Broadway musical Bright Star (written by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell), according to a picture he posts on Instagram.
  • June 12 -- A horrible mass shooting happens at a gay club in Orlando, Florida, killing 49 and injuring many more.  Clay spends most of his expressing his outrage via Twitter. 
  • June 13 -- In response to yesterday's tragedy, Clay appears on both CNN and HLN, CTV (Canada's news channel), other local media outlets, plus a brief interview on the syndicated show Inside Edition.   He does these interviews from Florida.  Then, he flies back to NYC and attends The Dixie Chicks' show in Madison Square Garden that night.
  • June 14 -- Back in New York City, he appears again on CTV during the morning hours.
  • June 17 -- Clay appears on Varney & Co. on the Fox Business Channel., discussing Donald Trump.
  • June 20. -- A last minute appearance on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell (MSNBC), talking about Trump's family's influence on Trump, and the firing of Trump's campaign manager.  
  • June 22 -- At the Dairy Bar in Sanford, NC, Clay tapes a segment for The View (ABC) with Raven-Simone on HB2.
  • June 25 -- Clay starts his morning at KTLA in Los Angeles, publicizing Politicon, happening this weekend.  At Politicon, he's part of two panel discussions.  The first is entitled "The Art of Campaign Strategy," and later in the day, "Tumblr Presents...the State of LGBTQ Equality."
  • June 26 -- He participates, once again, in Politicon.  Today, he moderated a college political debate.  
  • June 28 -- America Now! with Meghan McCain (iHeart Radio) has Clay on once again, to talk general politics.
  • June 29 -- Clay's previously taped segment for The View airs.   He and Raven-Simone interviewed two transgender people living in North Carolina, as well as residents in Sanford, NC regarding their views on HB2.  
  • July 15 -- On the Friday before the Republican National Convention, Clay appears on America Now! with Meghan McCain to talk about Donald Trump's VP pick, Mike Pence.
  • July 28 -- Chelsea, Chelsea Handler's show on Netflix, holds a panel discussion on Donald Trump.  The guests include Clay, Lisa Lampanelli, NeNe Leakes, and Khloe Kardashain, who all appeared on Celebrity Apprentice in the past.
  • August 2 -- Another appearance, this time calling in, on America Now! with Meghan McCain.  He talks about the Hillary Clinton's performance at the Democratic National Convention.
  • August 11 -- It now seems to be a weekly occurrence, with Clay calling in to America Now! with Meghan McCain.  He talked about a wide variety of political topics, including a possible "October surprise" for the election, as well as the viability of the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson.
  • August 17 -- In his weekly appearance on American Now! with Meghan McCain, Clay talks about the shakeup in the Donald Trump campaign over the week.  He also admits to finding the picture of young Tim Kaine (Democratic VP candidate) hot!
  • August 18 -- Clay does a Facebook Live with on Salon.com's webpage, hosted by Carrie Sheffield of Bold TV.  They disagree on Hillary Clinton, but totally agree on Donald Trump.
  • August 25 -- America Now! has Clay and Meghan McCain talking about a variety of political subjects, including the sexiest subject of all -- voter registration! smiley: laugh
  • August 28 -- The song "On a Night Like This" (originally done by singer-songwriter Dave Barnes) is featured in a Periscope by Clay.  Ben Cohn provides the piano accompaniment. 
  • August 30 -- Another wide variety of subjects for Clay and Meghan McCain on America Now!, including the latest Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, and Clay lays out his views on Julian Assange with WikiLeaks.
  • September 6 -- Clay attends the Broadway production of Fiddler on the Roof, according to his Instagram account.
  • September 9 -- Another night on Broadway, with a second viewing (for him) of Hamilton, and he took Nick Leisey (his first time for the show).
  • September 10 -- Up Periscope!  This time Clay sang "What a Wonderful World," accompanied by Ben Cohn.
  • September 13 -- The ABC TV show The View holds a 20th anniversary party in New York City, and Clay attends.
  • September 14 -- America Now! with Meghan and Clay has them talking about Hillary Clinton's health, Colin Powell's emails, and the coming iPhone 7.
  • September 20 -- Meghan and Clay on America Now! talk about the Libertarians and the upcoming debates.  They talk about being together for the debates, and they will live tweet.
  • September 26 -- A great appearance on The View.  He and Sunny Hostin (one of the hosts of The View) went to Charlotte, NC on September 24 to interview people about race in America and the protests of the shootings of several African-American men by police.   The segment, as well as a talk about the table with Clay included aired today.  Later, he appeared on America Now!  to discuss the debate happening later.  Finally, as promised, Clay went to Meghan's apartment (along with several of her friends) and live tweeted the debate.
  • September 30 -- The Bold Global Network premieres a live streaming show on Facebook entitled Bold Blend, co-hosted by Clay and Carrie Sheffield.  It's a show aimed at Millennials, reporting on a variety of current events topics.
  • October 1 -- According to Twitter reports, Clay is seen attending Something Rotten! on Broadway.
  • October 2 -- Another Broadway show, according to Twitter.  This time it's The Color Purple.
  • October 6 -- America Now! has its weekly visit from Clay.  In particular, Clay and Meghan were cracking up at the "legacy" of Vice President Joe Biden!
  • October 7 -- Second episode of Bold Blend.  Topics included the Affordable Care Act and the reasons why Latino voters aren't voting for Hillary Clinton.  Later in the afternoon, a sound recording of Donald Trump saying some very nasty things about women appears, and so, Clay appears again on America Now!  He and Meghan discuss the events of the day.
  • October 10 -- Clay attends a rally for Donald Trump in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, as a correspondent for ABC's The View.
  • October 12 -- America Now! discussion; this time it talks about his views after attending the Trump rally.
  • October 17 -- The View appearance, with his feelings about Trump's supporters after talking to them at the rally.
  • October 18 -- His weekly appearance on America Now! with Meghan McCain.  As his tweet announcing it says, he talked turkey...meaning Donald Trump.
  • October 21 -- Clay appears on the third episode of Bold Blend via Skype.  He talks about the National Inclusion Project Gala, which is why he's in North Carolina.  The National Inclusion Project Platinum Social is held that evening.  At this party, Clay, Nick and Diane all really "worked the room" to talk to attendees.
  • October 22 -- National Inclusion Project Gala, held in Charlotte, North Carolina.  There was a brunch in the morning, the Silent Auction in the afternoon, and then the "concert" in the evening.  Two songs were shared via Facebook Live.  One was with Clay, honoree Christian Duffey and one of the cast of the Broadway Musical "Spring Awakening."  This song also included the reverse auction to send kids to camp.  The second song -- the long lost song "TOUCH!"  Whoa.
  • October 26 -- America Now! has Clay talking with Meghan McCain about the Trump "brand" and how it has been affected by the election.
  • October 28 -- He makes his weekly appearance on Bold Blend.  A topic of great interest to many is dealing with the stress of following the election!
  • November 4 -- Bold Blend is back!  Topics include the upcoming election (natch!), a Vice Presidential candidate (Mindy Finn, independent), and party hints for Thanksgiving.   Later in the evening, he makes his weekly appearance on America Now!, talking to Meghan McCain about the last minute election news.
  • November 7 -- A surprise early morning appearance on Wake Up with Taylor on the Sirius XM Stars channel.  He co-hosted the show, which lasted 3 hours!  Lots to discuss, including the election and Trump (not a surprise), reality shows in general, a cute story about Parker and the subway system in New York City, and...porn.  Yes, porn.
  • November 15 -- Wake Up with Taylor (Sirius XM) has Clay on once again!  Another wild and fun show, with Clay demonstrating (via Twitter)  a manly walk!
  • November 18 -- After a week off, Clay's back on Bold Blend.  Conversations include dealing with political issues with family at Thanksgiving, and how the polls got the election so wrong.
  • November 25 -- In a pretaped segment, Clay and the crew of Bold Blend talk about what they are thankful for this year.
  • November 28 -- America Now with Meghan McCain has Clay on, talking about Trump's post election plans for his cabinet and the death of Fidel Castro.  Funniest bit:  Clay and Meghan cracking up over a clip of Joe Scarborough, who was portraying a Trump supporter "orgasmically" talking about Mitt Romney!
  • November 29 -- Clay tweets out a birthday request:  support his bodyguard Jerome Bell via this link, https://www.youcaring.com/jeromebell-702057  Jerome suffered major injuries in a work accident on November 21, and this page helps his family financially.
  • December 2 -- Bold Blend has a new time, 9 am Eastern Time.  Most of this episode is about Medicare, and Clay moderates a debate between Carrie Sheffield (who wants privatization) and Jeremy Binckes of Salon magazine (against privatization).
  • December 7 -- Donald Trump is Time Magazine's Man of the Year.  Clay appears on America Now with Meghan McCain to talk about this, and other issues of the day.
  • December 14 -- Clay's final appearance on America Now with Meghan McCain.  We find out that Meghan's parents, Sen. John and Cindy McCain, are attending Clay's show in Arizona!
  • December 15 -- The Cluben lives!  Clay and Ruben Studdard sing "This Christmas" on The View, as part of their Throwback Thursday.  It was the first time they had sung together on TV in 13 years.
  • December 16 -- A Christmas Concert at the Chandler Center for the Arts (Chandler, Arizona).  Promotion leading up to the concert was a couple of TV appearances on local Phoenix stations.  Also, thanks to social media, Periscope users got a pre-concert song, and Facebook users received a pre-concert song and a song during the actual concert.  Chandler Center also Facebook Live streamed the first two songs of the show.
  • December 30 -- According to a Facebook post, Clay attended a concert by his good friend Ruben Studdard at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
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Thanks ldyj. Your work on the timeline  and other aspects of FCCAwebsite is really appreciated as are the contributions of jmh, merrieeee and couchie. I hope everyone who contributes here as well as those who post and read here, have a very Happy New Year. :confetti-1:

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I'm so happy about this, unfortunately, I'll probably be so drugged up from my surgery I won't get to see it!

Here's the New York Times article about West High School:  http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/20/us/at-iowa-high-school-election-results-kindle-tensions-and-protests.html?_r=0

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They may not add him to the table on a daily basis, being that he's a guy and the panel being all women is a premise of the show, but it looks like he's going to be a regular. And he always does such interesting and important things!!  Go Clay!!

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ninna, where are you?  I'm in the middle of Illinois -- Clay's approximately 3 hours from me.  

jmh, I agree that they probably won't put him as a permanent part of the table on The View, but having him as a regular correspondent is good.  Also, he could be a fill in host once in a while -- they've used men for that in the past.  If nothing else, it sure seems as if Sunny Hostin likes him.  I just looked her up -- besides being on The View, she's the senior legal correspondent for ABC News.  That's not a bad connection for Clay to have.

Today's my last day at work before my surgery.  I've pretty much "checked out" at this point though -- just the last minute things that need to be done.  

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Right up the river from Clay,  in Waterloo,  Iowa.  From his facebook picture,  I figure they stayed in Cedar Rapids,  even tho the high school is in Iowa  City.  Hope he has a warm coat with him,  it's - 5 with a wind chill of - 18. Yikes!  If it were warmer,  I might have tried my hand at stalking,  lol. 

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So cool that he's nearby, ninna. Ldyj, wishing you all the best!! 

I don't know how you guys deal with the cold, cold weather there. We're expecting a nighttime low of zero in a few days and I'm freaking out. Also have snow coming, which happens only a few times every winter, and this was just posted from Clay's NC home turf:


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