"If there was a flag and I had to design it, it would have Clay Aiken on it."

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I've listened to most of yesterday's Wake Up With Taylor. This is the first time I haven't enjoyed it--actually have to take a break and finish later. It's not Clay's fault at all--it's Taylor. I'm tired of her monopolizing the conversation and obsessing about her weight. Clay gave such good advice--stop obsessing and don't rely on the scale for a number--numbers don't always represent your ideal weight.  He talked about muscle being more dense than fat, etc.. He's smart and sensible. But, she kept right at it anyway--kept obsessing.

Now they are talking about country music. He's trying to explain what makes it country and she WILL. NOT. LISTEN!! She just keeps right on talking over him.  It's driving me nuts!!  Usually I enjoy her, but not today.  

Sorry for the rant! But, I just wish she'd give him a chance to finish a sentence. I swear he has the patience of a saint.

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RIFAN -- I agree!  I wasn't bothered quite as much by the weight issue, but the country music topic got me.  She wasn't even trying to listen to what he was saying, or the music for that matter.  I wanted to tweet to her that if she thinks Sam Hunt is country music, she should try, oh, say, Hank Williams Sr.  (My husband doesn't like current country music, but is enthralled with old school country, and I'm learning to appreciate all forms of country).

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That's him. I'm not an experienced capper but just happened to stop the video at the right moment. There's a bit before this when I think he's facing forward.

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I can't wait to see Sharknado! 

Today I listened to the Country discussion from Tuesday again I liked hearing Clay talk about music. I agree Taylor wasn't listening to him and interrupting Clay she always seems to interrupt him Taylor has grown on me. It does seem like she really likes to talk about herself. 

Ive never been a big fan of Country music. After hearing the little bit of Sam Hunt they played on Wakeup with Taylor I listened to Sam today I like the mix of Genres in his music. 

Really looking forward to Bold tomorrow since Clays been out for 3 weeks. 

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Feisty is the Word! Think he's pumped for Politicon this weekend. Plus if he stayed up for the Senate vote this morning, he's running on little sleep.

Besides feisty, he was gorgeous. Love his hair.


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That trailer is seriously silly - I bet Clay had a lot of fun doing that.

I agree with ninna721 - I really like Clay's hair in that pic, too.  Good colour on him and the cut seems about right.

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I'm just not ready for him to go grey. Then blonde layering into the darker hair works for me. He looked great today, except No Tie. I love his ties.


Clay said on WUWT that he wouldn't watch Snarknado. But I bet Parker would like it.

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