"If there was a flag and I had to design it, it would have Clay Aiken on it."

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5 hours ago, ldyjocelyn said:



Off in a few minutes -- have a great weekend!


2 hours ago, ninna721 said:


thank you!! :) it's been great so far. not a lot of fuss which I like, and when I walked in the door getting home there was a nice bottle of wine and a birthday card waiting for me! Last weekend my mom and I drove out to Cheesecake Factory since that's what I really wanted most in terms of a birthday dinner. my big birthday presents to myself are an Ed Sheeran concert at the end of this month and.... cross your fingers.... meeting Benedict Cumberbatch this weekend in Toronto! If I don't, I'll at least get to see him in person (which I'm not ready for if I'm honest hahah).

OT to this post but I gotta ask quickly, what's this Bold episode drama I missed? 👀 I haven't had time to watch them... 

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3 hours ago, ninna721 said:

I liked it when he changed his personal Facebook cover to his location. He hasn't done that in months.

Me too!

On the road, beautiful weather. But please pray for my sister who is in Florida. She is going to ride out the storm, and I'm worried. 

shortyjill, I'm jealous for both Ed and Benedict!

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I watched it that day, the two of them were definetly on opposites sides. Clay was having none of it, Carrie was confrontational and I think sort of shocked Clay was not giving in. He definitely was not in moderator mode! He couldn't reign her in, she said a few things fans found objectionable. Comments were pretty evenly divided between who was being the rudist. And that was just the first few minutes. I don't think it continued like that, I would have to rewatch.

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maybe this project Taylor keeps mentioning is keeping Clay busy for now and he will be back on Bold. 

 it kind of seems like  Clay won't be back. Clay hasn't shared Bold on FB  or tweeted at the beginning  of the show since the end of July even when he's not on he would tweet and share the show. 

Happy Birthday Shortyjill

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I'm back, but there's nothing to report Clay wise.  Sigh....

The wedding in Minnesota was lovely!  It was at a farm near a lake, the day was gorgeous.  Sadly, though -- I've got the bug bites to prove I was in Minnesota.

The wedding almost didn't happen though -- for the groom's mother lives in St. John, and they hadn't heard from her the entire week.  Thankfully, they got a short satellite call Saturday morning, saying she was safe and that the wedding should go on as planned!  My prayers are with everyone affected by Irma, both in the US and the Virgin Islands, not to mention Cuba.  (BTW, the wedding couple didn't sign any official papers on Saturday...they will renew their vows when his Mom can make it to the states and then will sign everything then!)

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An odd google alert from a newspaper in Arizona



"We say all this to remind both sides, don’t get too worked up over one deal. Remember, Trump appears to be a creature of pure id, and if it would bolster his poll numbers, he’d divorce Melania and marry Clay Aiken in a New York second."

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Yeah, I'm a bit bummed that Clay's seemingly off Bold Blend on Fridays.  On the other hand, my work schedule really ramped up this fall, so it was hard to find a time to watch it!  (I can do other things while listening to WUWT!)

Well, I'm off again this weekend.  This time, I'm meeting up with our board's founder, couchtomato, and she, my husband and I are seeing HAMILTON in Chicago tomorrow afternoon!  I'm also planning on introducing her to Chicago deep dish pizza!  It will be great to see her -- we haven't seen each other since the Washington, DC Gala.  And of course...HAMILTON!  EEEEEEEEE!

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