"If there was a flag and I had to design it, it would have Clay Aiken on it."

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I'm reading that for next year, if they sell a certain number of seats, he will sing the entire IT set from 2004.  While most are probably freaking about When Doves Cry, I'm wanting to hear Fields of Gold again....

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The preparty was not quite as crowded as lastyear but still hard.to o find a seat. Clay looked great.


At brunch as we had our pcture with Clay and Diane, Clay complimented me on my tunic. I went over to Jerome to tell him how great he looked. I couldn't resist petting Harlem. So much smaller than I thought he was. Jerome said not to mess up the dog's hair and then laughed.

Games this afternoon were fun and afterwards I won a basket. Heading out shortly for the GalS. 


Each year it seems to get better. Nick is a great addition to the team. Much more casual and fun. Sorry for the bad typing. I'm. Onl my tablet. Gala was amazing. No words. Will try to get on my desktop tomorrow.

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This weekend been so much fun! 

The honories were  wonderful and inspiring as always. When the photographer whom the first  founders a ward and when Clay and Diana where going ready to announce the second winner I had a feeling it was going to be Jerome. I don't think there was a dry eye in the place. 

Then I totally freaked out when Clay started singing You will be found he sang a little bit then went into the send a kid to camp aution and then finished the song once the aution was over Clay sounded so good!

No More Sad Songs was a great blast from the past after Clay sang No More Sad songs is when he brought up the idea of re creating IT set list next year . I loved Ashes and finally getting to hear Falling live was so awesome! 

To me it felt like Clay joked a lot last night like when it was announced confounder Clay Aiken to Clay to come and speak for the first time after the program begin we were clapping when Clay was like half way to the podium it quieted down Clay was like "you don't care anymore no one cares anymore" joking like. 

Can't remember the title but Clay ended the night with a beautiful thank you as always Clay sat in a chair in the middle of the stage there was a spotlight on him and Ben. 

He didn't sing as much as last year it was a wonderful night and weekend! 

Its feels different in a since Nicks been director more casual and fun. 

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Anther thing I'm sad it didn't make the video before Clay started singing Ashes Clay was looking in the direction of Nick holding the phone and Clay had his arms folded and said "hey Facebook" I just really liked the way he said it. 

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Twilight covered most of what happened at the Gala. I did enjoy hearing Clay sing "Suspicious Minds" again. He does a great job with it. Every note last night was perfection and if anything has changed for the better with his voice, he does sing with a lot of emotion. I guess age and experience does that to you. 

Of course Clay was as funny and snarky as usual. One I remember was when they were taking a short break, Clay said we have to take a break because Shaun has a small bladder.

But then he was bragging about the Broadway shows all the musicians were in. He said Shaun was going to be in "Frozen" opening soon on Broadway. 

I'll continue later



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51 minutes ago, merrieeee said:

If I were a betting person. I’d bet money on Clay’s tweet being mentioned in news articles about Kevin Spacey!

Several out there already.  I’ll link them later.

Clay is absolutely correct!

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Lots of cute pictures is this Facebook photo album from one of the 2017 Gala honorees, Sparsh Shah.  Pictures of Clay, Diane, Quiana, Faye, Jerome, Jamie the hairdresser, and I recognize a few fans in here too.


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