"If there was a flag and I had to design it, it would have Clay Aiken on it."

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10 minutes ago, ninna721 said:

Bold was interesting today, although had problems with both Facebook and Periscope. Clay looked great, loved his sweater. Any thoughts on his seeming lack of interest in dating?

Also enjoyed BOLD even though it kept cutting out for me (on Periscope) for the first half hour. Will have to go back and rewatch since I missed the flow of the conversation every time it cut out. I LOVED his look--just perfection! 

I think when he says he's not interested in dating what he really means is that he kind of wants her to mind her own business about it!!  He's a private person.  But, the good natured teasing doesn't really seem to bother him. 

I was awfully glad to see him after all the crap on Twitter that is being thrown at him.  Nice to see him looking so good!  


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Watching the Super Bowl halftime show. Justin Timberlake's is singing "Bringing Sexy Back"--sorry--all I can think of is Clay singing it at the SRHP Tour!! Will have to see if I can find Clay's version on you tube!! 

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I actually liked most of JT's halftime show.  He's not the greatest singer, but he IS a master entertainer, so I thought it fine.  I liked the way he used the entire stadium, not just the field.

I do have to admit though...I've never liked "Sexy Back."  Not even really Clay's version.  Clay made it fun, but it's just a stupid song, IMO.

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Clay tweet


As a @GoHeels fan & PROUD @unccharlotte alum add my loud voice to chorus of people who know it's possible to respect UNC  AND still feel strongly that UNCC is too important, unique, and prestigious to be hidden by Chapel Hill's shadow!
I VOTE #DroptheUNC #longoverdue

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Good show today on BOLD. Enjoyed the marijuana discussion since one of my sons lives in a state where it is legal. Clay is getting better all the time as a commentator. Really knows his stuff and is so comfortable with Carrie despite her opposing views.

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