"If there was a flag and I had to design it, it would have Clay Aiken on it."

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Happy Thanksgiving Canada!  Hope it was great for all of you!

We're at the time when we need a new thread -- finally!  It takes us a while anymore....  Anyway, I'm proposing this new thread title, based on something our long lost KAndre posted earlier:

We're happy with Clay, and what else matters.

Original quote:  "I was happy, and what else matters."


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this past weekend was incredible! The pre party Friday night was a lot of fun! I loved having it at Marbles l liked having it in a big opened room. The food was really good i liked that Clay stopped by for a little bit. Clay talked about the IT setlist debating wether or not I Survived you was in the setlist the whole tour, maybe going anther Challenge next how he didn’t think we were actually going to get 400 attendees. Diane did a heartfelt speech then Clay said something about now he should do a heartfelt speak naww “you know I love you” Then went one to thank all those who make the gala happen.  

The luncheon at The pizza place was great, the food was good I liked hearing a couple of people from Marbles talk about what there doing for Inclusion.


The reception was nice I can’t wait to see my photo with Clay and Diane! 

The main event was wonderful going down memory lane for the 15th Anniversary! I thought Marbles and DJ were great honorees I loved that DJ’s was a surprise. 

I was shocked when I heard my named called for the first founders award! I still am! 

I thought Dancermom was deserving of the other she really does a lot for CV and the vault.while introducing Kim Clay I believe more then once said he hates the word fans. 

The live auction is always fun to watch. Even though Clay was losing his voice  seeing most of the IT setlist was fun to watch it lookedlike Clayvwas having fun! Clay didn’t do a shirt tug until the end of invisible it was a shirt tug! of course everyone screamed. 

the Galas feel like a family reunion to me. I felt like I was with family all weekend, hearing Clay talk at the pre party then talking about Kim I’ve known before,I really felt like I could see how much Clay does care about us knows what’s going on. 

This weekend was my favorite Gala experience! One I won’t ever forget! 

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Great recap Twilight! It's cool to know that Clay was having fun doing the IT set too!!

Believe it or not I had actually forgotten about the shirt tug until people started mentioning it. DOH.

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Well, you know I like the title and think it's absolutely true!    It was crazy fun, and has made me pull out clips I haven't watched in years (like the bootleg TITN video and momo's WDC)

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I don’t remember the guys name and as everything is on the boards only I don’t feel right about saying who and what he does.  I guess when Clay goes public I’ll know.  

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