We're Happy with Clay, and What Else Matters!

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I think there were 3 Sirius XM interviews this morning.  Entertainment Weekly Radio (I started listening to this one, it was FUN); Pete Dominic's show (but I don't know what channel); and this one.


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First of all -- FINISH your Christmas shopping?!?!?!?  Yikes!  I haven't even started yet.

Secondly -- I hear ya!  I've been busy all morning, and have barely had a chance to watch/listen to anything!  Fortunately, I'm home by myself tonight, and have next week off, so I can listen to things while I'm cleaning house!  (I was originally planning to watch Jimmy Kimmel from last night this evening -- Michelle Obama and Lin-Manuel Miranda!)


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I just did a marathon listen to everything.  Omg what fun!  Those guys are just too funny.  

‘Yes ldyj. I have finished and cards are written and ready to mail.  Years ago I mailed a package late, to the 🇬🇧 that cost more to mail than the gift. I think it cost me $90  So I vowed never to be late shopping again.  That has to be at least 30 years ago and I’ve always been done by now.  Now it’s a fun challenge.  

‘I’m off to Vegas on Tuesday   Woo hoo!

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