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We're Happy with Clay, and What Else Matters!

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Thanks so much for the pictures and recaps. What a night it must have been!  If I was this excited from afar, I cannot even imagine how exciting is was for those who were there!!  I woke up again in the middle of the night (about 3:30) and read some recaps.  Just like the old days when he’d be on tour and I be reading in the middle of the night.

Great to see him at the stage door—yes, memories of Spamalot!  (Wonder if Ruben also was there for stage door.)


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I was so taken by the beauty of his voice that I didn’t notice the snazzy pants when he was on the view!

Did notice the cool black sweater/jacket though.

I’m still on a high. DH must wonder why I am in such a good mood!!! 😂😂😂😂

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Wow! Thanks for the videos. It is pouring down snow here in NC. Newspaper said 12 inches so far. About twice as much as we normally get in a snowfall. I am enjoying having some time to myself since I can't go out in this weather. Takes several days before the streets are plowed. Our development has private streets so we have already been plowed once, not that you could tell several hours later.

Got a steroid shot in my knee and can walk again so I am thinking of going out to NYC after Christmas. Start wrapping for the NIP on Friday and three more days after that so before Christmas is almost impossible to do. But after may be doable. . :chacha::thinkinggirl:

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Go fear!!  I learned a few years ago to go for what you want because you never know what’s around the bend.......and life is way to short. 

I’m going on Saturday and coming back Sunday. Only one show I think but don’t want to miss it.   I’d love to stay longer but my daughter and I are off on a cruise on the following Saturday.   Checking off another thing on my bucket list...Panama Canal.  

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