We're Happy with Clay, and What Else Matters!

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From Gooood Baby Brush at CV, with permission!


Tonight was my 2nd night to see the show. Cinder and I sat in the front row of the mezz last night and the front row orchestra right tonight. I loved the show last night. Tonight I also loved it, but I was reminded why (and how much) I love Clay (and Ruben). They are having SO much fun up there and theyre in great voice (very occasional cracks notwithstanding). O Holy Night gave me freaking CHILLS tonight and practically made my hair stand on end. Clay and Ruben may have very different styles but their voices do something magical together. 

So yes, major glitch with the video when Clay came out to start Emmanuel. No sound. He stood there in the darkness for maybe a minute while the audience tittered a bit until a tech came and walked him off stage. They started and restarted the vid a few times. Still no sound. They turned it off completely and asked the audience to remain seated while they corrected the issue. A few more minutes pass. Some man in the audience yells the show must go on, then the audience starts singing We wish you a Merry Christmas, starting with a few people and working up to about half. They got in a couple of verses before Clay and Ruben come out. Clay says well this is live theater, and yells off stage for Ben to play something they can sing. The music starts and Ruben says he doesnt know what song it is. Clay says yes you do, and realization dawns on Ruben just in time for him to start the line, Have yourself a merry little Christmas... They do a great job with it, trading lines back and forth, making jokes (Ruben: make the Yuletide... Clay: Gay!) They finish the song and the curtain came down for a minute or two then raises on the scene that follows Emmanuel and GUCL. 

Ok the cool story of the guy behind Cinder and me. During intermission we started chatting. He and his wife are both in the theater, live in NY, and were fans of Ruben and Clay from the Idol days. Still, when she told him she got them tickets to the Christmas show, he thought she was joking and couldnt imagine it was going to be any good or worth going to. He thought a Christmas show sounded stupid. ... Yall he was GIDDY, he was so excited after the first half. He kept saying he couldnt believe how much fun it was, how funny it was and how amazing they sounded. While he was talking, his wife was typing on her phone. He pointed to it and I could see she was on FB and had posted a pic of the Playbill and was typing a post. He said she was posting to tell all their friends they HAVE to come see the show. He said he was going to shame them into coming because this show deserves to be seen.


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It’s a good job Clay is worth it.  It was drizzly rain in nyc today and I left for the airport early. Lot of good that did. The flight is delayed by 2 hours and the United club is full.   I could have gone to a matinee if I’d known.  

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It really was a great show.  So typically Clay and he definitely appeared to be large and in charge.    I don’t do stage door any more. I have enough signatures and photos that I think it’s only fair to let someone who has never met him get the chance!   

‘I overheard some not-fans saying they loved the show. One guy said you know I hate xmassy stuff but this was good.  I have to be honest that it’s perfect for the time of the year because you can get away with so much more.  The same type of show, just variety,  would probably never make it any more.  

Clay just looked so happy upon the stage.  Ruben was, how shall we say, a little more restrained.   Oh heck a lot more restrained.  

‘I do wish I could see it again but when you’ve planned a Panama Canal cruise for next week there’s no way.  If they do it again next year I will so be there.   In fact maybe I’ll plan my next years Christmas around that.  Hmm!  Christmas in New York is always good.   

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