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We're Happy with Clay, and What Else Matters!

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Hee that’s ok!  I’ve been out of the loop getting my house ready to sell.   I dont know where all the “stuff” comes from. I paid someone to empty my attic, clean my yard, clean my house and fix some lights. Geez! I did power wash the driveway myself and de-cluttered for the pics!  I have one little plumbing issue to get fixed and then it’s ready.   I hate the thought of people traipsing through the house so I hope it sells quick.  I’m going to buy a house with my daughter. She’ll have up and I’ll have down.  On a teachers salary she just can’t do it so when I’m gone it will all be hers.  

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Good luck merrieeee . We are fine in this house as it is on one level,. Our front yards are taken care of by our HOA dues. But I hate the back and side yards. My goal this year is to fix the back yard but the side yard is a Japanese garden and needs manicuring. We hire a Bonsai  gardener to trim the trees to keep them low but so many weeds pop up in the summer. 

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Clay response to this tweet!



Yes! Please lecture me on what it's like to be gay! I definitely need to hear from you on this topic! 1f923.png

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For those of you who have a key to the Clayversity Vault....there's a little something over there.  Something unaired.  You might want to check it out.

Also, if you do have a key, they are doing their annual fundraiser.  Consider donating if you can!

And since I'm asking for money....with the Gala coming up again SOON, we need to think if we're interested in donating for another ad in the program.  Be thinking!

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Well, with the change of date to the Gala -- time to see if we can gather enough for an ad in the Program!  The one we seem to be able to get every year is $175, which is a half page B&W ad.  

A few of you have donated already, and i thank you.  If you haven't, and would like to, please contact me with how much you'd like to give.  I will keep a spreadsheet to see how much we gather.  If we have extra, I will donate to the National Inclusion Project in the name of FCA.

Contact me via PM if you wish to donate, with how much, and I'll send you payment options.

Closing date for payment is March 22, 2019.



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