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“I don’t want to rush to judgment — that said, if it bears out and the evidence shows that it’s proven in a court, that he did what the Chicago police are saying he’s done, I do hope that … we do make an example of him,” Aiken told Hill.TV’s Krystal Ball and Buck Sexton on “Rising.”

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Can’t sleep as my mind won’t shut down. I put my house up for sale at 2;00pm and I got a call tonight to say I have an offer for full price!  They live out of state and haven’t even seen the house!  How crazy is that?

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Well I agreed. To the deal.  Hope everything goes ok.   They want to close on 26th so I’d better find a place to live.  Full price and no quibbling! My kind of deal.  Last time I sold my house in 4 hours so I’m used to this.  I’ll have the movers pack and store everything.  So much easier and not that much more money.  They live in California and are doing a video walk through with their realtor. They are not coming to see it at all. Weird!

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Out at the moment, but I did get to see most of it. The big news?  He’s doing the “On My Way Here” album as the concert. 

Sigh. Would love to go!

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Clay's FB Live:


merrieee, I would LOVE to come, but the finances are just too crazy anymore with hubby still out of a permanent job....sigh.

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Now that I'm at work and have some time...

First, that video from Meghan's wedding is fantastic.  I've always loved that song, and I wish we could have heard the entire thing.  It's such a good bluesy number, and I bet there were a few growls...

Secondly, more about the video last night.  Watched it again on my big screen TV (love my Apple TV with the Facebook video app!), and he looked really good. Loved seeing him with Harlem, such a cute dog.  The other thing he mentioned in the video was that we would be REALLY excited with the keynote speaker, because he's thrilled with the choice. However, he was a little taunter and basically said "I can't tell you yet, nyah nyah..."  Needless to say, speculation abound!

Flights from my city are $340 round trip, but it's a direct flight.  Plus the ticket cost, hotel, and food....sigh.  With hubby still out of a real job and a work related trip in April (which we've tacked on a small vacation), I don't think this is doable.  But if hubby suddenly finds a job, I'll be there!

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