We're Happy with Clay, and What Else Matters!

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I think she did five total.  Casey Grant also did a FB Live.  Didn't get to watch per se, because DH and I are starting with the Marvel Universe movies, so I'm watching Iron Man.  I'll make sure to watch all the Gala stuff later tonight!  

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From artquest at CV, used with permission.  Interesting to learn more about Jerome!

Jerome’s keynote address was a stunner. Walking, even with a walker, seems to be a real trial for him. He was wearing leather gloves to protect his hands, so I imagine he had quite a grip on that metal frame. He said the first three weeks after his accident are lost to him, but that apparently he continuously ripped out the IVs to the point they had to put him in restraints. He said he wasn’t the man we had thought he was and then confessed about his infidelity. He said his wife, whom he loves very much, had stuck around, but it was sometimes iffy. He was in the hospital for over seven months and has apparently been in rehab until very recently. During all that time, his wife and family came by almost every day. Except the one day, he said, when his wife refused to come to the hospital because she said she wanted to kill him! And then he was hallucinating that he was getting abused by the night staff, so a friend can and spent every night with him to protect him.  

It was clear that there were a lot of heroes here, a lot of brave and caring people who made it possible for Jerome to survive. He still has more surgeries in his future, but seems to be looking ahead rather than back.  

I cried pretty much the whole time.

In happier news, someone upthread said Clay’s singing Invisible was like old times. That’s exactly right. You could have powered the entire city of Charlotte on the electricity generated in that theater. So. Much. Fun.

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CV had some detailed reviews of the weekend. I am not focused enough to remember everything. But I can say it was very well planned from the Friday night party to the last notes of "Because you Love me" on Saturday evening. 

One thing that stood out to me was the deprecation of Clay and ,somewhat  Diane that they are figure heads and just there to look pretty. I totally disagree. I realize they are interacting with PHD's and people with multiple years of experience working with typical children and children with disabilities. From hearing them speak and speaking with a board member, they are very much in charge.

On the other hand, as a fan, I really enjoyed the gala program and the mini concert section. Clay was in great voice and the band was terrific playing and Interacting with Clay. Loved the music and wishes for the old days when someone would record it for posterity. 

It was a great weekend and all was well when I got home.


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See that “blank space” up earlier?  “Video no longer available?”  Well, the Project righted themselves!  (In other words, it was originally on it’s side, and it’s not now...YAY!)



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PittsburghCLO tweeted this.....twice!



We're officially #AikenforSummer now that @clayaiken is going to be our #TeenAngel in #CLOGREASE!!!


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