We're Happy with Clay, and What Else Matters!

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Clays tweet is exciting can’t wait to hear more! 

I volunteered at the power of play conference Monday and Tuesday! That was a lot of fun and inspiring! Even though I’m not in the field  of working with kids I still get a lot out of the conference My friend Casey who lives in Ohio stayed with me for a couple days for the conference. The Champions reception Monday night was inspiring!  It was lovely evening! It was great seeing Clay! 

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Twilight, glad you had a great time at the Power of Play conference.  From the pictures I saw on FB, it sounds like it was a really good and inspiring event!  Good for you to volunteer with them as well.

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Clay at Politicon.

Nashville’s best and brightest take to the Politicon stage in this exciting college debate chaired by Clay Aiken!  Don’t miss when they settle the question of whether President Trump’s impeachment would bring stability or chaos to our country and the world…so our politicians don’t have to!

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Wonder whats in store for us. Twilight, good for you volunteering. I wish I could have gone but I had son from Portland and his girlfriend from Fairbanks for a week. Really nice time. She is a winner. Would like to go to Politicon but husband fell twice this week so Might have to stay close by for a while.

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Clay Aiken comes to #politicon every year and this year is no exception. He kicked off Saturday by moderating a college debate on impeachment. He told me “if I weren’t participating I’d be here as an attendee. I nerd out over this.”

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Replying to @RichardPfeifer9

Really disappointing. TSU attempted to rebut points Vanderbilt didn’t even raise (Mike Pence, Mueller report, trade war, etc.) even though the root flaw of V’s argument was that Trump committed a crime, which hasn’t been shown yet.

@clayaiken won the debate. Well done.

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