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We're Happy with Clay, and What Else Matters!

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Ours just extended until the end of April.  I'm personally OK with that.  Learning how to do online grocery shopping with pick up is interesting.

Those two interviews today with Clay were GREAT!

Love me some Sally Kohn!

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We’ve had two deliveries of groceries because the one store was out of bacon and flour!   Wiping everything down with disinfectant wipes is a right royal pain! Now we have a method worked out so next time it will be easier.  My daughter got a new phone today.  Watching her opening it up with plastic gloves on and wiping down the case was quite interesting.   

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FYI -- I just received a message from Tonya regarding our ad. With the Gala cancelled this year, they will be putting our ad for the Gala program on their FB page.  If you don't follow them on FB, do so!

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I have an oven!  I was nervous about having the workmen in my house, but I stayed in my office the entire time they were working, and didn't come out until an hour later (where I promptly wiped everything down).  I'm just happy that I can do some baking again!

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From the Pittsburgh CLO (where Clay did Grease last year):


NEW! Web Series: "CLOse Ups"

Starting next week, we'll be going live on our Facebook page with CLOse Ups - two new chat shows with celebrity guests, CLO alum and more!

On Tuesdays at 3pm ET CLOse Ups will stream SPARK the Conversation, hosted by Olivia O'Connor, our Manager of New Works. Then on Thursdays at 5pm ET is Cocktails & Conversation with our Producing Director, Mark Fleischer. Jump online with us and be a part of the fun as we give you a behind the scenes look at all we do at CLO!

Not on Facebook? Don't worry! We'll be posting links to all videos below.

Upcoming Shows:

Tuesday, April 7 at 3pm ET: SPARK the Conversation with UP AND AWAY's Kevin Hammonds & Kristin Bair | Hosted by Olivia O'Connor, Manager of New Works

Thursday, April 9 at 5pm ET: Cocktails & Conversation with Clay Aiken and Lara Hayhurst | Hosted by Mark Fleisher, Producing Director

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Hope everyone is healthy. The days seem to go so fast, I don't even pretend to get much done except the basic necessities: wake up, shower , walk the dog, eat breakfast, wash some clothes and before I know it it is lunchtime.  So groundhog day for me too merrieeee

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Fortunately, I do have a bit of a routine to do, with working virtually M-F.  Now, do I dress up for work?  I wear my best jeans and my best Clay Aiken/Weird Al/Hamilton t-shirt.  Haha.  I've also been really good at keeping my workout schedule.  My class was 3 times I week, and I'm doing it!  The company that creates the workouts, Les Mills, is offering free videos, and I've been use that for my class.  As a matter of fact, I think I'm in better shape now, because I don't have meetings that interfere with my workout classes!  (And on my days off, I go for a walk in my neighborhood -- very few people out and about, and those that do, keep our distance.  I'll have to make a mask though..

Weekends are the weird ones though.  I'm so used to going out for my shopping and such.  Today my husband and I went out for a quick drive -- and was amazed (and in my case) saddened by the number of cars in the Kroger parking lot.  Sigh.  (Kroger pickup -- Tuesday morning, 9 am.  My husband will go out and get it, and I'll take a little time off from my day to put things away...) 

Oh, and church is virtual.  Our Pastor sends out a weekly link to his recorded sermon, and they send out emails with supporting materials.  This week, though, is Holy Week.  Gonna be strange...

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