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We're Happy with Clay, and What Else Matters!

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Doing pretty well.  Getting used to the "routine" of it all.  I'm glad it's good weather too, although we're starting with thunderstorm/tornado season around here.  How is everyone else?

New podcast is up -- hoping to get to it this weekend.

Also, this is today.  Again, not sure if I'll get to watch live...



CLOse Ups: Cocktails & Conversations
Tune in to Facebook TODAY at 5pm!


Join us live on our Facebook page at 5pm for CLOse Ups: Cocktails & Conversations! This fun behind-the-scenes chat show is hosted by Mark Fleischer, our Producing Director. 

Today's guests include star of our 2019 production of GREASE, Broadway and TV's Clay Aiken, CLO's Director of Community Engagement, Kiesha Lalama and CLO Cabaret and A MUSICAL CHRISTMAS CAROL veteranLara HayhurstJump online with us and be a part of the fun as we give you a behind-the-scenes look at all we do at CLO!

Not on Facebook? Don't worry! We'll be posting all videos to our website and YouTube page. 
  • Click HERE to be directed to our Facebook page
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  • At 5pmclick on the stream to start watching.
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Not able to watch LIVE? Click HERE to watch previous episodes. 
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I really enjoyed that interview! He was so good in Drowsy Chaperone--I hope he does get to do it again. Really wise things to say about inclusion. I also love the house--so many windows. So funny that he's doing renovations and he's "butch" now.

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That is a really good interview.  I’m sad I missed Drowsy though.  His words on inclusion were thought provoking, to say the least.  I’m also trying to imagine him working on his house, but I do have to agree about YouTube!

Speaking of the house...I hate to burst your bubble, but Zoom has the ability to put fake backgrounds behind you.  I’m pretty sure that’s not his house...

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I seem to be getting really lazy. Miss having someone clean my house. Miss going out to eat. 

We did an Easter parade on Saturday. Decorated hats and decorated dogs. We walked around the neighborhood and greeted people who we haven't seen in a while who were sitting outside their houses.  We have 55 houses in our community and about 30 of us walked around with about five or six dogs. We are pretty close knit because we have so many social events except for now. :crying1:

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We had a parade of local first responders drive through our neighborhood on Sunday.  I heard the sirens and was like "oh no, what's going on?"  But then they just kept getting louder...slowly.  Finally figured out what was going on; my husband and I enjoyed being able to applaud them for their work.

Our neighborhood is quiet otherwise.  No one wears masks when walking in the neighborhood!  But at some point soon, I think I'm going to have to go out and get some things.  On the other hand, I may try to order from Target and see how it goes.  I have a friend who is going to Costco on Friday; if she can get disinfecting wipes, she's going to give me some!

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I have been to the grocery store a couple of times but normally do not go into places.  Been out walking everyday and occasionally biking.  Do not wear a mask when walking or biking but do stay at least 6 ft away.  We gave up riding the bike trails because they are to busy with walkers.  Hard to social distance when they will not move to the grass.  We tried moving over to the grass with the bike and almost buried it into soft grass and mud.  I have been off work all of April and will return on May 8th.  Will have to be refitted for N95.  I have one in my locker that I was fitted along time ago and never used.  Not sure if it is the right size.  One of the girls who works with me dropped off my mask that I will have to wear when I enter the hospital.  They gave us all mask and they need to washed every day we work.  Have to wear all day while working.  If we have to wear a N95 we have to send it down to sterilization after our shift with our name and unit on it (placed in a brown bag) then returned by the next day in a white bag. Hopefully the number of patients will be falling when I go back. 

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YAY Clay!  Would love to go, but finances....no job for DH in the near future, and he hasn't been driving for Uber either.  I'm fortunate to still have a job, but...who knows.

Wonder if this had been talked about before the interview a few weeks ago.

Here's the Instagram picture.


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DH and I made it to Costco this morning.  Managed to get there right around the time they let the younger than 60 set in, wearing our masks.  DH drove the cart and paid, I picked out the stuff, with hand sanitizing going on at the same time.  Every associate had masks; I would say 60% of the shoppers there were.  (We’re not at mandatory masks yet, but will be next week.). Managed to score the big three—bleach wipes, toilet paper, and paper towels. My pkan is to offer to friends on FB who need them, free of charge.  

Definitely a weird experience.

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