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Toronto CANADA 08/25/05

Couch Tomato

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From the cellcert:

Cellstream: there are people of all ages, not a lot of men, no freaks, maybe 1/4 of the audience wearing Clay stuff. They had an extra pair of seats, and gave them away to mother and son in the nosebleeds who hadn't seen Clay since AI2 tour, and are very excited. 100 section is full, 200 section is full, 300 section half full, and no one on the lawn.


A security guard was getting mad because a woman had what looked like a professional camera... they are talking to Clay's people to find out if it is ok to use cameras.

The venue seats about 9,000 and is at least 3/4 full..


It is starting late....but now they are reporting that it looks like they are getting ready to start...guy is testing out one of the keyboards...


mini-Jerome is checking the Professional camera.... (he's pretty, according to the CH cellcerter)

he's going to take the big lens, but she can use the camera (that's nice)


It's starting. Looking for quarter.

Crappity crap crap crap!! Don't take lenses pretty Jeromoid.

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couchie, you need to come home, I'm really crappy at this...

"The tempterature has been up and down..."

Celebrate all the decades in the next 15hours... Greeted by screams.. A marathon show...

"We're going to do every single song ever recorded.."

"The next song we are going to do..."

Unchained melody

Man, this is GORGEOUS - UM. Absolutely beautiful.

Are you still miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I neeeeeeed your lovvvee

Godspeed your love tooooooooooooooooooooooooo meeeeeeeeeeee

Cheers and yells


I haven't heard all the UM's from the JBT, but this has to be one of the best!!


Yup he's in rare form again---well, I guess it's not so rare any more--seems to be getting to be the norm now. Wow---really holding on the ending of UM.


He nailed UM tonight - again!



Having trouble with his shoe, said "this shoe will not go on my foot"


Talking about putting the show together...

"One particular artist in the 1950s and 60s who had more #1s..." Having problems with his shoes...

Best selling solo artist in history.. more gold records then anyone else in history...

The king..

Love Me Tender


The SCREAMS are something!!! Go, Canada!!!

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The SCREAMS are something!!! Go, Canada!!!


LMT - so tender and loving


Hound Dog - ain't no friend of mine (nice inflection in voice in 'friend')

Blue Suede Shoes

Don't Be Cruel (cruel, true - lovely low notes!!)

Heartbreak Hotel - channeling Elvis - ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh - great LOW notes!

Jail House Rock - fun and lively and sexy!



oopps aiken random genrator


now CHFILWY, I'll need to take a moment after "take my hand"

Random Lyrics -- in "LMT" he did the last 2 lines of the first verse over again in the 2nd


We can't go on together with suspicious minds - wonderful again!

Tears are real, I'm cryinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (emotive word)

Now at tempo change to slow - passionate


He is soooooo fabulous on SM - longest Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinds!!!


the last word, 'mind' - went on for one of the 15 hours of this show!

60s voice over


Daydream Believer



I think the audience is singing along on the "downtown's" - Wow, Clay's vocals are soaring on this!

Can't Buy Me Love - screams!


Sugar sugar


Cellstream: Quiana is rubbing her butt on Clay


I'm hearing laughter!!! (I think!)


Happy Together-The crows are roaring!!!!!!!!!!


Clay sort of laughed a little while singing a line.. Audience is screaming/laughing


So Happy Together - hearing laughs, squeals (sounds like there's a smile in Clay's voice!!! - can you imagine?!!!)

Strong bom bom bom's


Lots of screams after the 60's medley ended...


That last word, "together" took at least 1/2 hour!! We're down to 13.5 hours left now!!

Solitaire - WHOA very strong start.

He is in incredible voice tonight!


Doing the low notes in the verse again...


...a little hope goes up in smoke



Wow he's so "on" and still total silence----WOW

A little hope---goes UP in smoke

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now the uproars and screams


He didn't allow his vibrato to come through at the end of the glory note.... odd.. oh well.. it was still amazing!


Where did our Love go... Angela singing



Screams at first sighting of Pip Clay...yup, makes me scream too.


Clay talking about Motown.. Listing Motown bands... "And a lady called Gladys Knight"

Midnight Train to Georgia


Clay's background is coming through better on this than anyone else's vocal!

My Girl - I've got sunshine on a cloudy day (that's us, 'cause Clay is sunshine!)


My girl... SCREAMS


Tears of a Clown: someone is Whhhooooting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the tears of a clown

when there's no one around (great vocals)

Rescue Me


Reach out I'll Be there


If you feel like you can't go on...Gah...reach out, reach out to meeeeeeeeee...I'll Be There. Mmmmm so strong.


WOW - soaring voice again!!!! - Darlin, reach out for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Oh I'll be there to love and to comfort you

I'll be there with a love that will see you through

LOVE LOVE LOVE this song on Clay!



Freedom freedom (love the background "freedom's" especially!)

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crowd is wild---now he chattering before he goes for the participant---he's just bantering away ---- and laughing------said Claynadians---got a big holler


something about an honorary Claymate/Claynadian - said honor was spelled wrong - we don't spell it like that!

Something about some very special ladies there tonight; some gentlemen were bribed to be there tonight, rather be watching Canadian Idol or something.


Clay's on his way into the audience...screams


"we got some very energetic ladies in the audience tonight..."

Talking about gentlemen not wanting to be here.. "how many were robbed to be here?"

"canadians are very cultured right?"

"You know what let me get down there and talk to you..." screams

"Slippery stage.. I am going to fall. I don't usually fall on my butt..."

"come here... Don't look around... woohoo"

"Hey whats your name.."

"he didn't want to show up today?" "sort of.. not really"


Cellstream: he found JFL. He's going to make her come on stage. THERE WILL BE A NEW SONG!


Looking for someone else.. "Going to give you a break tonight" to the first guy.

"Hi how are you?" Walking all over the place. all the way back in the 200s

"are you ok?"

"Don't hit me.. Excuse me.. Excuse me.." Just walking through rows...

"Whats your name? James?"

"Come here.. come here.."

"James have you ever been at a show before?"

"Many times..."

"She's the head claymate" Talking to Jaymes foster levvy...

"I was talking to Qiuanna.... Don't you think she would be a good dancer?"

"She even chose out the new song for Toronto..."


NEW SONG TONIGHT ONLY FOR TORONTO...picked out by JFL!!!!!!!!!!!


Ain't No Mountain High Enough - another one he knocks out of the park! And tonight is no exception - it's flying!



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"We'll be back in 20minutes with Jaymes foster Levy"


Happy Together - Looking at each other.. angela grabbed his tie and pulled him real close. He jerked away from the end of the verse and looked at Quiana. fighting over them. Head locked them again.

He saw jaymes foster levvy and waled up and around and through a row... And found her. Making her dance for car wash. Got a clip of him walking by.


Christopher Ward who co-wrote Black velvet is there?

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Thanks CAClayfan2...I will deifnitely TELL her. I hope she is having the time of her life. She sure is getting snarky Clay!!



December 1963. "Give it up for Jaymes!"


Clay starts "December 1963" -- sounding great, encouraging the audience to clap for Jaymes.

"September" now...huge cheers as the dancing starts


"Nights on Broadway" sounded excellent.

"Too Much Heaven" -- Clay's voice sounding wonderful; he's sounding strong and assured tonight. I'm loving the reception on the cellstream right now.

"I Feel the Earth Move" now.


Cheers as Clay begins "Mandy."



Held that out for a loooooooong time


Mandy - power, emotion, control - gorgeous

70s banter - some things the same in both US and Canada, like polyester, but Canada had some things unique to her - on very large scale

called on a lady with the face of a very good looking gentleman on her shirt (she got married, was her answer)


commented on someone close to him but she still needs binoculars!! Yea for the Claynadians!


Talking about the 70s... Similar things that happened in Canada and the united states like polyester... Saturday Night live...

"you're not maried.. thats great.. don't know how much that effects Canada.."

"woodstock happened in the 70s..."

"Trunomania..." cheers "there you go..."

"Canada beats Russia in hockey..."

"The woman who is extremely close to me and is still looking through binoculars... embarrassing..."

"You people I have to tell you something right now.. Hold on... But I do this every night.. But I always end with the same line.. but people like to take it from me. This woman said I was born but I ignored her because it was my line.. I ignored that lady over there.. And you think I am going to listen to you.. You can forget the 70s and 80s.. I'm hurt.. but I was born in the 70s"



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And mind goes on forever on BOTW!!!!!!!!! Tons of EEEEEEEEEE, squeals and OMGs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG - that final MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNDDDDDD took at least 1-1/2 hours. Gorgeous.

Felix preacher guy eliciting huge laughs and screams!


Felix now.. I had to do some research.. What happened in the 80's in Canada


The cellcerters loved BOTW -- he was right in front of them.

"What did Felix do to his hair??" That's from our cellcerters. Felix is tailoring his banter somewhat for Canada.


Piano music....


How can you leave me standing in a world that sooooo cold

Maybe I am just too demadning..

singing this part very delicately

singing this part very delicately


Clay is singing the gospel intro to WDC in total head voice. Nice touch! Sounding assured.

Some cheers on that first "satisfied" riff (down to those lovely low notes).


Hearing some screams from the audience.

And the tempo kicks up, with the audience going crazy.


screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmm at each other - met whe some cheers - the control of that 'screeeeam', pulling back off of it to finish the line still amazes me!

When Doves Cry - lotsa screams!!

Touch if you will my stomach (cheers)

feel how it trembles inside

don't make me chase ya

even doves have pride

This is what it sounds like when douououoves cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

(and the note went on forever)

A bit later, maybe I'm just too (went up on the not on 'too' - was very nice)

Ending, cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy - whoa - LONG cry! Huge screams - HUGE!

All Night Long


Clay held out the long notes beautifully on WDC -- the song got a great response.

BWAH! Our cellcerter says, "Oh, it's the macarenas!" Hee. She meant "maracas."


WDC sounded a bit tired to me, but it might be the cellstream reception.

"All Night Long" got a nice reception.

"Never Gonna Give You Up" -- I love how Clay changes up his phrasing to sound like Rick Astley!

Slowing it up for "Alone" -- GAH, Clay sounds so amazing on this. Wailing on the chorus now -- sounding awesome -- held out that last lingering "alone"!

"Rock With You"


Never Gonna Give You Up - sounded great, again

Alone - haunting, emotive, pleading; then explodes!

How do I get you alone?

Rock With You


Jacob sounds good on Rock With You and the audience loved it!



Sounds very pretty to me tonight, again.


Intro to "Sailing" -- intermittent cheers.

Clay is singing now. Sounding beautiful -- wow. You can usually hear it if Clay isn't totally concentrating on this, but this has got to be one of his better renditions of the song.


Can't touch this


Sounds like there's a new dance, "The Typewriter", or maybe I just didn't know the name to one done previously!

He's really egging them on tonight! Lots of dances!


The Roger Rabbit? Making Quiana dance it


CTT is still going on!!

These are the 1990's!

Black Velvet

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End of the Road

Clay is very demanding and in command during CTT


OMG - Clay is wailing and so passionate on EOTR - major - absolutely GORGEOUS - LOVE THIS LOVE THIS LOVE THIS! Want.full.version.now! (Along with several others!)

I LOVE that guitar work on "Black Velvet." Great response to Angela and the band for that song.

Clarence doing his thing to intro "End of the Road." Jacob starts the singing off, sounding great. Now, Clay...amazing!

"Iris" now -- Clay wailing, growling. Sounding strong, especially considering this is his 3rd consecutive concert.


Iris - very strong and in control, more passion.

I just want you to know who I am.

HUGE SCREAMS as music switches.


black cats and voodoo dolls

that girl's gonna make me fall

music - SCREAMS!!

new sensations

new addiction for every day and night

makes you take your clothes off and go dancin in the rain (HUGE SCREAMS)

Soaring vocals on bullet to the brain

He sounds really into this tonight!! YEA!!




Svon playing... Some quiet screams.. No I Love You Clays

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Oh GAH....ICMYLM....quiet....beauty...tenderness...yearning...he's going to make me cry....


Intermittent cheers during piano intro for ICMYLM

Turn down the light

turn down these voices

inside my head

Low note 'me' was GORGEOUS!

Beautiful echo on the NOOOOOOOO you wont

I can't make you love me if you dooooooooooooon't (soft, but long-ish)

2nd verse - so heart wrenching

I'll do what's right - some little note change ups, very nice

I WILL GIVE UP THIS FIGHT - can't think of what word I want but so so so sad

Absolutely gorgeous rendition (again) tonight; another must have.

Cheers and applause at the end. Piano plays on.


I can feel this song deep down inside...you just want to reach out to hug him and make it better...

Applause greets the end of beauty....


S'von's turn. Felix jamming with him a bit. Both of them sounding awesome.

And now, transition to the intro to ICMYLM. Hearing some cheers and yells from the crowd, seeming to come from the back of the venue. Apparently, people are getting shushed.

Clay is singing now. "Turn down the lights." Gorgeous. Oh, that low "me"! GUH.

I love how he draws back a note -- starts out with power, and then lets the resonance of his voice take over.

A new riff on that last "lay down my heart."

Great cheers after Clay finishes -- extended applause. Our cellcerters are really moved. Beautifully done.'




Band intro

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Well lost the cellstream right before the new song...not worried though as it's still recording..and I know there will be clack..probably sometime tonight.



IWALY was wonderful and the audience seemed wild about it.

Clay's back! Intros.


Cellstream: he was talking to CynicalOne. Lots of Touch signs there.


He's going through saying different areas of Canada, who's from where?


Talking about Jacobs album... "From Fresno California... Jacob Latrell..." (lol I love how he says Latrell "

"going to be a daddy for the first time.. Andy Abad..."

"Clarence Allan!"

"From chicago illionois danielle pierson!"

"Okay over here? That's much better we like to see her smile.. Maureen baker!!"

"That was a very nice canadian research.. I'm very impressed. Impressed by your musical ability very nice guy.. Felix (didn't catch last name)"

"You read alot over here..." Clay laughed...

"And there so polite here.. They don't scream.. Like the other ones.."

"Anyone from Montreal?"

"Anyone from British Columbia?"

"Anyone Saratoga?"

"We don't do this every single night..."

alot of touch signs... Doing stump the band.. "I have never done that song.."


Stump the Band...again said he would not sing Touch.


To something, he said "if that's reverse psychology, it ain't gonna work!"


"If there is a song you would like us to sing... Except touch.. Put your arms down I don't want your arms to get hurt.."

"I need a quarter for whoever requests..."

"Sweet Child of Mine.. Do you know that?"

"Just a second.. Quiana is going to do it for you..."

They don't know the words.. They are kind of mumbling and na na naing the verse.. Singing the chorus though


"New Kids on the Block..." "ooooooooooooooooo..." he sang that part acapella.

"You know what? Calm down.. Security could you watch this area right here?"

"Crying... We'll be right back.."


"You know you wouldn't have gotten away with shouting in my classroom.." People are shouting..

"O Canada..."


For Stump the Band he sang O Canada acapella. The band was really stumped.. Though they did play for Sweet Child of mine when Quiana (I think) was sort of singing it... she only knew the chorus. He kind of hummed the other 2 songs.. New kinds on the block and Crying for a little bit.


I loved Clay's voice on "O Canada" -- great moment.

Introducing the MoaM medley. Said something about not having been so good at Stump the Band tonight.

IWCY. Loved how he sounded on "When the stars go blind."

TW now...big cheers greet this song.



he's talking to the audience

he just said he's going to start the xmas tour Nov. 2 in Vancouver

congratulating someone with an anniversary

introducing kristy

wanted to do something special for toronto

here for toronto, since it's been so long since we've been here, trying something new here tonight



new song

Can’t make out the words

Ballad, mid tempo

But he sounds amazing

All back ups on chorus with him

I think it’s pretty, but I;m easy

I can’t really make out the words

Romance, maybe??

It sounds yearning

midtempo, i'd guess, although i don't know much about that

only one bar left on Elzi’s phone

BfM - not so crazy about love songs now

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bantering now - they've had a rough day with accidents, listing them. Now, what'd you do yesterday. Want to talk about anything?

I think he said "Clack" again!

Talking with a lady who had to fly 3 flights to get there.

Someone is having a 9th anniversary - how about a competition - she's celebrating 24!

Christy is somewhere, she's 27.

New album hopefully at the beginning of next year.

They kept this song from everywhere for tonight. New song.


Can't tell a thing about the lyrics but I like the 'sound' of this. Pretty, already sounds strong; I REALLY like this!! Want download!!! Wails too. Vocal/note playing. WHOA VERY STRONG!!! Sorry I can't do better than this rightn now in description.

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the crowd is going apeshit over invisible

it’s v.loud

the tempo wasn't like BFM

Elzi via Aurorabee:

ballad, liked it better than 1000 days, but is sick of ballads

webweaver got almost all of the new song on her camera

they will upload it when they get back to the hotel

the word yearning wasn't in it, it SOUNDED yearning

elzi said she thought thelyrics made sense

"how can you be a stranger to me when i still dream your name" or something like that

ficus was not impressed with the new song, but no angels or spinning balls, so that's good

mrsgenghis has some but can't upload tonight

webweaver has 3 minutes of the new song

they're not going to a party, so they promise there will be clack tonight

I'll post the new song on FCA as soon as I get it..Thank god I live in California and I need to pack! WHoo hoo...

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