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Boston, MA - August 28, 2005


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From CH:

It is starting. Band members on stage.


This crowd is LOUD! They're screaming for everything Felix and S'von say.

Quarter is in the jukebox.

We built this city.


Lots of screams now so I guess you know who just appeared.




Love the energy of this first section!

There's that man in evening clothes and Clay still doesn't know how he got there, or the chicken slacks!!

Twistin twistin everybody's feeling great!


No glasses tonight -- guess he healed from the maple leaf .


Sounds like he's in GREAT voice and mood agian!

At The Hop!!


Now Rockin Robin


Great Pretender




can make this world seem right (that's what we think about Clay!)


man the audience is going nuts!!!!!!!

Mr Sandman...


Mr. Sandman

And then Alpha-male Clay returns!! YEA!!


That'll Be the Day...I love the little "ow's" in this...


GBoF to screams.


This audience is crazy...you can't even hear Clay singing GBOF...



Ohhhhhhhh, feels good! Audience is eating this up!!!!!!!!!!!

You're mine mine mine!!

Rock and roll is here to stay!

GAHHHHHHHHHHH, such fun!!!!



They are LOUD AND HAPPY AND SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got a maple leaf stuck in his eye, which was bad.

Caller says no glasses


The one thing I CAN hear is the crowd screaming

He's talking to them now and everything he says is greeted by laughter and cheers.


Someone must have asked him how many layers he was wearing tonight, because he then repeated the question..."how many layers am I wearing tonight?"


Telling the format of the show.

That first song - rock and roll era, which means absolutely nothing to me!!


Something about 100 shows.

We're going to our best to have a good time tonight.

Normal spiel.

Intro to UM.


UM...that first note...felt that where I shouldn't...

mine...held so long...met with insane screams....


Oh, my love, my darrrrrlin'

I hunger for your touch.

Wow. This crowd that was screaming before is absolutely silent

well until now - something got a roar of approval.


Gorgeous ending on UM.


The notes go from strong and powerful, to reigning in the power to soft and gentle. Amazing.

Great audience reception. MEGA cheering!


Talking about Elvis.

Playing and singing.


LMT...kind of doing it "breathy" tonight...VERY nice


Love Me Tender - is so very tender and sweet

Now, let's ROCK!!


LMT...tenderness in his voice just gorgeous...you can feel the yearning...fulfilled feathered off so nicely...

Hound Dog...

Man..they are screaming like no tomorrow tonight


Venue is 99% full!


Okay something happened...that was a OMG....OMG....


MAJOR screams leading into Hound Dog!!

One for the money, two for the show....

Blue Suede Shoes - stay offa my BSS.

Lord he sounds awesome!!

I don't want no other love

baby it's just you I'm thinking of

since my baby left me

Heartbreak Hotel


Warden threw a party in the county jail

Let's rock!!!

Dancin to the Jail House Rock!!

MAJOR screams!!



Take my hand

take my whole life too

for I can't help falling in looooooooovve withhhhhhhhh youuuuuuuuuuu.

So beautiful.

Suspicious Minds


SM...the bridge kills me on this song...love it


Audience is clapping along to SM....


Isn't this Clay's song now? It is for me.

We can't go on together

with suspicious minds

and we can't build our dreams

on suspicious minds

Slower tempo now

You know I'd never lie to you

Uptempo again


The audience LOVED it!!

60's voice over


Insane screams as he steps through the clothes rack!

Daydream Believer

The audience just loves him!!

Cheer up sleepy Jean

Oh what can it mean

to a daydream believer

(cheers at line walks)


Wild screams happened...something is going on again...hee



I think they're singing along to the 'downtown' part!



Head boppin Clay...Can't Buy Me Love....

Makes me smile!!!!

Sugar Sugar....


Sugar, Sugar


Such strong notes on this!

Hunney, aw sugar sugar

you are my candy girl

and you've got me wantin youuuuuuuuuuu

I love hearing a smile in Clay's voice!

Audience reacting!


So Happy Together

Must be doing something - audience reactions mid-song

Sounds bright and happy!

Bom bom bom bom bom bom

So happy together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sugar Sugar....

He's got Quiana gripped and they are walking...

Happy Together...now he is so close to Angela...Quiana giving him moonie eyes...



Greeted with insane cheers and screams...oh yes...oh yes....


He is sounding wonderful tonight. Audience sounded crazed with desire. Oh wait, that's me. :-D



Audience erupts!


Soli-taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee....oh man....the audience!!! Owie my ears!!!!!!!! He nails it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And keeping to himself he plays the game

Without her love it always end the same

While life goes around everywhere

He's playing Solitaaaaaaaaaire.........

Insane screams....


Final Solitaire is absolutely THUD-inducing, fall-on-your-knees. It went on forever, was breathtakingly beautiful and was cheered by the audience for a LONG time, very loudly and enthusiastically.



Where Did Our Love Go

Clay was greeted back on stage with LOUD LOVING SCREAMS!! Doing the Motown talking. Now the Pips are in action.

HUGE scream!! Pip-move, no doubt!

Boston loves them some Clay Aiken!!!


midnight train to georgia. sounds awesome!


Something happened....they started screaming during Midnight Train to Georgia after the Intro...

You can feel the energy over the phone!! Phew!!!!!

My Girl....


EEEEEEEE! Pip Clay. Lurve the hat.

crowd screeching over Clay's moves


My Girl

Soooooooooo dreamy. Swoon.

He's got so much honey, the bees envy him - now, I can believe that!!!


Tears of a Clown...

When there is no one around (eeeeeee.....low notes)

Rescue Me....


'heard it through the grapevine' now. jacob sounds really good.




I'll Be there met with more insane screams...man you can tell when Clay is on....


Was there a growl in the first two lines of I'll Be There? If so, rawrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

He's kicking some major butt on this song - again!





WOW, Angela sounds REALLY strong on Freedom tonight.




Clay is coughing....

SS reports that air is bad tonight...very humid...

Talking about his lack of dancing abiltiy...into the finding the pip spiel...

Hee...Clay said the audience is off the hook! (Eek...reminds me of whatsherface on TRL)


Clay's talking again - about how Angela, Jacob and Quiana have rhythm and how he needs help for the 70's.

He'll try not to dance very much in the 70's.

Naming all the groups.

Talking to a man who wants to say something to the bass player - Daniel.

He knows him - something he said has the crowd laughing.


Huge response at the end of this segment!

Can't tell much what he's saying in the talking part now.

Whoa, he's talking FAST tonight, maybe even faster than normal!

Giving A and Q credit for having rhythm. Said something about the skinny white boy. Listing the 70s groups.

Talking to Mike

Big laugh in the audience.


Clay must be in the audience...lots of screaming and yelling


Looking for a gentleman to help. Says some guy is a claymate; he's been dancing.

Clay is talking to a guy who is wearing a tee shirt that says, "I can't believe my wife made me go to 2 Clay Aiken concerts on my honeymoon."


talking to Hobbitkitty (from Clayversity) and her hubby!!!!!!!!!!


The laughter was "off da hook" during all that! Cannot wait to hear what was actually said.

Now, ANMHE - and it is incredible!!!!!!!!


Ouch my ears as the song ends....


Ain't no mountain high enough

Nothin can keep me, keep me fro you!!!!!!!!!!

Sounded really EXCELLENT!

70's on in 20 minutes


Hobbitkitty's hubby's sign said he had to go to 2 CA concerts on his honeymoon!


The guy who was wearing the tee shirt that said - says, "I can't believe my wife made me go to 2 Clay Aiken concerts on my honeymoon."

Shirt totally cracked Clay up.

Clay recognized the wife - she'd had a meetNgreet a couple of nights ago. He asked where the husband had been then and the wife said he was sleeping in the car.

Clay asked how long they'd been married - a month.

So they delayed the honeymoon AND he had to go to Clay concerts.

Clay asked wife if he should have husband come up and dance and she said of course.


Celltream: Bob and Linda are there again, and it's their 100th show.


The volunteer in the audience was a man who had only been married a month... he said he liked this tour a lot better than the last one.. the (IT I guess), Clay said, 'Oh so the last one was crap?"


tons of men and younger women per cellcerter


Cellcerter says Quiana said it was a great crowd!

It's Bob and Linda's 100th show or so they say.

When asked how many layers of clothes he had on, Clay said six decades


The guy who got picked to dance's wife had a meet and greet. He stayed in the car while she did that. Clay said, so she goes to a meet and greet and drags you to two concerts during your honeymoon.. go ahead and say it,, you're whipped!"


When Clay saw what was on Kevin's shirt he busted out laughing and leaned on the piano...SS says the look on Clay's face was priceless.

Car Wash....

Someone is doing the Car Wash Move...



December 1963


Ouch...screams...and oh yes...


Nutty noise tonight...the crowd is pumped!!!!!

Ba di ah...


nights on broadway... clay's voice sounds sexayyy!


nobody gets to much love anymore, it's as high as a mountain and harder to cliiimb...


Too much heaven....

And my love.........so beautiful...

Love is such a beautiful thing....

World...thrumming away....

I feel the Earth Move...


Clay is sitting on the beanbags laughing with Jacob..

Mandy now....

THere is a nut case screamer...SHUSH!


Mandy - strong, secure, gorgeous, heartfelt


Near the end, you can just hear the passion and hurt ramp up. GAHHHHHHHHH


Liken said that Clay has a cold or something, but he is doing very well,considering.


Wild a** screaming going on as Mandy ends.

Now doing the banter...


MAJOR screams at end of Mandy

70s banter - polyester

getting help from audience


gah -- "you were born" screamers....


Monday Night Football, Star Wars - Clay says, also Apple Computers, SNL, what else happened in the 70s. Hold on!

Audience: can't hear

He says, I can't hear you - something something - in teacher voice

What else happened in the 70s?

Near caller, someone saying OMG OMG

Watergate, Clay says.

One more

Clay saying he has the same problem sometimes, he doesn't get it.

Only thing important and he's sure Svon will agree, is that he was born!!


Gorgeous start with A, Q, and J.


Eaaaaaaseeeeeee your miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnndddddddddd! Nailed it - nailed it - nailed it!!


Massive screaming again...OUCH my ears!

Here is Felix the preacher


Felix has a blonde wig on, per caller.



Massive screams going on....Holy hotness she says...she is going to die....hee...

Wild screeching going on....OMG....

Start of soft slow Clay...so tenderly and gently....


His voice sounds fantastic...

maybe I'm just like my mother, she's never satisfiiiiieeedddd

Why do we screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmm at each other...


Microphone stuck in the sleeve Whoah! Massive screams there.


More screams...shush already...

when doves cry.....

And it revs up.....

audience feels like it's going to burst...

And the robe is off and it does...

Dancing with Angela...


CH gals are saying a possible kiss on Angela's cheek!


wdc sounds reaaaaaally hot tonight. *fans self*



This sounds incredible! I would LOVE for Clay to record WDC.

When douvuvuvuves cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Another massive audience eruption!!


All Night Long...

maracas time...


Never gonna give you up


Heee...Clay lost his maraca (I guess he dropped it?)


Here's Mr. Astley. I don't know why he keeps popping out in Clay's concert.



whistles during

I wonder where you are tonight

and the night goes by so very slow


Ramp up the power - WHOA!

Always got by on my own

never really cared until I met you

He owns this song too, IMHO.


Rock with you


Jacob's doing a good job


Screams of I love you Jacob....



Very pretty so far.


Sailing...he takes me with him when he sings this song....

Felix I think has a tophat on? SS says he looks like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland...but it was unclear...don't quote me on that one...


Piano interlude as someone changes clothes again...

Here comes the 90s...CTT...


People walked around in spandex all the time.

Asking Quiana what she wore.


SS says they are dying up there because it's so hot tonight...

Clay is being bad...Jacob has to dance...the Aiken has Spoken...



Clay giving Jacob his punishment in CTT.


Clay says when he went to dances in the 90's he sat in the corner!

He's doing the typewriter...

"Jacob is doing The Running Man for you now..."

"I can't do it .. I told you , I sat out at dances" he is trying to do it.. looks so funny


CTT - Clay's embarrassed at what they wore in the 90s! And that whole time he had on overalls with only one clip clipped. Something about sitting in the corner???

Now displaying the dances

Did we realize we looked like we were having a seizure?




and AGAIN.

Something about Jacob, running man and marathon - got a huge cheer. (home of the Boston Marathon, no doubt)

Now, the Reebok. I like that, I can always do that (may not have heard right!)

The macarena?

Except for the audience eruptions, take the rest of that report with a grain of salt until we have CLACK!!! Hard to tell the talking!

These are the 1990s!


Black Velvet


Clarence and Jacob.


GAHHHHHHH, I so love this when Clay sings it.

You can FEEL the heartbreak and hurt and passion and longing.


End of the Road! His voice is so beautiful... the harmony to die for!


Their voices meld so beautifully on this song.

and now Clay is wailing Iris

You're the closest to heaven that I've ever been and I don't want to go home right now


Iris - Clay definitely improved a lot with this song.

LLVL - Swimmer Clay perfecting his backstroke.


LLVL music - another massive eruption!!

that girl's gonna make me fall

(I hope he's really shaking his bon bon tonight!)

clothes off - met by huge reaction

bullet to brain - ditto (must have been when the vest got tossed)


Insane cheers!!!!

He sounded great, BTW!



SS is thudding big time...OMG OMG...

Massive screams...

piano interlude


ICMYLM---still lots of screamers.


The screamers are there for ICMYLM

Oh please...shush up. They haven't stopped yet....

He sounds beautiful...just try and listen...

Don't patronize......

Me....down low....


boo - screamer at first ICMYLM if you don't

This has been beautiful. So haunting and pleading.

(There's a talker nearby - another boo)

Piano interlude now


voice sounds haunting and very controlled. beautiful, clay.


Someone forgot to tell the screamers to stuff it during this song - they were with us for several lines after Clay started singing again. And back again - a lot of them. This won't be a mp3-keeper song if audience noise bothers you on it. I think I heard a "take it off" amongst it.

Clay did a superb job on this again tonight.

Now adulation is being properly and appropriately given.


IWALY - great again tonight!


WOAH QUIANA SING IT GIRL! she sounds amazing... i will always love you. amazing, outstanding, incredible. this woman needs a record contract now. what the heck how does she not have one?!?! awesome, awesome. she totally puts whitney to shame!


Huge reaction for Q, and well deserved, IMO.


Band Intros...

Angela has that cute blue hat...


Something drew a HUGE cheer, even before he asked for the overall response to intro's.

Stump the band!!


Someone in the band who was introduced was wearing a Boston REd Sox shirt... got huge applause and cheers


They have a song, talk amongst yourselves while we work this up.

You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling!






Screamers...Clay held his finger up again....you know that wait a minute gesture....

audience is clapping like that is going to make it go faster...LOL!

Oh...he sounds great...

Audience is slayed and are screaming...

one more....


You've lost that lovin feeling

now it's gone gone gone (way down LOW, WHOA)

One More!!

Whoo!! (by Clay)


He said, "ahhhhhhhh, Oh The Wings Of Love"



Clay's singin You Lost That Lovin' Feelin

and it sounded awesome -= voice so deep and ricih

taking another request.

He said if you don't have a sign I'll call you. If you came prepared that was awfully presumptuous of you! Said with a little twinkle in his eyes.

Request for On the Wings of Love

They're working on it


clay and the band are working it out,, audience patiently waiting

Singing now! Pefect! ON the wings of love... together flying high! audiences singing along!


OTWOL - sounds great, of course! Sang about a verse.

HUGE cheers from audience at something he said. Then he laughed.

IWCY intro notes!

Audience cheers.


Soaring vocals - IWCY. Strong and secure.

Seque to The Way. Beautiful.

Something bout the way you look tonight

(Big cheers)



Met by some shrill screams.

I still love hearing this!


Introducing new songs


Can't understand the talking right now. Lots of screaming.



Going to Boston for the JNT...


I so hope there is good video of this TRD! He sounds wonderful!


Hearing some screams near the wailing part.

Good reaction at end.

It was pretty. I can't tell anything else.


The crowd must be unbelievably loud...it is totally distorting the cellcert...can barely hear Clay.


It almost sounded like the crowd was singing to the chorus of Tears...did anyone else hear it?


Back for More




He OWNS Back for More. Of course, we've known that for a while!


Another audience eruption


Audience clapping along from beginning


Invisible! Everyone singing along.


Your turn - and they sing!


Entire audience singing along he is holding his mic out to them


Wait... I already am. ALL OVER!!! Tons of screaming!


The audience is unbelievable tonight...I mean unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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