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  1. It's strange that over here people just watch gas prices rise and fall and do the best they can.

    Where I used to live, at least before we went under Martial Law, people/business/unions/even schools would react. A lot of times things still couldn't change much, sometimes things could be done, but the process was right.

  2. nobody watched V? I thought it was pretty good. I think they're rushing the story a bit.

    I also watched the 8 hour marathon on Sy Fy of the original miniseries.

    I watched the original V but it didn't stick with me. I guess the premise of a Arena-type situation where no compromise is possible doesn't fit well with today's thinking. We're in a global society, everyone talks and works witheveryone. It's the only way for the humanity to progress.

  3. i cover my ears

    angels throwing strikes and spares

    thunder and lightning

    *Yes, I've been watching too much early River Tam. Can't you tell? Lol*

    please can't you break down

    look away and leave me be

    egg timer on joy

  4. what joy to see him

    time flew by on golden notes

    moon river echoes

    ETA: I think I have the bug...

    miles and miles away

    the wind still whispers his voice

    sharing the same moon

    ETAA: Thanks for the good wishes, jmh!

  5. Good luck and lots of hugs {{{everyone seeking jobs}}}!!! :hugs-1:

    Times are tough everywhere. Some women in my workplace formed a networking group and we share relevant articles, have a monthly lunch with a speaker or featured video and assign mentors to those who need or want them. These are some of the more interesting articles that have been posted recently. I hope you find them useful or interesting. Since these are generally geared towards 'women at the workplace' issues (I won't say 'working women' because that's always been redundant since prehistoric times), maybe I should put them in a different thread? Just wanted to post them here first since I think the folks who would appreciate them come visit here.


    Interesting article on women's role in business:

    White House Council on Women and Girls

    One Reason Why Women Don't Make it to the C-Suite

    Revenge of the Nerdette

    Womenomics: Write Your Own Rules for Success by Claire Shipman and Katty

    Kay - discusses the power of women in the marketplace both as consumers

    and in the workplace.

    This is an extended abstract:

    Time magazine articles about changing roles in the workplace,00.html,00.html

    Centered Leadership: How Talented Women Thrive

    Saving the World's Women

    At a recent meeting, our networking group watched this video together and found a lot of useful tips and insights:

    - Pat points out the main difference in how we communicate by reciting the Boy Scout and Girl Scout promises. One goes "I will do" and another goes "I will try". Girl Scouts say "I will try" because they believe that being honest about the situation is the important thing. However, if you were conducting a job interview who would you hire, the person who's says he's going to do it or the person who says that "she will try"? Uh-huh... even though both of them would have just "tried their best" anyway.

    - Some tips from the Heim group:

  6. OK don't have any tickets yet but I'm planning to go after xmas and stay until the last show. And eeeeeeeeee yay Ansa is hoping to come for part of that time as well. I haven't started doing anything yet but will soon. Looking for roomies!!

    I'm seriously trying to talk my friend into going at this time as opposed to our original end of Oct. timeframe. The hotel prices are soooooooo much better.

    I'll be there for the last weekend too -- please include me in your plans!!! Eeeeee!

  7. This is part of the PM conversation the eHP had yesterday about our Minnesota, Omaha, Merrillville trip. I changed real names to screen names.

    Is any part of my body going to exposed to the killing cold that is all over the news today?


    No. It supposed to warm up to 30 degrees by the time we get there. Damn. Scarlett and I were hoping you wouldn't notice the killing cold. If it makes you happy, I'll pick you up at the airport instead of making you wait for the shuttle.


    "Warm up to 30 degress" is such a total oxymoronic phrase I'm surprised the computer allowed you to type it in. Yeah, right, I was supposed to miss the ice covered bodies strewn about the Midwest....

    PerusingOne, I have no idea how we were talked into this...


    If there's an ice storm I won't be able to make them budge but I can probably round up the posse and get them to Uno's if I warm up the car first.

    Aren't we going to Unos at Omaha already? I can do both but I'm just sayin' that Merrillville has a lot more options than Omaha. I can do Unos both nights if need be but having driven around both towns late at night on a weekend Omaha's Unos seemed to be the only possibility while Merrillville had blocks and blocks of choices. (then again, we were kinda too loud and oohed to much at the omaha unos that they might not let us in again. wait, kareneh and vwp won't be there this time and so maybe I can pull the innocent look)

  8. Lucky, I'm sorry about the lateness but my favorite is the Knoxville ATD because of the changeups and clarity of his singing. The audio file itself isn't very clean since there's some background noise -- you might recall the noisy guy behind us. It's still my first pick although if I had the choice and some extra time on my hands, I'd go into some editor and clean up the background noise a bit.

    Also, the Orlando ATD is special because Sean and Jesse and Clay and Quiana switched.

  9. So who's going to go find artquest and smack her around remind her? KAndre??

    :cryingwlaughter: Don't forget merrieeee, YSRN and playbiller while you're at it. ;)

    Since the awesome kind and wonderful Gibby :F_05BL17blowkiss: helped me escape a sporking with Roseanne *big wet sloppy MUAH!!!*, I'll volunteer to do this if artquest is still on vacation. I already listen to ATD constantly anyways.

  10. crapcrapcrapcrap....I'm SOOOOOOO behind on my assignment..... :fca:

    Not as behind as me! :3:

    We're not behind, we're merely waiting patiently.

    Now, y'all may like my WPB but I happen to know that someone I lurve was sitting in my other WPB seat (and it may have been slightly better for audio; i took the one that was optimal for vids) So, yes, I'm very patient and can wait forever. I just hope I didn't kill her EIH when I got up to talk to her in the middle of the song because I was having problems (bad tape, bad battery) -- kicks self repeatedly -- yes, how how stoopid was that? *cries*

    (btw, nice to see ya CG. Hugs!!!)

  11. ETA: *whispers Waukegan enticingly* to Solo below... c'mon do it already before he says "Bug Spray" and save yourself some scrambling for rafter seats.

    Oh hell to the no. It's taken me 5 tours but I've finally caught on to her evil enabling ways. What she's really pushing is Waukegan and Kalamazoo. Once I agree to one concert, she points out how convenient it would be to go to the next concert since I'm in the area already. That's how I ended up driving a bottle of ice wine through 6 states this summer. :F_05BL17blowkiss:

    All kidding aside, I would love to do it but can't really swing it with the holidays and hopefully a 2008 Summer Tour on the horizon. But I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the 5 concerts I am attending.

    *sigh* Ok, you can stop hiding now. They're all spoken for. But couldja buy me a ticket for Williamsport??!

    Oh btw, I think he'll change up the JNT format and you'll be sorree....

  12. <small voice> and I'm going to Omaha too... </sv>

    EEEEEeeee, Shady! I'll be quiet as a mouse....

    ETA: *whispers Waukegan enticingly* to Solo below... c'mon do it already before he says "Bug Spray" and save yourself some scrambling for rafter seats.

  13. I missed most of the last night's gnashing-over-gnothing, but here's what I would have said:

    The Brighter side of Teeth...

    10. He can fund TBAF out of what he'll save on bronzer; when he needs a tan he can just look himself over.

    9. If a snooty restaurant serves him a medium-rare steak, he can fix it right there.

    8. We can toss the pricey ISO 1000 Clack cameras with beyond freaky low-light capacity; ISO 50 will do just fine.

    7. No more water issues; if he gets too close to a body of water he can just evaporate it.

    6. With his voice and projection, he can do Sound-and-Light shows all by himself.

    5. It's a clean, renewable energy source.

    4. He no longer sits on the whitest part of his body.

    3. He can give bullies a hot seat from 2 blocks away.

    2. Whenever he wants to show off, he can part the Red Sea.

    1. Next time he wears white pants at a concert and turns to Jesse behind him... Voila! Instant backlight!


    luckiest, I saw your post about our meeting at the Interlochen pre-party. I'm really sorry about not remembering that. My only excuse is that Interlochen was the first time I ever came within 3 feet of that guy so my mind turned to oatmeal. Hoping to see you again at the next tour!

  14. Where's KAndre? She can't be asleep?!! I can't fill in all the spaces since I'm in such a fog that I need to read her recap to make sense of it all.

    I also thought "Kenny" the second I saw him -- and last night we were just talking about Muski's Kenny story...

    *threatens to keep dialing KAndre's number until she logs on* (and dial merrieeee's in between)

  15. I'm not Scarlett either, but man! Talk about your overpriced LA hotel room! And no pool boys to keep us entertained either! Muski cracked one eye at the Houston psychos (tsk tsk, we've gotten all of 3-4 hours sleep! We're good!), told us to go away and go eat while she sleeps like a normal person. I even LOOKED at the fitness center. Didn't go in, but a looked at it. That's my minimum daily requirement done....

    Clay tonight!

    Kisses to all who rejected our tickets - we admire your maturity and wisdom, and remind you that the immaturity and silliness will build up and y'all will go REALLY Clay crazy in a little while. It's all good!

  16. The hybrid posse is in Hollywood, y'all! Don't pay any attention to the name "Scarlett" over there on the left. It's me...Muski! We three finally made it to the hotel room. And there are only two DOUBLE beds in it---not queen beds, mind you. Should be an interesting night's sleep. heh.

    Scarlett and KAndre's plane was almost an hour late! And there were no chairs to sit in while I waited! So I sat on the floor and typed on Chapter 21! Then there they were! And we haven't shut up since....

    It's after 2 in the morning for those two...and Scarlett wants to get in line at 9...and KAndre wants to get breakfast and get there by 10...and it doesn't matter to me!

    Scarlett picked up some guy on the plane and he knitted with her.

    KAndre made nice with the car navigation system. Damien is dead.

    Muski forgot to bring her laptop battery charger and has only two hours left. She will most likely pull out the extra money she pinned inside her bra in order to buy one tomorrow. The alternative is unthinkable.

    Night! Will check in tomorrow.