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  1. :happybirthday02:

    HBD, ldyj! Wishing you the very best ever and hoping that you're enjoying those caramel rolls right now!!! Many happy returns!

    And, seeing as I missed a whole LOT of bdays in the last 12 months.... :cryingwlaughter:

    HBD, couchie, jmh, KAndre, fear, playbiller, merrieee, aikim, Solo, Perusing One's is still coming - right?, shortyjill - so very nice to meet you at Fort Wayne!!!, keepingfaith - did i miss yours too? , desertrose - hope i haven't, ....ok, i know I'm going to miss someone very dear and important here :) (not that we aren't already... )


    HBD, FCA!!! :birthday9:

  2. Thank you JustClay - I think I'll give it a chance.

    Happy Saturday everybody!

    I'd like to push mine too -- actually not mine, but our Y has this system called FitLinxx. It keeps track of everything you do so that you just punch in your code as you go to a machine and all that you did would get recorded in an online system. When you go home, you could view everything you did that day, that week or even 5 years back.

    Parties, couchie and fear?!!! Please post schedules, even tentative ones, so that we could make time while planning flights! :hugs-1:

  3. I am free today and I'm happy. So far I lost 7 pounds. Hoping to be a lot lighter by concert time. I hope you all have a great day. :twinklewhore:

    Is this the day aikim?

    Congrats on the weight loss Fear. I weighed myself yesterday, and hit a really bad number. Therefore, I've got to crack down on this. What has killed me is that my gym (tied to my work at the community college) closed for remodeling last May. They STILL aren't open, and I think I've heard it's another month at least. I can't WAIT to get back to my workout routine. On the other hand...the food thing is going to take some work for me. I love food way too much.

    aikim, keep us posted on the grandbaby!

    Is anyone from here going to the Broadway thing on Feb. 7? Sounds like a fun show...


    Great job on the weight loss program, Fear!!! I also need to get rid of some of that 5Guys... wish they'd been 3Guys, lol! :)

    Any news about the grandbaby, aikim?

  4. Wheeeeeeeeeeee, blog! twinklewhore.gif Thanks to cindilu2 for the heads up. I've been busy taking down the Christmas decorations. Gotta love stat days in lieu!


    Pepsi Refresh Voters:

    Click this link to send votes to those groups that supported us over the last 4 months and helped us win, but are still struggling to get their grants in January!!

    (miss your daily voting posts, Bottle!)

  5. Happy 1-1-11 -- and the rest of the year, FCA!

    Great to see you, kf! We need to get together with desertrose soon. gg has been hinting about some caps...

    Actually is there any way I could borrow your dvr for a few? Lol! /jk ....but if it's possible, would be a great thing!



    *waves* at fear down there. how is my iPad buddy? Hope y'all had a great New Year's Eve!!!

  6. Seen this stolen and reposted all over, so decided to join in...

    ˚˛*˛°★ 2011!!!★* 。*★* ˛.*.★*.˛* .˛。*.★.*˛.¨*.★

    ˛°_██_*.。*./ ♥ \ .˛* .˛。.˛ ★... ★ 。**˛★*★..★**.★*.★*

    ˛. (´• ̮•)*.。*/♫.♫\*˛.* ˛_Π_____.♥ HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!♥

    .°( . • . ) ˛°./• '♫ ' •\.˛*./______/~\*. ˛*.。˛*★* ˛.*.★*.˛* .*˛

    *(...'•'.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.|田田 |門|╬╬╬╬╬*˚ .˛ ...★..*.*★*

    Thanks for a great 2010 and looking forward to an even better 2011!!!

    Happy New Year, FCA !!!

  7. Funny you should mention LOTR. I'm half-way through the Two Towers. Extended version, of course. Will probably finish it up tonight and move on to Return for New Years.

    I think I've also watched all the commentary and the appendices at one time or another. My favorite bits are scattered throughout all three films. Love the ent scenes, great job of visualizing the Balrog, Hobbittown was well done, can't stand Haldor, Faramir is much more interesting in the original, etc., etc.

    I used to read LOTR at least once a year - preferably when I could just snuggle in bed and read for a week. It was my way of coping with being sick or needing to escape from the garbage real life was handing out.

    I need to get myself a LOTR set to watch again. Used to enjoy revisiting it too, lilyshine! And the Silmarillion as well. :smiles_141:

    :20: Yay for your tickets, Fear! Have fun! BTW, it was fun to exchange notes with your DH on the iPad yesterday. Pretty soon, you won't see either of us w/o one. :cryingwlaughter:

    It's always fun to wake up and peek at your new picture link, bottle! :lilredani: London?!! If he's singing, I'm hoping for some clack! :twinklewhore:

    Have a great day, everyone!

    HBD, treenuts!!!


  8. Still at #1, Fear!!! Yay! Thanks for the daily pretty links, bottle!!!

    Thanks for the pretty pics Scarlett! It looked like that here a few weeks ago. :) Actually...I wouldn't mind if it snowed and stuck to the trees and ground like that but stayed off the roads!!! Wouldn't that be great?

    I'm sooo glad this day is over...I went shopping with a friend and it didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. I only got to one place I wanted to go and buy movies, but not the other. Looks like I'll be out again tomorrow...I'm just impatient! .... But because of today, I'm really looking forward to a very long happiness-inducing Lord of the Rings movie marathon!! :lol:

    You said it, shortyjill. Just the trees! Lol! But you're having a LOTR marathon?!! Regular or extended version? I hope you're comfy! What's your favorite of the movie in the series?

    Scarlett - I added the recipe to Cook's Corner. The first ingredient will let you know that it is sinful. I'll cut that in half LOL.

    Thanks, couchie! Definitely sinful but simpler to prepare than what I was planning to make - Caro's post about a Christmas Eve cornish game hen made me hungry. And this is even easier than shrimp etouffee!

  9. Thanks for the greetings and comments on the winter pictures! And for the widget too, bottle!!! *waves at fear and liney* :hello:

    What pretty cardinals, aikim! I wonder if she's asleep...shhhh! His feathers are spectacular!

    I have searched the web for 3 days and finally I have found my bbq shrimp recipe. No ketchup. No beer. No Worcester sauce. All is right with the world for New Years LOL.

    Loving the winter scene photographs. Not something I experience much unless I go up to Tahoe.

    Liney I couldn't even watch Good News. My sound is just jacked on this computer. I can't figure out why it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't.

    Couchie, can't view Good News?!! That's criminal! :starhugs: But what's this BBQ shrimp recipe you hunted down? Would love another shrimp recipe!

    I miss the icons here... *sniff* :Iluvclaysbutt::lilredani::helloFCA:

  10. Hey, everyone. I haven't been here for a while, but I'm still around. Just wanted to stop by to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!


    Hi ducky. Have a great holiday too. The snow is gorgeous here. Wish I knew how to download other than PB. I'll try later. Took my friend out on one of her pet sits where the cat required medication. We'll be going out later for all the other cats. Meanwhile I'll be getting the turkey in the oven soon too.

    Have a great day off all.

    I wanted to share my White Christmas pictures too... and hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Can't wait to see many of you soon!!! (45 days and 13 hours to Miami!)




    Have a great day!!!

  11. Merry Christmas (Eve) With Love to all!!!

    Wow, if Dick Hodgin did LWLHD we need to send him something for years and years of enjoyment. I love those demos!!!


    Thanks for the pretty pictures :thankyou: and stay safe, everyone!!! :BlowKiss:

    Hugs to all who are travelling... :thbighug-1:


    ETA: since he's in Christmas green, it would be nice to add this too... :claykiss:

  12. you know those little phrases that we were taught to echo after certain lines in "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer"? What do you say after "you'll go down in history"?

    "Like George Washington...."


    Thanks, I guess it really varies. I remember, "Like Colombus" -- this started as a discussion between my officemate and her dh.

  13. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about CSM. Thanks for letting us know, Caro and Marilyon, but... *cries*! She was just here a few days ago.

    I hope she's very happy now and is watching us, reading along with us on posts and blogs.

    I hope her blog stays around for a while -- it will be a good place to "visit" when we're missing her, a lovely gift that she left behind.

    Sending you all our love, CSM!!! We hope to see you again sometime but meanwhile we'll remember and treasure all the good you've given us! Thank you so much! God bless!!! :thankyou:


  14. It's strange that over here people just watch gas prices rise and fall and do the best they can.

    Where I used to live, at least before we went under Martial Law, people/business/unions/even schools would react. A lot of times things still couldn't change much, sometimes things could be done, but the process was right.

  15. Hi! I could use some help because there's a lot of things I should be rendering this week, including some very long-overdue ones for gg, nicki and cf.

    Would greatly appreciate a gentle reminder or if really necessary the boot -- unless I swear that I'm waiting on some files that are running. :) Thanks! :BlowKiss:


    ETA: And still feeling envious about those who are doing WFI -- love your stories, though! Please keep them coming!!!

    Hmmm sooo are you waiting on files that are running? Or is it time to boot you?????

    I'm just trying to get set up, I swear! And I think I need to bounce my computer because the refresh is so slow I didn't even see you there!!!

    Thanks for checking! :claykiss:

  16. Hi! I could use some help because there's a lot of things I should be rendering this week, including some very long-overdue ones for gg, nicki and cf.

    Would greatly appreciate a gentle reminder or if really necessary the boot -- unless I swear that I'm waiting on some files that are running. :) Thanks! :BlowKiss:


    ETA: And still feeling envious about those who are doing WFI -- love your stories, though! Please keep them coming!!!

  17. Yeah, I can see that but I have to say he reminds me of Herman Munster without the neck bolts. :cocktail: Wonder if he ever takes that makeup off...even KISS takes their makeup off on occasion...hmmmm...what is under there? it matters. :cryingwlaughter:
    The neck bolts would be an improvement.

    Now that Clay face........he's such a cutie! :wub: Talk about fangirly! :hubbahubba::Iluvclaysbutt: