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  1. It is hard to believe it’s been 15 years, time sure does fly by. I was 14 when Clay was on Idol. I didn’t have internet then honestly I wasn’t worried I would never see Clay after the show was over since I saw what happened with Kelly and Justin I was mad he didn’t win for while especially with living in the Raleigh area. All I remember about that summer is it took me a week to get the TITN / BOTW single in my hands , I couldn’t wait to go to the Idol tour my very first concert. I somehow was in the 12th row with a couple other friends I’ll never forget how loud the screaming was for Clay. These past 15 years have been filled with ups and downs, music ,joy memories and friendships!
  2. I love our king of controversy too! I really wouldn’t know if Idol has been talked about in the media but if nothing else I think Clays tweets and then the article last week got people talking about Idol. From reading on CV Wendy Willams May of talked about Clays tweets today.
  3. I agree RIFan. I don’t like Katy Perry much either. I do like some of her songs though. There are people who are replying to Clays tweets who want the judges to say nice things and not criticize tthe sings to harshly, but are saying nasty things about Clay. Clays taking about the judges and the show itself not the singers. I noticed that besides a couple of tweets a saw a fan arguing, with someone defending Clay ugh. I haven’t seen fans defending Clay their posting comments about the show but not going off about his accomplishments etc. to the negative tweets I know Clay does NOT want us to defend him. I agree with Clay. I haven’t seen every episode of idol this year I’ve seen some of it.
  4. I’m looking forward to the gala! Looking forward to hearing more about it!
  5. Idyjocelyn to upload more then one picture on Instagram when you go to upload where it shows you your pictures there’s a select multiples or it could look like the squares that are kind of over laying on the bottom right corner you touch that then you can select up to 10 pics.
  6. I hope you can make it next year. Aron is great! They usually at the end of the conference announce the next years dates, my friend attend the breakout sessions Aron Lead and really enjoyed them. Aron said they going to send a survey out to the attendees to get input on when would be the best time of year and witch days of the week...
  7. I volunteered at the power of play conference this week with a friend from Ohio, it was fun, inspiring time! Last night was fun Clue we were broken up in teams by a color we were given, we went around the museum doing challenges to get clues to figure out who did it. I really liked the Keynote speaker who spoke yesterday morning Kathie snow she was excellent!
  8. merrieeee I’m so sorry to hear about your ant.praying that you feel better soon.
  9. Saw this on CV sounds exciting.I was thinking maybe New pictures for the new website. “OMG!! Clay just started following curtisbrownphotography on Instagram and Curtis posted this 2 days ago! curtisbrownphotograph a throwback to another great time with @clayaiken — looking forward to our upcoming shoot! Get ready y’all, it’s going to be epic! .”
  10. Thank you everyone! Your comments mean a lot! Dont hsve much to add besides I miss Clay.
  11. Hey everyone, I enjoyed the Valentines hart search yesterday on the National Inclusion Projects great new site! It took me a little bit to find the 9th heart. I enjoyed the video. Ive been proud of myself the past couple weeks. In November I started working at the JCI thrift store its part of the organization that I go to that helps with employment for individuals with special needs and disadvantages. So up until recently I had never ran a cash register before I started working that was what I was most nervous about running s Register since I really cant see well, Im not great with interacting with people I think theres a bit of mutiltasking. I always felt awkward when a customer at Walgreens would ask if I could check them out and I had to get someone else but also glad I didnt run the register it was pretty busy. At the thrift store theres a different vibe then Walgreens, at the store Ive just been putting out clothes on the floor price stuff put it out. Well it was probably at the beginning of last month I started learning the register I didnt think it was that hard my co worker who was showing me just stood right next to for the first couple weeks as I was learning how to use the register, well last week and this Ive been running the register by myself! I feel pretty comfortable doing it, its cool that my manager can go to the ware house do something I can cover for her. I know its probably not that big a deal that I can run a register but I think this has built my confidence! I know the more I do it the easier it will be I just hope I can get more hours soon. Im only working 4hours a week.
  12. The site looks great! At the end of the email there was this