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  1. Hey everyone, im tired been up since 5am. Late this afternoon I went to the NC state fair in Raleigh I went with one of my sisters, niece ,nephew and my mom. Today was the first day this year is the 150 anniversary so today only addmition was only $1.50! The fist thing we had to do was look at my niece's decorated cake she entered Walle from a I think picsare move, I'm not sure when it was released , it was the last year she could enter as a youth , she got first place! Desiree was really worried! When we saw all the decorated cakes it was so hot in the building the cakes were melting. After she saw Desiree's cake we found one of my other sisters her husband and kids spke with them for a few. I got a deep fried Brownie I really liked we just walked around looked st some stuff. I hadn't been to the fair since 2014 and ended going the same day Clay was there for his campaign.
  2. Clay gave an update about Jerome at the very end of Bold, Jerome will be at the Gala!
  3. ((Las Vegas)) im happy with the top4 songs. I'm leaning wards voting for Falling since we've never heard that one live.
  4. Requesting songs has closed, looking forward to seeing the top5 next week.
  5. I dare you to! :-) everytime I hear Stay by Rihanna I Want to hear Clay sing it. Ive requested Falling, Ashes , Lonely No More. Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran, and You Will Be Found Dear Even Hansen.
  6. This is such a great idea! I just submitted Falling. I also thought about You Will Be Found.
  7. Happy 11 Anniversary A Thousand Different Ways! I remember that morning putting a tape in for GMA then going over to my sisters to do school work. Then coming home when I was done watched GMA waited impatiently to go to my piano lesson. We went to Walmart after I finally got that cd in my hands. My favorite tv appearance Clay did for that album was Jimmy Kimmel. I remember it was on my birthday. That performance of A Thousand Days is still my favorite performance of that song, I just loved it!
  8. No Clay again on Bold tomorrow. Tweet from Bold a couple mins ago We are so excited to welcome @EmilyAEpstein who will be co-hosting this Friday on #BoldTV airing at 10 AM ET on Facebook and Periscope
  9. maybe this project Taylor keeps mentioning is keeping Clay busy for now and he will be back on Bold. it kind of seems like Clay won't be back. Clay hasn't shared Bold on FB or tweeted at the beginning of the show since the end of July even when he's not on he would tweet and share the show. Happy Birthday Shortyjill
  10. Taylor has mentioned Clays project a. Couple times now. I'm getting excited I hope that whatever it is and decides to do it that we'll hear about soon.
  11. Merrieee I'm glad your safe. I read a report on CV that after Clay mentioned that he would be on every Tuesday in September Taylor tried to get Clay to talk about some project or something that he might be doing but he remained silent.
  12. Bold @BoldGlobalMedia Hi Bold fans! #BoldTV will be on summer vacation for the next 2 weeks! You can still watch #BoldBiz live on Tuesday!
  13. Thank you everyone! Hopefully it won't to long to find a new job , have to go through a couple of steps with VR before I can start looking with a job coach. Cant get enough of Moon River so pretty! I was able listen to the first few moments of Wakeup With Taylor and Clays not on today.