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  1. Hey everyone, I enjoyed the Valentines hart search yesterday on the National Inclusion Projects great new site! It took me a little bit to find the 9th heart. I enjoyed the video. Ive been proud of myself the past couple weeks. In November I started working at the JCI thrift store its part of the organization that I go to that helps with employment for individuals with special needs and disadvantages. So up until recently I had never ran a cash register before I started working that was what I was most nervous about running s Register since I really cant see well, Im not great with interacting with people I think theres a bit of mutiltasking. I always felt awkward when a customer at Walgreens would ask if I could check them out and I had to get someone else but also glad I didnt run the register it was pretty busy. At the thrift store theres a different vibe then Walgreens, at the store Ive just been putting out clothes on the floor price stuff put it out. Well it was probably at the beginning of last month I started learning the register I didnt think it was that hard my co worker who was showing me just stood right next to for the first couple weeks as I was learning how to use the register, well last week and this Ive been running the register by myself! I feel pretty comfortable doing it, its cool that my manager can go to the ware house do something I can cover for her. I know its probably not that big a deal that I can run a register but I think this has built my confidence! I know the more I do it the easier it will be I just hope I can get more hours soon. Im only working 4hours a week.
  2. The site looks great! At the end of the email there was this
  3. Happy 15th Anniversary of Clays first Idol appearance! I remember watching Clays audition just thought it was cool that Clay was from Raleigh since I live near Raleigh and thought Clay could sing. I never imagined while watching his audition that 15th years later I would still be This into the fandom I was 14 when Clay was on idol. I never imagined the joy, memories and friendships I would make.
  4. A couple of them are on utube im excited going to see the Greatest Showman later with my mom ,sister and niece.
  5. Merry Christmas Eve! Just wanted to stop by I hope everyone has a wonderful blessed Christmas! Family coming over tonight! We'll be watching my brother and my future sister in laws 2 dogs tonight while they spend the night with her family. It will be loud but fun.
  6. Hey everyone, Here in NC this past weekend on Friday Saturday we did get a trace of snow and sleet, it wasn't much of a problem since it's been warm.Has anyone seen the previews or heard about the Greatest Showman? I want to see it the movie looks like it's going to be good! Keala is in it! I think she's got a wonderful voice! I love that I got to she her at the gala in 2013. I've been listening to the Greatest Showman soundtrack it's fantastic! Pasek and Paul who wrote Dear Even Hansen wrote the lyrics and music to this movie I just really like the work they do. I've enjoying reading the little fun facts that go along with the suggested donation amount for the The Projects 12 days of giving. Clay is so supportive of his friends!. I'm happy for Quiana. Honestly I've always liked Quiana's voice more then Angela's I do hope something more then just Bold happens for Clay soon. I hope everyone is doing well and has a great week. Brittany
  7. Yep my brother and his girlfriend Morgan got engaged yesterday! There's a photographer from Raleigh that they really both like Morgans Birthday is Christmas Eve so for an early birthday present RJ booked a Mimi session he proposed during the session. She wants a winter wedding so there thinking January or February of 2019. Morgan was really surprised. The family happy for them!
  8. Hey everyone I started a new job this week at a thrift store after being laid off at Walgreens this summer for having to cut hours. I think I'm going to love it. I'm getting use to s bit of a new schedule. Boldtv this this morning was excellent! Love Clays latest tweet!Loved the hashtag. So I've been taking my time re reading LTS anther fan gave me the idea. I did re read it at the beginning of 2014. It's almost been 15th years since this whole journey started so much as happened. Reading LTS you can just tell how much Clay has grown and as become comfortable with himself. Reading LTS does make me want anther book by Clay. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  9. Anther thing I'm sad it didn't make the video before Clay started singing Ashes Clay was looking in the direction of Nick holding the phone and Clay had his arms folded and said "hey Facebook" I just really liked the way he said it.
  10. This weekend been so much fun! The honories were wonderful and inspiring as always. When the photographer whom the first founders a ward and when Clay and Diana where going ready to announce the second winner I had a feeling it was going to be Jerome. I don't think there was a dry eye in the place. Then I totally freaked out when Clay started singing You will be found he sang a little bit then went into the send a kid to camp aution and then finished the song once the aution was over Clay sounded so good! No More Sad Songs was a great blast from the past after Clay sang No More Sad songs is when he brought up the idea of re creating IT set list next year . I loved Ashes and finally getting to hear Falling live was so awesome! To me it felt like Clay joked a lot last night like when it was announced confounder Clay Aiken to Clay to come and speak for the first time after the program begin we were clapping when Clay was like half way to the podium it quieted down Clay was like "you don't care anymore no one cares anymore" joking like. Can't remember the title but Clay ended the night with a beautiful thank you as always Clay sat in a chair in the middle of the stage there was a spotlight on him and Ben. He didn't sing as much as last year it was a wonderful night and weekend! Its feels different in a since Nicks been director more casual and fun.
  11. :-) I don't normally post about his hair but it looked really good in person! I didnt see it posted Here Nick will be a dad in March there having a girl.
  12. Here are my pics I took at the pre party witch is a great way to start the weekend it was so much fun! Clay took his time meeting and talking with everyone I got to see a couple fans meet Clay for the first time witch was awesome ! A fan who I was right next to me said she was having a heart attack when Clay came up Clay said hi to her she has met Clay before and Clay asked me "Brittany it's not that exciting is it? I just kind of smiled. Clay said I've met Brittany a bunch of times and then he asked me " I don't remember the lyrics right Brittany" ? I kind of made a face i don't really remember why he mentioned the lyrics.
  13. Praying for safe travels for those here coming to Charlotte! I'll be getting to Charlotte around noon tomorrow! Im also really excited for Kelly's Clarkson new album that is coming out tomorrow! I love what I've heard so far I don't think I've been this excited for an album from her. I think this soulful sound shows off her voice more then the other pop stuff she has done in the past.