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  1. I just finished the podcast, and that beginning did make me totally laugh! This was from 2010.
  2. merrieeee, I just saw the latest news from Texas. I pray for you all down there....especially as it seems you have an idiot for a governor. It does kind of seem that Clay's fallen off the map a bit, although he has been reposting Instagram stories from friends. He'll be around soon....
  3. Hey -- just checking in to see how everyone is.....the weather here today was wonderful! 55 degrees and sunny, so DH and I went for a long walk. It was a good day!
  4. Congratulations merrieeee! You must be relieved. Yeah, this is one of the few times in my life (at this point in my life anyway) where I wish I was older!
  5. Ohhhhh, David Price just mentioned as a rising star in Congress Cheri Bustos from Illinois. She's not my Congressperson, but she's very close to my district, and I love her.
  6. New podcast is up early, with Clay’s representative David Price. One year of the podcast!
  7. Do I agree with Meghan McCain on most issues? Hell, no. I do find her whiny much of the time, and I know she is a conservative, which is against most of my principles. BUT...I don't HATE her either. There's got to be compassion somewhere in this life (something I think that the alt-right/QAnon people have lost entirely, but not most traditional Republicans). JMO. I have that shirt. Matter of fact, I had one, wore it out, and managed to snag a second one from someone who was giving all their stuff away. That's one of my favorite shirts! (I have a TON of shirts...)
  8. I saw this tweet earlier this morning, and it makes me so mad for the people in Texas. Clay retweeted:
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