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  1. Oh Lord, the new podcast is up. I'm going to guess that this one doesn't go well.
  2. Yes, didn't that seem like a really fun group? Any Adele fans here? I know she's not everyone's taste, but I love her, and her new song is fantastic IMO.
  3. Watched the first half of that show from last night during my lunch today. He is so funny, and so adorable. I'm glad he's forged this relationship with the Pittsburgh CLO, it seems to be paying off.
  4. From Instagram, sounds Clay's connection with the Pittsburgh CLO continues -- tomorrow night!
  5. Another good podcast this week. His guest was really interesting, and you could hear that Clay was interested in learning from him.
  6. If you don't know, Facebook and Instagram are down at the moment. So, Clay retweets this, that sly devil:
  7. Another great and educational podcast this week! Fun fact of the week about Clay: he now has a fully electric car.
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