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  1. Had to get use to the hair but after seeing it in videos and still picture I like it. He sang great. Wish I could of gone but I was on a bike tour even if I could of afforded it. Can not wait to see him in September.
  2. I also was on a 10 day camping/biking trip. First 5 days we were at a campground that had wifi, the next 5 days we were at a National campground so I was able to get my 4g to pick up once in awhile. My traveling buddy got us tickets for Karaoke night. After I rode yesterday I sent a text to see if we got in. No response so I called her. She had sent three text messages and they finally showed up 6 hours later. I guess I was enough off the grid that it took longer. I justify going to this because my airline voucher expires in December and I have not been anywhere for a long time. DH did not care, so I am going.
  3. I have been walking and biking through the last 15 months with no mask. I do wear one in the gym, grocery store, or any other store inside. It is the mandate of our Governor. Not sure what she will do now. I had to wear one skiing all winter which I felt was a overkill. We were outside and did not ride a chair with anybody. It was hard telling people to get their mask up as they entered the line. Most people complied but some did not. I did not get into it with them. Just said if we get closed down it was because the rules were not followed.
  4. It is a little warmer here but strong wind makes it feel very cold. Glad I do not have ski patrol today. I have had my two vaccines and my DH had his first last week. I did not have any side effects except for a sore arm. When I go into a patient room and they have their mask off I ask them to put it on. I tell them I am old!
  5. Got my vaccine today. So far no side effects. Not even a sore arm
  6. I for one have worked on and off. My nurse manager has been great to work for. I am 68 years old so we are trying to keep me off the adult floors. Especially the covid floors. I have been working my pediatric and neonatal floors. She has allowed me to be on call if our census is low. So far since March we have had only 2 positive kids. One test came back positive but had no symptoms. Was in for something else. The other was in last March and we eventually transferred him to a big medical center. We eventually heard he did well and was discharged. I enjoy working but will not take chances. I will not have to take a child if they have covid. I have been there 48 years and would like to make it to 50. We shall see. Still love Clay and read the boards to keep up.
  7. Well, I am not ready to give up my passion of cycling and skiing. One by one my bike tours are being cancelled this summer. Plus my skiing came to abrupt stop in March. I am going to be 68 soon and know I do not have that many years left to be able to do both. It is like I am losing my time to do things I enjoy. Part of these activity are social. My DH and I have been going out on our own when the weather has been nice but it is not the same as riding with friends. I do not want to pick a new passion. I am a very active person and these have been taken away from me plus my gym I was going to. I do not want a "new norm". I did not listen to Obama speech. I am not a fan of his and did not want to listen(Just like many of you do not like Pres. Trump). We make our choices who we listen to. I am not trying to be political just stating an opinion. Almost all of my friends are the opposite political side than I am so we have all agree not to talk about it. I do feel bad for my grandchildren, I just feel that their education and even being with friends are hurting them. Their mother has been great with doing their work but she can only do so much. Right now our Governor does not even know if she can open up schools in the fall. There are a lot of poor areas around us. Many of those kids have no computers or internet at home and were going to the library to do work then they closed the libraries. Some of them will be so far behind because their parents do not or can not help them at all. My hospital is hurting because of our Governor not allowing elective procedures. Some of these would not even be in the areas where inpatient room are. They say they can test people before any procedure so people feel safe. We are testing all inpatients. Our census is down 60%. Our covid 19 patients are half of what they were two weeks ago. All the major hospitals in Detroit have laid off 8,000 people. We have to get some things moving. Ok I am off my soap box. Just frustrated.
  8. Missed this in Raleigh and also missed Grease with timing with a bike trip. Looks like those dates may work this time. Something to think about.
  9. I have been to the grocery store a couple of times but normally do not go into places. Been out walking everyday and occasionally biking. Do not wear a mask when walking or biking but do stay at least 6 ft away. We gave up riding the bike trails because they are to busy with walkers. Hard to social distance when they will not move to the grass. We tried moving over to the grass with the bike and almost buried it into soft grass and mud. I have been off work all of April and will return on May 8th. Will have to be refitted for N95. I have one in my locker that I was fitted along time ago and never used. Not sure if it is the right size. One of the girls who works with me dropped off my mask that I will have to wear when I enter the hospital. They gave us all mask and they need to washed every day we work. Have to wear all day while working. If we have to wear a N95 we have to send it down to sterilization after our shift with our name and unit on it (placed in a brown bag) then returned by the next day in a white bag. Hopefully the number of patients will be falling when I go back.
  10. I am on a 14 day self quarantine before I can go back to work. I was out skiing in Colorado when they closed the ski hills and I drove back. I was not scheduled to work till the 30th of this month. Because I was out in a area that had cases they made be quarantined. I have not been out to any place since they told me but I have gone out for a walk with no interacting with people. I have talked to my nurse manager and we agreed that I will not take any patients with the virus because of my age. So far we have not had a case at my hospital. Started my spring cleaning early. Finishing upstairs today then will take down my curtain and wash them. Exciting!!
  11. Where were you at in Michigan? We are camping in Nothern Michigan now for 12 days.
  12. I also will be camping and bike riding for the next 12 days. Limited access also. Some internet and poor cell service. Miss Clay. Maybe he will come alive.
  13. What kind of trouble can we get in. Clay where are you?
  14. Thank you for the pictures. Did not go to the Founders Brunch so did not see what he was wearing. Looking good in those pictures. I had so much fun this weekend seeing everyone. We did not stay at the Omni but it worked out we were there a lot. Our hotel was about 4 blocks away and had free shuttle in the city center so we took it many times. I walked back and forth a few extra times to get some steps in. The concert was great. He sounded wonderful and I even got to hear some early songs that I never saw live since I did not start going to concert to Christmas 2004. TITN and Invisable were fun. I did not want it to end.
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