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  1. All is Not Well Don't Come, All Ye Faithful (sorta stole that one) Let it Go, Let it Go, Let it Go
  2. Good instincts. I just saw this today and thought, wow, he's a lot like Clay in his journey to acceptance and his messy cargo pants approach to gay style - lol. https://www.salon.com/2011/11/16/the_coming_out_story_i_never_thought_id_write/
  3. Of course I went on and messed around some more. I think I'll quit now while I'm ahead. Banner is back; added back a little padding to the left of the text in posts. This reply window looks entirely different, but I like it. Oh, and a "search" box mysterious reappeared, this time between the menu bars up top, so I took the search option that was directly on the menu away again. If anyone sees anything else, holler.
  4. Yo folks, sorry about the strange look, and the teeny banner. Ldy was having trouble with Instagram, and, well, long story, and the other board I work on for my community also just went wonky and I need to go check on that. Things look functional here now, so good for now. Back later. ETA: back from the other board. Ugh. My mind has decided it just won't work anymore. Will take a look tomorrow.
  5. OK, I just spent days trying to figure out what YKW stood for. FInally did. Much prefer it to the alternative.
  6. I really enjoyed that interview! He was so good in Drowsy Chaperone--I hope he does get to do it again. Really wise things to say about inclusion. I also love the house--so many windows. So funny that he's doing renovations and he's "butch" now.
  7. ninna, so sorry you've had to go through this! Hope the New Year will bring renewed health!!
  8. I think it has to be Gregory Ellis. The guy in the picture is too young to be William Joseph 14 yrs. later.
  9. Looking at ldyj's lovely new banner, I feel 98% certain that the "new" picture on the right is a re-colorized version of the picture on the left.
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