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  1. I really enjoyed that interview! He was so good in Drowsy Chaperone--I hope he does get to do it again. Really wise things to say about inclusion. I also love the house--so many windows. So funny that he's doing renovations and he's "butch" now.
  2. ninna, so sorry you've had to go through this! Hope the New Year will bring renewed health!!
  3. I think it has to be Gregory Ellis. The guy in the picture is too young to be William Joseph 14 yrs. later.
  4. Looking at ldyj's lovely new banner, I feel 98% certain that the "new" picture on the right is a re-colorized version of the picture on the left.
  5. Hey, I'm not seeing anything in the post above except your comment. I looked at the code, but ??? Could this be the link, ldyj? Don't know how to imbed a Facebook post but I think this is the link: Live stream a gala song ETA: I did it, kind of.
  6. Well crap! I was going to wait and see this when it airs, and now it's not even available to buy! WAH!!
  7. Fear and ldyj, how are you both with the snow and ice and stuff?? For once, the "right on the edge" location where I am was on the rain side of the edge. One or two degrees colder and it could've been mucho ice instead. Y'all stay safe and warm! P.S. I like this shade of blue.
  8. Thanks for the Timeline and the new banner, ldyj. October, November, and December he got really busy!!