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  1. Hey, I'm not seeing anything in the post above except your comment. I looked at the code, but ??? Could this be the link, ldyj? Don't know how to imbed a Facebook post but I think this is the link: Live stream a gala song ETA: I did it, kind of.
  2. Well crap! I was going to wait and see this when it airs, and now it's not even available to buy! WAH!!
  3. Fear and ldyj, how are you both with the snow and ice and stuff?? For once, the "right on the edge" location where I am was on the rain side of the edge. One or two degrees colder and it could've been mucho ice instead. Y'all stay safe and warm! P.S. I like this shade of blue.
  4. Thanks for the Timeline and the new banner, ldyj. October, November, and December he got really busy!!
  5. I've seen smiles like that before.... possibly even on my own face.
  6. Caught this banner ad on The New York TImes website today. I have an ad blocker, but now and then something shuts it down. Usually I am PO'ed but this time it was cool! Somebody is spending some big bucks on PR for this show!!
  7. Something a little different: a WUNC radio interview with the author of a new book, “The Children of Harvey Milk: How LGBTQ Politicians Changed the World.” - Author Andrew Reynolds "joins host Frank Stasio to talk about the North Carolinians who are a part of this history, from Pauli Murray to Clay Aiken." Haven't listened - I suspect Clay isn't discussed at length, but still nice to see him mentioned in this context.
  8. Yah, I did it. So pleased I was able to do it. Tech support was no help, because they said we have "customized" (i.e., played with the colors) and all we could do would be to revert to the default colors and supposedly that would make the menu go away. As I suspected, it actually wasn't a problem, but something Invision added that they thought we'd want - a "transparent" menu that you can use to quickly get to various places, or search various places, or something. Now that it's gone, I don't remember exactly what the options were. IMO there should be an option on the back end somewhere as to whether we want that transparent menu or not, but there wasn't. So now we really have "customized." I deleted that sucker from the global template.
  9. I have that too, but only at the top of my computer screen. I thought it was someone's bright idea of an "invisible" link to follow something, because it is see-through. Would be glad to be rid of it if there's an option to turn it off and on!!
  10. Great recap Twilight! It's cool to know that Clay was having fun doing the IT set too!! Believe it or not I had actually forgotten about the shirt tug until people started mentioning it. DOH.
  11. KAndre - woot!!! Twilight! Huge congratulations. You totally deserve it.
  12. Unexpected Clay mention in a long twitter thread about Donald Trump and the mob:
  13. I don't know anything about this procedure, ldyj, but I'll just say ommmmmmmm.
  14. That's a new guy - kind of like the character he played in that crime drama. Lordy, I do remember trying to figure out what the OMG note had been when we first heard it, before we heard it again. Oh, the energy of that night - the air just crackled.
  15. Ldyj, glad you are safe!! Flash floods are really dangerous - so smart of you to stay put and not risk getting washed away.
  16. I don't think this is me who has aphasia??? But I totally love the rainbow hugs - am totally mesmerized by the way the colors move.
  17. Twilight, that is huge!! I've been in a space for a few years now where I'm afraid of doing all kind of things--watching the Olympics is inspiring and now your post is inspiring me too.
  18. Everything is fine and jolly here. Fortunately I don't have anywhere I have to go, and had done my weekly grocery shopping with the possibility in mind. Power never went off either. A lot of people did lose power so I'm lucky. Today there was much melting, but it will take more, and schools and so forth will still be closed tomorrow. This is better than the last snow this season after which it never did get above freezing for at least 5 days after--less precipitation but lot of staying power. I took these pictures this morning around 10:30. Some areas still look like this. The snow has slid about half way down my skylights. And it hasn't slid off anyone's roofs yet. Lots of icicles hanging from the eaves out back tonight.
  19. Fear, hope everything turned out OK. Did you get your hubby there and back? Here it didn't get started until mid-morning. We ended up getting somewhere around 9 to 12 inches, which is quite unusual for here! We got more in Chatham than anywhere else in the Triangle--hope we've had our quota now. It's really pretty to look at - so glad I don't have to go anywhere. The power flickered several times this afternoon, which made me quite nervous, but none of that since it got dark.
  20. Ldyj, please do take care and don't push yourself. Bronchitis and subzero temps don't mix well. You don't want to get pneumonia. (Signed, Mother Hen)