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  1. I had my second vaccine this midweek and I had 2 days of side effects: chills, falling asleep, loss of appetite and nausea. Feel better today but have a big red spot size of a baseball on my vaccinated arm .
  2. As usual I missed it. I just can't keep up with life. 😃 I'll try and catch it later.
  3. I may look into the keto diet. Lately I hate the thought of any kind of meat. But I'd be happy to lose a few pounds. Good news for those getting their first vaccine. Next week I'll be getting my second shot. But I have been in a covid study answering questions everyday since April or so last year. They recently sent me six antibody tests which I'll have to do once a month for six months. I completed the first one yesterday and the results came back today. I already have antibodies to protect me from the virus, lgG. They did a study with monkeys and even a small amount of these antibodies
  4. I ran into a neighbor today and mentioned what a beautiful day it was. She said yes, it is so much warmer. I said no, it's a beautiful day. It finally dawned on her what I meant and she agreed. There was something warm and hopeful about today. I especially hope the name calling will be at a minimum. It is so childish. Another good thing happened today, I got a date set for my second Coronavirus vaccination. We will all get there eventually. Love your comment on the dress merrieeee.
  5. Weird comment I read in an article about Kyle Rittenhouse, the 18 year old who shot and killed two BLM protesters. He was seen drinking in a bar with some Proud Boys. Anyway they were singing "Proud of You Boy", supposedly their theme song. What a waste of a beautiful song.
  6. Wednesday started out great for me. We went to get our first covid vaccine shot. Easy peasy. Coming home we heard about the riots at the capital. Spent the rest of the afternoon watching them unfold on tv in horror. Definitely ochlocracy merrieeee. What a mess this country is in. In the evening, seeing Lindsay Graham redo himself once again, I just laughed so hard. Who is he kidding? I am so looking forward to a life I remember before March 2020.
  7. I hope you all had a happy holiday. We got busy making gift bags for 16 of our neighbors as well as gifts for sons and granddaughter. My husband made rum balls and bourbon balls while I made pecan pralines. Unfortunately I haven't eaten sweets for over 2 years so I didnt get to try anything. We didnt have anyone in our home but dropped off gifts to my son and granddaughter who live nearby. We chatted for a few minutes in their driveway and talked to our son who lives on the other coast.
  8. Loved the segment of the View with the choir teacher. Didnt see it on TV as I was out shopping for a few things at 10. But I did watch it on YouTube. It was very touching. Perfect for this year to help make us forget the political devisiveness going on in our country. For a few minutes at least.
  9. Good luck wfm200 . I have two huge bins of Clay paraphernalia. Someday I'll have to clean it out too. I've been helping my son clean up for when my granddaughter returns home. Her room was a big mess. It rained an unbelievable amount so of course his house flooded. What a mess. I went when he was at work so I wouldn't have to wear a mask all the time. I don't see them except outside and with a mask on. Brought them some Thanksgiving dinner I made. I'm on the board at our HOA so we had a meeting on my deck. We all wore masks . A week later one of them called me to say that she ha
  10. Mik4clay, hope your case of Bell's Palsy is very mild. I have never had it but knew others who did.
  11. You guys really are moving along. I voted absentee and turned both our votes into the board of elections. Within a day or two I got a text from the board of elections as well as ballottrax saying my return had been accepted. Since we have a Democratic governor (Roy Cooper) we have Democratically run board of elections. Everyone I know who voted in person said they were out in no time. A lot of early voting sites which are open seven days a week. Like Clay I am a big Roy Cooper fan. When he was attorney general his department helped me get double my money back from an organization that was pu
  12. Listened to the podcast and really enjoyed it despite not agreeing with the guests politically. Clay is really good at directing the conversation. They admitted that there are some racist conservatives. Clay talks about when he was stopped by the police. Not sure I could handle it as he did.
  13. I really enjoyed the podcast this week. Clay had a time getting them to "just get along". Laughed out loud several times.
  14. OK here in NC. I'll feel better if and when cases start declining a little. TV puts me to sleep, although I enjoyed the 2020 graduation program. My granddaughter graduates this year. Haven't seen her since early March. Her school has a graduation of sorts planned. If we didn't have her dog for me to walk twice a day I'm not sure I would see anyone. As it is I see the bikers, runners and other dog walkers from a distance. The pool isn't opening so I walk her around the grounds there once in a while. Health wise we are doing well. I am beginning to feel that this is all I will have for the rest
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