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  1. The shooter, a student, was finally caught. He ruined so many lives with that gun. Ldyj, I won't be going to Raleigh for the events as the person who brought meals and generally checked on my husband is having hip replacement and asked me to help her. My husband no longer drives and needs help preparing his meals of the time. He has a loose knee replacement but due to his health is no longer eligible for another replacement. His knee gives out and he falls and needs help getting up . he is too heavy for me to lift him so we have become friends with the Fire Dept and EMS. If there is another Gala, I may drive and come back the same day.
  2. So sorry merrieee, mlk congrats on the new job. I got caught on a road at noon today with at least 50 police and sheriff vehicles along with a swat car, ambulances, fire engine. Eventually I got up to where they were turning and the road was blocked at the high school near me. I saw the news had gotten there so turned on the TV when I got home. Several students got into a fight and one was shot and killed. Appears that it was gang related. The shooter escaped and is still at large. They warned us to lock our doors tonight. Our police chief cried at the press conference when talking about meeting the boys mom. We have to do something about guns. Covid is bad but guns are despicable.
  3. I enjoyed reading your comments about Pyramid. Cracked me up.😄
  4. I hope they are having a great day, Parker, Clay and Jaymes. Quite a turning point age. Both my sons were working for me to earn an allowance. Gave them a lot of experience with numbers and financial statements. I wish we had been able to see Parker as he grew up but I can understand their reluctance especially with all the lunatic things some fans have done over the years.
  5. Thanks ldyj for the pictures at al. Sounds like a fun show. Clay doesnt seem to change. I hope he is as happy as he appears. It was a tough year for everyone. So glad to see some normalcy return.
  6. Sure looks like Clay is singing. Hopefully someone will capture it. I hope they sell a lot of tickets. Should be a fun event.
  7. My sister had tickets but couldn't go at the last minute due to a medical condition. She was really bummed about it. That's why I didn't get tickets to the karaoke event despite it being an hour and a half away. Although I am thinking about having someone stay with husband and just going for the event. He owes me a bithday gift so I'm sure he would pay for the event. Swapping computers and really don't want to download on my new one. So haven't listened to the show.
  8. Have fun Mik4clay. Hope the weather is nice. We are planning to get our 2 baths redone. Not every single thing as we have replaced light fixtures, towel racks, toilets, mirrors and the floor in the small bath. I did choke at the price for the master bath at 30k and thats with vinyl flooring and keeping the vanity. I may be old fashioned but why would anyone need a 5x8 foot shower? And no tub.
  9. Sorry to hear about Raleigh. Such a sweet looking dog. Our Ivy looks to be about the same size. She is going gray too but is only seven.
  10. Sounds like some lovely things going on. Would love to go to these appearances. I am very fortunate to have traveled around seeing Clay over the years. I hope he gets many new fans from these appearances.
  11. Not sure I can make it to NIP. It's only an hour and a half from me but my husband is falling a lot and friend that would help just had a heart attack. Also someone would need to walk the dog. It's hard getting old.
  12. Yes, that jacket is fantastic. That screenshot is fantastic as well.
  13. Love that Merrieeee. I am going to grow some veggies again this year. I put in four raised beds and use several pots. We had some freezing weather this past week so my veggies are still on hold. This week will warm up so I'll start setting them out. Your yard is nice and flat, while we are on a steep hill so I am limited in my growing area. The pool sounds great.
  14. Living in NC, I can understand sniffling. I don't think I have any allergies but boy am I ever sensitive to that pollen and right now we are knee deep in it. In our community the streets are cleaned once a week but walking the dog outside of it is a total mess. The trees and flowers are beautiful but it comes at a price. I was sorry to hear that Wrapping for Inclusion will be ending but it is something else to find help. Last year was the first year I missed wrapping since 2003. Some years more some years less. The pandemic certainly had a major effect on all of us. Tomorrow 15 or so of us are going inside a restaurant to eat. we all were vaccinated so hope its a start to becoming more normal.
  15. Hate that I have fallen so far behind in hearing these podcasts. Great to hear that so many have started getting their Covid shots. Now that I have had mine and subsequently had my haircut and rehired our house cleaner back , I may actually start having a life. We are talking about playing bridge and scheduling a few parties for later this year. Hoping I can get to the Gala later this year if they can schedule one.
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