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  1. Did a lot of cooking yesterday. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  2. Congratulations merrieeee. Hope you love your new home. 🥰 Looking forward to the Gala. It was fantastic last year. I have been to every one since they started having them in NC. The one in DC was good too.
  3. Can't wait to hear it. I always download on my old desktop and it takes a commitment to get it up and running.
  4. Good thoughts to RIFAN and ldyj's DH. Hope we see a lot of Clay during the Christmas season.
  5. Wonder whats in store for us. Twilight, good for you volunteering. I wish I could have gone but I had son from Portland and his girlfriend from Fairbanks for a week. Really nice time. She is a winner. Would like to go to Politicon but husband fell twice this week so Might have to stay close by for a while.
  6. Good article. I am getting used to thinking of Biden as President, but with all the campaign funds the Repubs have I'm concerned that they will damage anyone who runs. We so need campaign reform. Hopefully Clay will appear on CNN after this opinion article was printed.
  7. Happy Birthday a day late merrieeee. Glad everyone in FL is safe. What a horrible mess in the Bahamas. I am concerned that some insurance companies will fail and not cover some of these storm expenses as well as the governments.Time for a lot of folks and politicians to get their heads out of the sand and do something for our earth.
  8. Watched it last night. Very interesting partly because my father was a UAW local president for a GM plant for many years. If he were still alive he would give those people who voted against the union a piece of his mind. He was there when unions were first formed and remembered when companies would hire people to beat up those who belonged to a union. The way the glass company from China handled their employees sounded so familiar. They were smart in keeping the younger people who probably didn't know that much about what unions do to help their members. They needed to learn that there is strength in numbers.
  9. Oh, I've eaten a few Krispie Kremes in my day, ldyj. Just not not for the last 16 months I bought 2 dozen the day I was there to see Clay the day after his concert with Kelly. We did group pictures and I have no idea where mine is. I do have MOM that he autographed though. Fun times.
  10. Yuck and I live in the home of Krispie Kreme. Don't like really sweet things. Clay must love his doughnuts.If they made doughnuts without sugar as an ingredient, I might try one. Like fried bread.
  11. Happy Fourth weekend. I was a little busy yesterday cleaning off deck, setting up new grill and getting dinner ready for three of us. It was hot, muggy, threatening rain. Dog wouldn't walk it was so hot and humid. Got the steak and burgers grilled before the sky opened up. We ate inside despite my cleaning up the deck and furniture earlier. Now dog won't walk today because someone in our neighborhood is getting a new roof and she is afraid of loud noises. Finally got her to walk in our tiny back yard. Hope you all had a great day and will have a great weekend.
  12. Still in the glow of the Gala and wishing I could get to see Clay in Grease. Its about a six and a half hour drive from here. I can't do long drives as I tend to fall asleep suddenly. I ttk my kids to see Grease on Broadway about 30 or 40 years ago. They really enjoyed it but I don't remember much of it. Probably fell asleep even back then. Hope he does great in his role and I'm sure we will hear from those who are going.
  13. CV had some detailed reviews of the weekend. I am not focused enough to remember everything. But I can say it was very well planned from the Friday night party to the last notes of "Because you Love me" on Saturday evening. One thing that stood out to me was the deprecation of Clay and ,somewhat Diane that they are figure heads and just there to look pretty. I totally disagree. I realize they are interacting with PHD's and people with multiple years of experience working with typical children and children with disabilities. From hearing them speak and speaking with a board member, they are very much in charge. On the other hand, as a fan, I really enjoyed the gala program and the mini concert section. Clay was in great voice and the band was terrific playing and Interacting with Clay. Loved the music and wishes for the old days when someone would record it for posterity. It was a great weekend and all was well when I got home.
  14. Leaving tomorrow for Charlotte. Hope I make it on time for the Friday night party. Dropping the dog for boarding at 4 and then driving down. Thought it would be easier on My husband. He can't take the dog out and stresses when various people come late to walk her. Next year I may bring him to the Gala as it is another stress to ask people to check on him and get him dinner. If I leave him enough wine I think he will be happy.
  15. So sorry to hear about her. We have lost quite a few cats over the years, so I know the feeling. We have a dog right now that my granddaughter got tired of. Very different experience. One benefit I am walking a lot more that I had previously.