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  1. Listened to the podcast and really enjoyed it despite not agreeing with the guests politically. Clay is really good at directing the conversation. They admitted that there are some racist conservatives. Clay talks about when he was stopped by the police. Not sure I could handle it as he did.
  2. I really enjoyed the podcast this week. Clay had a time getting them to "just get along". Laughed out loud several times.
  3. OK here in NC. I'll feel better if and when cases start declining a little. TV puts me to sleep, although I enjoyed the 2020 graduation program. My granddaughter graduates this year. Haven't seen her since early March. Her school has a graduation of sorts planned. If we didn't have her dog for me to walk twice a day I'm not sure I would see anyone. As it is I see the bikers, runners and other dog walkers from a distance. The pool isn't opening so I walk her around the grounds there once in a while. Health wise we are doing well. I am beginning to feel that this is all I will have for the rest of my life. Started a garden and otherwise just cooking and cleaning.
  4. Went to see Drowsy in Raleigh at least 2 times. Last time we sat in front row. Loved it each time. Not sure I can get there this time.
  5. I seem to be getting really lazy. Miss having someone clean my house. Miss going out to eat. We did an Easter parade on Saturday. Decorated hats and decorated dogs. We walked around the neighborhood and greeted people who we haven't seen in a while who were sitting outside their houses. We have 55 houses in our community and about 30 of us walked around with about five or six dogs. We are pretty close knit because we have so many social events except for now.
  6. Hope everyone is healthy. The days seem to go so fast, I don't even pretend to get much done except the basic necessities: wake up, shower , walk the dog, eat breakfast, wash some clothes and before I know it it is lunchtime. So groundhog day for me too merrieeee.
  7. Sorry about your oven. I've been using mine like crazy during the extended stay at home. Now it's been over85 degrees the last few days and the microwave works almost as well. You can tell I really love to cook.
  8. Yikes. No way would I kiss our dog. She's sweet but I see where her mouth goes and it's not pretty. Nice of Clay to talk to "us".
  9. I'm fine except for allergies. Never had them but I guess walking the dog twice a day keeps me outside more. Yesterday over 80 degrees so I worked outside. All trees blooming and still haven't picked up leaves from Fall. We are self quarantined except for walking in the neighborhood. Always someone to talk to. So it's also a social event. I am behind in Clay's podcasts. Hope to catch up this weekend. Hope everyone else is doing well.
  10. NC just closed every school for two weeks. They will do relearning and cafeterias will be open for breakfast and lunch. They will also give out loaner computers for those who don't have any.
  11. Cute pictures. Glad to see Clay getting involved again.
  12. I'm glad it wasn't anything they couldn't treat. I'm sure it really scared you.
  13. Haven't had any snow in our part NC this year so far. Expect to be near 70 this weekend. My daffodils are coming up already before the camellias bloom. Hope you remember how to drive in this stuff ninna.
  14. Happy New Year a few days late. Like Clay I am hoping it will be a better year. Planning on going to the Gala this spring. Got some awesome tickets to the Men's' short program at the US Championships in a few weeks. Got some pretty close to the rink seats. Would have gone to some more programs but not crazy about driving much at night. Now if Clay was performing nearby I would be willing to drive to more than one show. Felt my age this year decorating in the house and lights outside. Everything is back up in the attic except for a small tree I forgot about. I'll get it put away tomorrow.
  15. Did a lot of cooking yesterday. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  16. Congratulations merrieeee. Hope you love your new home. 🥰 Looking forward to the Gala. It was fantastic last year. I have been to every one since they started having them in NC. The one in DC was good too.
  17. Can't wait to hear it. I always download on my old desktop and it takes a commitment to get it up and running.
  18. Good thoughts to RIFAN and ldyj's DH. Hope we see a lot of Clay during the Christmas season.
  19. Wonder whats in store for us. Twilight, good for you volunteering. I wish I could have gone but I had son from Portland and his girlfriend from Fairbanks for a week. Really nice time. She is a winner. Would like to go to Politicon but husband fell twice this week so Might have to stay close by for a while.
  20. Good article. I am getting used to thinking of Biden as President, but with all the campaign funds the Repubs have I'm concerned that they will damage anyone who runs. We so need campaign reform. Hopefully Clay will appear on CNN after this opinion article was printed.