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  1. Even though I just lurk, I had to say THANK YOU, that "transparent" thing was annoying!! You're a super tech!😎
  2. couchie, you have a lot of nice Clay stuff to find homes for. I would be interested in the hardback, Learning to Sing - I have the paperback version, but the pages are falling out, so I'd really like to upgrade. However, if someone who doesn't have the book at all would like to have it, they should have priority. For some reason, I'm thinking we both live in the bay area(SJ?), so, if so, I can come by and pick it up.
  3. Thought I'd also add, that my cable tv listing(comcast, VH1 channel 44, here in N. Calif.) has Clay listed to appear on Big Morning Buzz Live at 10am, on Thurs., Mar. 29th, along with someone named Pauly D.
  4. MOAM: No More Sad Songs - Love the angst in this. MCWL: Mary Did You Know - Loved it the first time I heard it, still do. AIW: My Grown Up Christmas List - Love how he "connects" to the lyrics. ATDW: Broken Wings - Already liked this song, loved it after hearing Clay's voice on it. OMWH: As Long As We're Here - I have an emotional connection to this, because I heard it right after my mother passed away. T&T: You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - Absolutely love his voice, and the way he sings this song. Brought to you by the word "LOVE". ;-)
  5. kf, I am so impressed with the man speaking in your video, and agree with him that much of the oppostion to gay marriage comes from a religous view point, and not from the stand point of eguality. He asks a good question for people to think about. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Lotus, there is a thread at the OFC, under fanclub forum, called tour talk - under tour talk, if you click on San Francisco, California - The Warfield - March 2, 2011, there is a discussion going on, on page 8, about where people are staying for the SF show. If, you're not a member, people are saying that they are staying at The Powell Hotel, and Wyndham Parc 55. I don't know anything, first hand, about these hotels, but maybe you can check them out online, or talk to the people on that thread. Good luck!
  7. So nice to see some casual of photos of Clay out and about in NYC, the fact that he's having a fun day day with his good friend Tyra, for some reason, makes me very happy.
  8. I don't post much, but I just HAD to totally agree with Fear and treenuts about that first, black suit during the TT...um, yeah....thighs(he's got great thighs)! Hope to see that suit in S.F. too!
  9. Can I join this celebration?! Just listened to the whole album, WOW, someone said his voice is sublime, and I agree! I love all the songs, but I'm especially in love with You Don't Have To Say You Love Me, It's Impossible, and(I can't believe I'm saying this) Moon River. Oh, and the high resolution digital booklet, gah!
  10. I know I don't post much, but I'm so excited to be going to Reno too(went to Pala and Spam, once each)! Going with my hubby, so hopefully, might meet some of you.
  11. As a non-Christian, I really love the open-mindedness of this Clay board. It's much easier to be a Clay fan here, than at some more "religious" boards. I also love the smut, snark, and fun here! I did not read the "goodbye", but I find it offensive(to Clay or anyone else) to use religion to reject someone, without trying to open their minds(just a little), to other ways of life, and points of view. Doing some critical thinking is good for everyone. In my religion, homosexuality is not even addressed, we just know that life is constantly changing, and that whatever we do, reflects back on us. ETA: Wow, gorgeous pics of Clay!
  12. Ohhh, he's the cutest thing ever - and lots of chest hair!