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  1. LadyJ have a wonderful trip. I just can't take all of these mass murders. We mourn for a week and then we wait 2 weeks for the next thing to happen and ultimately nothing is ever done. This latest thing hurt my heart but I had to just check out. Just too painful. So I've turned back to music to help me get through ithe days. And Clay is a big part of that. He seems to be the go to person on a lot of different topics. He's a smart guy. Always thought Clay could have his own show that dealt with social and political issues. But I like that he is busy across so many types of media. Good for him. He's found his calling.
  2. Such sad news about Rickey. Of course that season 2 was my absolute favorite season of Idol and I totally enjoyed going to those ai concerts. With regards to Rickey on Idol I remember his Hercules Hercules and I was one of the few that didn't like it. But that was because I hated the movie it came from. but he was absolutely one the people that made that season so special. RIP. Good going Clay fans. So happy to see the support for his family.
  3. This looks nice. Thanks to all who did the dirty work. Is it too soon to know the next gala date and place?
  4. Thanks for the set list. So happy I can get the whole concert. I kept getting thrown out in the middle. So strange to see so many familiar names. Lol some things never change though. Wouldn't be clay fandom if it did.
  5. Lots going on. thanks for all the updates. I'll have to watch idol the night he's on.
  6. jmh - so sorry I missed your birthday! happy belated. Merrieeee...hugs! Clay must be in seventh heaven with election season getting underway. I'm already over it LOL.
  7. I have only one question. What the hell is a periscope. ha ha. I feel like such an old fogie because all I do is facebook. But I finally get twitter. It's really great for breaking news stories. I remember that last thing I put on facebook last year was that I hope 2015 was better than 2014. Well so far it has been hell. But finally things are coming together. got a new place. Just booked a vacation. things are settling down. Looks like Clay gearing up for election season. I'm sure he loves it. I ready already to go screaming into the night.
  8. great new site. Seems to cover all aspects of the man.
  9. Hey everybody. Sorry to have fallen off the planet but was going through a lot of personal issues. Thanks LadyJ for always keeping me up to date. Looking forward to the documentary! Hope everyone is doing well. Off to catch up.
  10. LOVE the banner. Thanks LadyJ and JMH. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I got a day pass for mom and she was able to come home. And she'll be released on Monday. So I'll spend this weekend getting the house ready. Merrieeee I'm jealous. I'd love to go back to NYC. Hoping it will happen next year but definitely in 2016 as our family reunion will be there. Fear I would love some quiet days. Glad you got to spend time with the grands. Feel better JMH! Happy New year to all.
  11. uh oh having a flashback..something about fresh laundry. LOL. I need to add some Clay christmas music to my phone stat. For the Sam Smith lovers..I've only heard him sing live once and I didn't feel it. But I guess I'll see him on the grammys. I usually watched that. I found Adele that way 2 yeas after everyone else. Luckiest - So I failed miserably in your son's survivor poll. I picked the wrong twin to win the whole thing!! My mom is doing well in rehab. Not sure if I've even mentioned anything here. She's back to her old self..just needs to gain strength. Hopefully we can bring her home for xmas for a few hours. So my week consisted of work/visiting mom/ getting home around 9 and falling into bed. Today got a $500 christmas bonus. That was unexpected. I also got a $50 gift card to the restaurant where the xmas party was held. I was the one person actually looking forward to it but missed it because my mom her stroke that morning. Also nice was that my boss is paying me for the day I missed and I don't have to use a vacation day or sick day. all in all, the job did well by me this week. I started on my xmas shopping just today. Ordered some fingernail art for my neice Alexandria. She loves that sort of thing. I'm not buying a lot this year as I don't know how i'm going to handle the mom coming home, can not be alone thing yet. Anyway, happy holidays. Hope you are all doing well.
  12. Hi everybody.Thanks for the condolences. It was my grandmother's brother that passed. And now his wife, my Aunt Lilly, is in a coma. They were married for over 60 years. She doesn't know he passed. I hear of this kind of thing all the time. I missed Clay's birthday! Thanks for the grammy link. I don't know many folks but like to see the nominations. What's funny is that I just heard Sam Smith for the first time on the Grammy Xmas special. I've heard people sing his songs on The Voice. And I have to say his voice hurts my ears. He sounds weird. And his pronunciation seems off like he says half of the word. Guess I won't be buying his album. For the first time since 2007 I have no jobs to do on the weekend. I'm just relearning what to do with free time. It's so odd. Today I went to see Alex play volleyball. Her team lost but she was really good. As for the current state of America, I feel we are at a tipping point. I am trying to push these events out of my mind but so many people talking about them and I live in one of the places where there are demonstrations every day. I don't mind civil disobedience but don't condone violence or looting.. My square brother (who spent time in the service) got "the treatment" by the LAPD back in the 80's so there will always be a little bit of mistrust on my part although I think most cops are decent people. I think a lack of training is to blame in most cases. Very sad. I still can't get into twitter.
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