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  1. I watched so much tv this weekend... I love UVERSE because I can tape 4 shows at once. This season is already better than last season as I only got one new show out of it - Raising Hope. So far I've watched Prime Suspect -- not watching again. It wasn't bad just not special enough. Person of Interest - I love Jim Cavaziel and the guy from Lost and I liked the premier. I'll watch to see how it develops. New Girl - She's cute and quirky but I didn't like it. I didn't laugh. I smiled a lot but that's not enough. I doubt I'll watch it again and it felt so old time sitcom. 2 Broke Girls - I taped t
  2. Thanks for the recap I'm a huge fan of Mr. Deaver. And since I'm in the book thread...I'm reading a trashy for the first time in forever The Other Boleyn girl.... Love it.
  3. I love to read history books. I'll usually get a period of time and then read 4 or 5 books from different points of view. I also love stories about African American and other minority histories in the United States. A friend of mine told me about a book called The Warmth of Other Suns - it's the story of the black migration from the south to the cities in the north and west. The author of that book is doing a reading on my mom's birthday so we're going to go to that. I haven't read the book yet... I need to call and find out if I can bring my own to be signed or do I have to buy one there. But
  4. hmmmm tv tv tv Watching Idol somewhat. I don't watch results shows. And last week I was taping a game, and taping Survivor and I was too lazy to go into another room to watch Idol, so I didn't watch it. That's how committed I am. LOL. But it's not because of the judges who I prefer tenfold over Simon. I actually like Jennifer a lot. Never was a fan of her "singing" but I will admit to watching and liking her movies. Boston Rob beats Idol booty in my house. I know he won't last but he great to watch for as long as he lasts. He takes the game so seriously yet doesn't forget that it is entertainm
  5. I had a wonderful wonderful time last night. It felt really nostalgic for some reason. Maybe because it was in my backyard and I got to see some of my Bay Area peepsd and Southern Cal also. So we had Dinner at the passion cafe. It was hit and miss with regards to service. Part of it was my fault because I downgraded our reservation because I just hadn't had much feedback. The place is small and I didn't want to hold up tables. But we ended up with a nice group of 12. But they had an even bigger party coming and I felt they pretty much spent way too much time preparing for a party that was 2 ho
  6. So next Saturday is the San Francisco show. Last night my friend and I went to check out a restaurant she found online. And we both loved it. It's a charming French Bistro called appropriately for Clay pre-party PASSION CAFE. We met the owners and they were very nice folk. Oh and the music is all in french and the big screens play french movies ha. The address: 28 Sixth Street, San Francisco, California Website Time 5PM I'll get there at 4:30ish. If someone can figure out that stupid menu please share. Anyway, the cafe is located 500 feet from the Warfield
  7. Hi Guys..I'm working on a place. I have two in mind but my lurker friend and I will go Friday after work and check them both out. I'm not getting a feel for the numbers. I'm seeing Merrieeee, Solo, Perusing One, treenuts, Me, My lurker friend and her husband, Lotus and possibly Lotus. I'll start off with a group of 15 and adjust accordingly. More details to come by the weekend. And Treenuts looks like we're both being dumped by our moms. Mine is going to Oceanside.
  8. Did anyone see Project Runway to see Mondo's announcement that he was HIV positive. It was such a touching moment of tv. Mondo for the win! And reading the twop boards about Christopher C -- it's interesting but scary how the internet can be used to find out info about people. One woman has been trying to find out more about Michael C and has come up with this theory (with pretty good evidence) that he is Roma. Now I didn't know what that was but apparently traveler/gypsy might be terms people are familiar with. Sorry if either is offensive. I don't know. And remember he said this week that hi
  9. Well I won't bother with Lonestar cuz it doesn't have long for this world. The Whole Truth didn't do well either but I really liked it. Sigh. So far only one new show this season that I like has a chance of staying on the air, Raising Hope. Project Runway - THE WITCH IS DEAD. Geeze, Ivy's made one good outfit all season. She definitely deserved to go home. I hated Gretchen's dress. So happy for Mondo. So tonight is Private Practice..I have a love hate relationship with that show. Hopefully this season will be better. Anybody looking forward to all star Top Chef?
  10. I haven't heard of that Ausdon. It does sound interesting. Taped Hell's Kitchen. Watched Survivor. It's so good to be Russel free so I'm enjoying it. Yay for Modern Family being back. And I actually loved The Whole Truth. I hope it lasts but I think it has pretty fierce competition. I like that after the jury decides the audience gets to know who actually did it.
  11. I watched Raising Hope premier an hour ago and I'm still laughing. Funny! I also gave a shot to Lonestar last night. Heard it tanked in the ratings so not sure if it will last. I liked it though so will give it another shot. We're watching Detroit 187 or whatever it is right now. I'm doing more web surfing than watching. Nothing original that I can see. No star power. I'll give that legal drama a go tomorrow night - the one with Maura Tierney and I think the guy from numbers. I love fresh new tv season heee.
  12. Absolu-tively!! I'm lovin' Monda and Christopher right now. Mondo is my favorite. Which Christopher do you like..I think there are 2 of them. Can Gretchen and Ivy get off my tv please!
  13. I read that season 2 is back in November! So I was happy that Modern Family won best comedy. I love that show. I think every actor on the show, down to the kids should have been nominated. I haven't seen any new show that I'm interested in watching. Maybe Outlaw because, well, it's Jimmy Smits. I alwasy tune in to his shows. Oh and the one about he man leading a double life. The commercials seem interesting on that. Anybody watching Project Runway. Best trainwrecky season ever.
  14. I have my tickets through my pledge so yay. I love that this is in my neck of the woods and plan to have a very nice pre-party for this one. I hope folks can come on down!!
  15. Welcome Silverclady!! What is it about Clay and his librarians!!