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  1. Heh. Celebrity Big Brother cast rumors: Two names linked to show already But a little birdie told me (according to those attending the event last week) that this is not true.
  2. Recap from hosaa at CV, used with permission: I also read that he did the shirt tug...and of course, everyone screamed.
  3. Hey Twilight! Looks and sounds like you had a great weekend! Thank you for sharing you pictures with us. Don’t be a stranger!
  4. Working of getting permission for pictures to post here. He had on these 3/4 length pants, and his shoes and painted nails matched his hair color!
  5. Twilight926 is attending the festivities this weekend in Raleigh, and she gave me permission to post these. Looks like a blast, and Clay is adorable even with bluish hair!
  6. Oh wow Fear, that's so sad. I agree -- guns are definitely another pandemic in this country. mik, how is work going? merrieeee, hope you are recovering quickly!
  7. Happy anniversary Mik! 35 years is a good long time...and I hope for another 35 more for you! Congratulations on the job as well! I knew you wanted that so badly -- I'm so happy for you! I hope Clay is doing well....
  8. FINALLY got to see Pyramid today. Clay was excellent, and was charming to a fault. He is also smart as a whip. His partner during the second half of the show was good, and IMO got screwed out of the big money!
  9. Let’s just say I will have plenty of time over the weekend to watch Clay. I am having a routine procedure on Minday that requires prep (and I think you know what that is), so I should be able to catch up tomorrow! New podcast. Short one this week.
  10. Good thing I love you merrieeee... Actually, I called myself a bad Clay fan on FB about all this, and several other Clay fans said I would never be a bad Clay fan. I guess you could say that I'm a Clay fan with a real life?
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