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  1. gbmifan, that's great that you get to go to the Karaoke night! And welcome back as well.
  2. https://www.ticketfairy.com/event/broadway-out-east-clay-aiken-15jul2021/ This is for the Hampton's event. Even at the cheapest prices, this would be an expensive evening (because you're also supposed to order dinner!). Sounds like a great night, though. I was just curious....this event is part of a weekly series. The only other star that can charge those prices is Titus Burgess (from "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt" -- he's fantastic!). Everyone else is at cheaper rates, some as much as a half the ticket price of Clay. I was really surprised that Brandon Victor Dixon is part of that less expensive group. He slayed me with his portrayal of Judas in the live TV version of "Jesus Christ Superstar" a few years ago. I also understand the Project's Karaoke tickets went on sale today as well.... Welcome back Mik!
  3. And this looks to be something different! Calissa Hamptons:  Broadway Out East
  4. Confirmation! Summer Under the Stars (FB link) More information here: https://www.pittsburghclo.org/shows/broadway-musical-celebration Looks to be four nights, July 21-24.
  5. According to a poster at CV, who lives in the Pittsburgh area and gets the local newspaper, Clay is going to be part of this celebration: https://www.pittsburghclo.org/2021-summer
  6. It's the combo -- the hair, the glasses and that laugh/grin! He just tweeted...and this is freakin' hysterical!
  7. Full episode of the TMZ show. Clay starts at about 19 minutes in. More to the interview than what was posted earlier. https://www.tmz.com/shows/tmz-live/
  8. Re: the hair. Yes, it's a shock to the system. But, I always said "it's only hair," and I still believe that. I think he looks good no matter his hair color. As for the political stuff....yeah, it does seem that he's more open to talking about this stuff again. I think part of it is convenience, in regards to his being a celebrity who has gone through the entire political process, and it's easy for media to connect the dots to other celebrities doing the same thing. The drag queen news thing though is new, and I like that. To me, that's more about adding to his resume. Hopefully, his resume will be good enough to get him a political pundit gig or two again.
  9. tmz.com ROCK, MCCONAUGHEY WILL BE HATED ...Political Fallout is Real!!!
  10. I loved his work with Scottie! Hey -- Clay's hair is white again! Article here: https://www.tmz.com/2021/06/02/clay-aiken-the-rock-mcconaughey-running-for-office-warning-caitlyn-jenner/ And video here:
  11. I thought I posted this…but realized I forgot to hit the submit button! Yikes! Good news: the podcast is up. Scottie Nell Hughes is the guest, and I just finished listening to it. Conservative pundit and progressive host come together on a number of issues. Really good episode!
  12. I've never done karaoke in my life. But....I honestly think I'd try this if I could afford it. Sadly, I can't afford it at this time. I think part of the appeal of karaoke is the idea that most people who try it know full well they can't sing all that well. They can probably carry a tune, but aren't going to be trying for a career in music any time soon. Those who think they can make a career usually end up on "The Voice" or "American Idol." LOL!
  13. screenrant.com American Idol: Clay Aiken To Produce New Drag Queen-Led Daily News Show
  14. And one more, this one about the show. Still no network, but it's going to be daily. I'm thinking it may be syndicated. American Idol: Clay Aiken To Produce New Drag Queen-Led Daily News Show
  15. Just being a post-ho here....from the National Inclusion Project website. Karaoke for Inclusion
  16. Also from the same email, the Gala is postponed until Spring 2022.
  17. Email from the National Inclusion Project. Sounds like a fun evening!
  18. I don't think the "station" has been decided yet. All I know is that I'll watch it, wherever it ends up!
  19. deadline.com ‘NewsBeat’: Drag Queens Nina West, Bianca Del Rio & More Unite For News Show From Politicon, EP Clay Aiken
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