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  1. Not sure either. My original thought was that the mayor of Charlotte was his pick for VP. Who knows!
  2. David Frum is a moderate Republican, writes quite a few articles for The Atlantic (one of my favorite publications at the moment). Should be good!
  3. Missed posting the Instagram...kinda love the picture...
  4. It's been an interesting 24 hours at our house. I was working my last day of work from home yesterday, and a storm blew through. While not near us, there were a few quick tornado touchdowns in the area. For us though -- 4 inches of rain! We were at a deficit of moisture for the year, so it was welcome. But then....a second storm blew through. Another FIVE inches of rain, in just over an hour and a half! Localized flash flooding everywhere, and with many friends suffering wet/flooded basements. Again, thankfully -- not us! I have today off, and I was going to pick up an online order at my local Kroger store. Except, they called this morning -- they had flooding in the store, and weren't going to be open until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest! Sigh. So I went to Costco and bought way too much stuff. Anyone need a few onions?