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  1. You know, as much as I love getting all the pictures of Clay from the Gala events, and recognizing friends in the crowd, I simply love this one.
  2. Gala Preparty pictures: Saturday Daytime events: Gala evening events:
  3. Weekend recaps from ncwannabe at CV, posted with permission.
  4. Supposedly the Clay radio interview is on now here: https://starpittsburgh.radio.com/shows/show-schedule/bubba-show-bubba-and-melanie-taylor
  5. Two pictures there (click on the little arrow on the first picture to see the second). In the second, it looks like he did a radio interview as well. Off to try and find it.
  6. Another weekend recap, from From Claygary, reprinted with permission: Saturday evening: Sunday afternoon:
  7. EEEE! Interview! (And I'm at the desk and can't watch it!) https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/video/4102455-in-the-theater-grease/
  8. Short clip, including a bit of Clay! https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/VIDEO-Clay-Aiken-Zach-Adkins-Jackie-Burns-and-More-Star-In-GREASE-at-Pittsburgh-CLO-20190610
  9. post-gazette.com Reviews: From the chilling future of 'Marjorie Prime' to the nostalgia of 'Grease'
  10. pghcitypaper.com American Idol alum Clay Aiken dazzles in Pittsburgh CLO's Grease
  11. Pittsburgh CityPaper review of Grease. American Idol alum Clay Aiken dazzles in Pittsburgh CLO's Grease The Clay bit:
  12. Recaps from luckiest1 at CV, used by permission: Sunday afternoon show: Sunday evening show:
  13. The first two are from a private Instagram account. The picture of Harlem is from a cast member's Instagram story.
  14. There's been a lot of twitter activity, and a lot of Instagram stories, over the past few days. Hopefully I get them all! (In the case of the Instagram stories, it may just be screenshots...)
  15. Reports from tonight’s show have him out of the platform shoes...they were a hazard and breaking! Now in all white shoes. He was in fabulous voice and the audience LOVED him. Biggest audience reaction!
  16. He’s tweeted about Postmates before, several years ago if I remember right.
  17. Clay posted an Instagram story, but I’m out and can’t post it. Sorry!