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  1. Sure thing. Hop on in and dont forget to bring a lifevest in case we cant bail out the flowing tears fast enough. lol
  2. Good luck to all in the ticket tango today! I will most likely never get to a gala so I am one who will miss the clack. Are there any screen caps (shame on me for asking I know) of the chat and his cheerful, gorgeous haired self, mysteriously floating around anywhere? Yea, Im desparate for any morsel these days *sobs*
  3. Happy AI2 Invisable Anniversary everyone. Although I wasn't a fan at the time I have since come to appreciate that moment time I hope like hell Clay has some tour dates somwwhere in California this year!! pleeeeeez baby jesus
  4. I would bet that thought has crossed his mind more than once. Great pics, couchie! Have fun, merrieeee.
  5. *slurp* That is one fine looking picture up there! Who's the tall damn good looking ginger to the far left ;-) Wow, both liney AND kf posting on the same page! EEEEEE *waves* Hey kf, the only thing "rusty" I might equate with you !is a good imbibe (rusty nail) xo WAY TO GO KRAFT!!! ....sorry no bolding names, Im on my nook.
  6. There's WAY too much horse shit out there. For cryin' out loud what's wrong people? <---- (rhetorical, no need to answer) So pleased to see the Sandusky verdict! So sad but so very glad that whackjob will not get away with doing any further harm. I wish there was a way to hold his wife accountable also. Either she's batshit crazy (my mom's words), dumber than a doorknob OR guilty of complicity! Hey couchie, how about that game tonight!! Let's try to make it to another one soon. (check your PMs) Welcome home, ldyj!!
  7. ::waves:: to liney! Wishing your GS lots of luck as well as your son luckiest! As for the xmas tour "rumor".....IF true and IFcoast to coast then If not then I imagine there will be a lot of this around cwazyclayland
  8. Tweet - awwwwww Hope Clay had a wonderful Father's Day! Couchie ~ Have a Happy Happy Day, Birthday Girl! You're only 21once twice.....#asmanydamntimesasyouwant
  9. I'm glad Clay is still tweeting. I think he will as long as he has something to say. He doesn't seem interested in tweeting nonsense like many celebs do. I hope everyone had a great weekend! Hey, Couchie, when's the next A's vs. Giants game??
  10. Awwww, I missed 00lsee's B-Day. Hey, where are the emoticons hiding ?? Oh well, just pretend I posted a big party emoti (cake, hats, balloons, drinks.....lots of drinks) here, k. I like this idea (bolded) So, no pictures of the new boy toy here yet? well poopy shortyjill, I hope your hand/wrist is better soon!
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