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  2. Yep. We all know exactly what you mean too! It's quite a rush isn't it?! Welcome aboard the clayride btw, what did your hubby think of him?
  3. So where's the PARTY? I hope to see a lot of you there! If anyone is or knows of someone who might be interested, I have an extra ticket. I had originally planned to take my mom but she doesn't want to go any longer. Go figure. I really hate driving into the city alone too. poopy
  4. I love Mondo. Great episode last week. That one was hand made for Primetime TV!! A two hankie for sure. My mom through the entire show. And I have a crush on Christopher and loved they brought his partner there to suprise him. It may have been the first time my mom has seen two men kiss (more like a quick peck ) on tv. heh But I have no clue what they are saying about him on TWOP. Can someone enlighten me please? And yes, "I adda a feelin'" (tm tower guard)about Michael C. being raised by a group of gypsies. I think I read it in a blog somewhere but can't find it now. Maybe someone stole
  5. Christopher from SF. He's such a QT! As for Gretchen and PoisonIvy I can only hope they go in a double elimination. lol
  6. Absolu-tively!! I'm lovin' Mondo and Christopher right now.
  7. HA! TV junkie-itis... It's a sickness y'all I have a way of hopping all over the place with what I like to watch. Mostly reality shows I'm sad to say Survivor, Project Runway, Top Chef, TAR, Big Brother (wheeen it's on), and Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares are my primary consumption. I LOVE Big Bang Theory, NCIS, CSI (though I miss Grissom lots!!), The Mentalist annnd my favorite line-up of the USA Network formulaic shows Psych, White Collar and Burn Notice Wrapping up my week usually consists of some enjoyable viewing of QAF reruns on the Logo channel, Top Gear and my other BBC fav Friday Ni
  8. You're the bestest!

    holy crap, you have a lot of friends!! hee

  9. :04: I can't wait! And OMG I love Jordon and Jeff (from BB)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I finally saw "Taken" Sunday night. LOVED it!! And I told my DD that it was a "must see" for her before ever venturing out there on her own! She informed me, "mom, I already saw it". I said...."and you will watch it again in a few years before leaving home"!
  11. Maah goodness, KAndre, you need to open up more and tell us how you really feel!
  12. Hope to see you posting more often, Marie!