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  1. Wow, I didn't expect another Florida show to be announced this late.
  2. Woo hoo for those in that area! I am happy that I found something to wear to the gala today. 3 more work days to get through!
  3. Wow! Lisa L hardly looks like the same person.
  4. It really sucks that I can't make the dinner this time around, but I am just thankful to be able to make the gala! Maybe there will be some sort of a get together afterwards.... I read something on Twitter about Quiana not being a part of the Christmas tour this year. Does anyone know if that's for sure, and if so, how "we" know? I spent today going from farmer's market to grocery store to Costco superstore, accumulating all sorts of seasonal produce and, on the other end of the spectrum, all sorts of nasty frozen foods for Stuart to indulge in while I am in D.C. and at Skate Canada the next
  5. Hard to believe that Dee & Penn want to put themselves through that again. Unless Clay is brought in as an advisor (which I hope doesn't happen) I won't be watching again. I'm so over that show. I am, however, really looking forward to Gala next weekend! Eeeeeee! I missed last year and I still regret it.
  6. The email contains the details of the gala schedule. We have had to amend our travel plans for the gala, because my daughter was just told about a mid-term exam that she must write at 9 a.m. on the 19th. She tried to get it moved or at least get permission to write it early, but the prof wouldn't budge. So we are now not leaving until approx 10:30 a.m. on Friday. Our plan is to stop for the night about an hour and a half outside of D.C., and then drive the rest of the way in the light of day. We've heard some not-so-good things about D.C. traffic and don't want to take any chances, navigat
  7. I want to get tunnelbear too because I love a lot of British shows (not to mention I apparently can also use the US streams that are blocked to Canadians). I just need to get my laptop working first.
  8. Wow, just saw this. Not that I live anywhere near Calgary, but cool to think he is winging his way to Canada today (according to tweets)!
  9. I have found honeycrisps at the farmer's market here for $2.49/lb. I usually only buy 2 or 3 at a time though, since they are so big! One is a meal unto itself. There is no other apple that compares, IMO.
  10. Hi preden, thanks for checking in! Looking forward to seeing so many people at gala this year, since I missed last year. Happy Birthday to ldyjocelyn!
  11. Oooh Fear, which ones? Good for you! I just did a quick trip to Toronto and back. My mom was having a garage sale to benefit her show choir, and I thought she might need the help. Turns out she did, so I'm glad I went. But I am exhausted! I think maybe a quiet night tonight, perhaps with a bit of clack? I rarely sit down and really watch it, as I mostly prefer just to listen, but after leaving my iPod on a random mix of Clay songs for the car trip, I am reminded of all the great live concert footage I haven't seen in a while. Yep, having tickets to 4 upcoming Clay events really gets me
  12. The password for the Detroit radio presale right now is "JINGLE BELLS" but it brings up exactly the same seats as yesterday's presale password "HOLIDAY". There are still 2 in row D and 2 in row E available though! Those are pretty nice seats. I had one of those $0.99 cheap cases on my iPhone when it smashed. Never again, they don't protect the screen at all, at least mine didn't.
  13. Geez, I almost feel guilty for pulling up those pit seats yesterday in the midst of that horrendous presale experience. Almost. I recently upgraded to an iPhone4 from a Blackberry Curve. Both of them were hand-me-downs....I'd never pay the bucks for a new one. Within days of getting the iPhone from my son, I managed to drop it in the driveway and crack the screen. Then two days ago, I dropped it from the coffee table to the laminate floor and it literally smashed. I mean, you couldn't see through it. Luckily, I found a little place close to my work that was able to put a new screen on i
  14. ldyj, I think you are right. I saw elsewhere that someone lost pit seats due to a CC issue. I think I may have gained from their loss, or someone else's.
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