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  1. Happy birthday couchie! Hope you are having a good one.
  2. What a fun afternoon that was yesterday. I think I should pop in here and whine about missing Clay more often. It seems to work!
  3. I tend to agree that he's most likely working with Ben on getting those recordings done, before Parker is out of school and visiting for the summer. I don't think he's wallowing in his apartment or anything. That said, I still wish he'd come out and play. That new clack is to die for!
  4. Yeah, here I am all sucked back into the online fandom and everything and he goes quiet. Come out and play, Clay!
  5. *waves to jmh123* It was great to see you on ldyj's periscope the other day!
  6. I'm one of those people who think of a good comeback a couple of hours later. LOL. In the moment I am usually speechless. Ldyj, I remember Clay bantering with you and your husband at a Christmas concert, I think....I remember because I was right beside you and I was already uncomfortable because the spotlight was aimed in my direction.
  7. I can hardly speak when in Clay's presence, so I surely wouldn't be able to snark back at him LOL. I was quite proud of myself for managing one intelligent sentence during my one and only meet 'n greet. I love reading his snark but not sure how well I'd handle it if it was aimed at me. So I'll just sit back and enjoy....
  8. I've been catching up on all the camtheman posts from the last couple of days this morning, and what a riot! I wouldn't want his snark directed at me, but it's fun to read after the fact. Hey, what can I say, it's a slow day at work today. Thanks for the heads up on the CNN thing yesterday, ldyj. I also wonder if this is the type of thing he's hoping to do more of. ETA: I seriously had my finger on the "retweet" button last night when I saw a tweet about CNN and had to stop myself. Nice to see you posting, couchie! Hope things are settling down for you, finally. I had a quiet weekend, and even though our temperatures are slowing rising above zero (most days) it was grey and drizzly. Today it's sunny but the temperature isn't very high...in fact, I drove through some light snow on the way to work. I wish spring would hurry up and arrive!
  9. Thanks, guys. I have yet to watch the new bit of clack I hear we received, so I will try to do that tonight. Today, I'm stuck in an online course at work......ugh. But at least I'm warm! Windchills are about -22C here today. My dogs are getting a bit of cabin fever, because it's really too cold to take them anywhere. The one insists on taking his walk, but hops around on three feet, trying to lift one up at a time to get it off the ground!
  10. Last night I watched the finale of The Taste instead of the Superbowl. LOL. My mom decided to drive home yesterday afternoon before the storm got into full gear. It was coming from the west and was already snowing, but she was driving east so she essentially drove out of it. This morning she'll wake up to snow in Toronto. She is a pretty brave driver, considering that she is turning 80 this year. So we had a great birthday party for Ian, and my ex drove out for it too. Ian is expecting the call from the RCMP any day now, since he gets his cardiophone off tomorrow (the final required test). I think his GF is going into panic mode, realizing it's down to the wire and it's going to be a long six months while he's gone. She is going to be left here to deal with things like taking care of the dog (German shepherd), selling the car and either selling or renting the house. It's a lot for a 21 year old to deal with.
  11. We are celebrating my son Ian's 27th birthday this weekend. Argh, my mom drove out for the weekend, after I told her the forecast looked good (Friday). Now, we are supposed to get 15 - 25 cm of snow today into tomorrow. She's not going to be happy when she wakes up today and looks out the window....
  12. Welcome ninna721. So nice to see new members checking in! I am super excited about the possibilities surrounding Clay's return to NYC. Can't wait until he can share more info with us!
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